December 28, 2011

Review: The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

Release Date: December 2009; September 2010; June 2011
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Page: 452 / 452 / 420 pages
Source & Format: Borrowed from a co-worker; Paperback / Hardcover
Series: Fallen #1 - #3

In Fallen, Luce Price is sent to Sword & Cross boarding school in Savannah, Georgia, following her involvement in a mysterious death at her last school. One her first day, she is drawn to Daniel Grigori. Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce, but Luce just can't stay away. She is determined to uncover the secret behind their attraction... even if it kills her. In Torment, Luce transfers to another school so that Daniel can try to keep her safe. They're finally together, but it isn't without complications. Luce begins learning more about her past and her future, sending her on a crazy journey in Passion. Finally, she's learning the secret to her curse.

Thoughts on The Fallen Series
I've seen this series several times while browsing in the bookstore, and I've always been attracted to them because of the covers. However, now that I've finished the first three, I'm so glad I never bought them. Reading these books taught me a sad fact about myself: I feel compelled to finish a book when someone loans it to me. Because my co-worker loaned me all three of these books, I made myself read them all. Otherwise, I might not have made it through the first one.

The description sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it? That's exactly what I thought when I first started reading. I quickly remembered that an interesting description does not make a book interesting. Fallen was, to be honest, boring. The whole book was essentially a lead-in to the next. Want to find out the secret? Too bad. Lauren Kate teases you with the smallest reveal possible, making you think that things are getting interesting, only to jerk you back into boring-ness. There is very little development of any kind in terms of plot. If the plot is going to be slow and yawn-inducing, the characters need to likeable. Unfortunately, this book misses the mark on that point, too. Things picked up a little in the second book, but I never cared for the characters. I honestly felt like I wasted my time reading these. These books rely on the "epic love story" angle, but I just wasn't feeling the love.

All in all, I would pass on this series.

So Quotable
"Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can't always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith."

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