April Recap

I thought March went by quickly... and then April came and passed in a blur. We are close to halfway through 2012, which just blows my mind. It's almost hard for me to believe! Anyway, I read 15 books this month, which isn't too shabby if you ask me.

I shared my heart (ha!) when I wrote about my love for Peeta. What can I say? He's Peetalicious! You can read all about my conversations with my husband about my bookish crush, as well as watch one of my favorite YouTube videos. Because everybody needs some "I'm Peeta & I Know It" in their life.

The big change in April, call it spring cleaning if you will, was my review format overhaul. You can read about the inspiration behind the change and how it all breaks down in my post, The Makeover Montage. I'm a firm believer in changing things up if they start to get boring so it was a very welcome change for me. Instead of feeling so-so about my reviews, I'm now really excited to put my thoughts on paper. And it's not a lie to say on paper because I actually write a mini-review in a teeny tiny notebook before I actually type them up. That way, even when I'm behind on writing the full review, I've got all my thoughts out while they're still fresh.

I read SO many good books in April! I started off with The Night Circus and would have sworn nothing else would compare. But I managed to fall in love with Ruby Oliver, get sucked in to The Sky is Everywhere, traipse around Central America with Wanderlove and meet some rather interesting vampires. All in all, it was definitely a successful reading month! 

I'm going to write a full post about this but April illustrated what I love about book bloggers: how one good review can leave you dying to read a book! So many of the books I read, bought or just got from the library this month were all due to reviews from other bloggers, and I'm really looking forward to expanding on this aspect of blogging in a longer post.

Now on to all the other things that happened in April!

Read in March but Reviewed in April:

The Great Gatsby


Read and Reviewed in April:
Maisie Dobbs

The Boyfriend List
The Boy Book
The Treasure Map of Boys
Real Live Boyfriends

Read in April and Review Coming Soon:
The Night Circus

The Maid of Fairbourne Hall
The Sky is Everywhere
Saving June
The Name of the Star
Vampire Academy

I quoted five fabulous authors:
Allie Condie
Lynn Austin
L.M. Montgomery
Paula McLain
Patricia McCormick 

I listed the top ten:
Books to Read in a Day

Books That Were Totally Deceiving
Tips for New Bloggers
All-Time Favorite Book Characters 

I wished for these two bookish lovelies:
Society6 iPhone Cases

Juliette Tang's Photography

I was thankful for Friday and shared:

Songs I'd Like to See as Stories

What did you read in April? Read anything you loved? I'm always looking for new books - even if there is no end in sight for my TBR pile.


  1. It looks like your April was filled with good books, at least the ones I've read already I know were awesome, like Wanderlove and Vampire Academy and The Night Circus. I do remember your review of Crossed which made it seem like a dud :-(

    But still, what a great month!

    Here is to an awesome May! :-D

    1. Oh my goodness, there were definitely lots of good books this month! Those three were definitely some of this month's favorites :) And reading a dud is never fun, but at least Crossed was more so/so. It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't great. Blah!

      I think you had an awesome month, too. I wishlisted SO many of the books you reviewed this month. Can't wait to read them!

  2. I am very anxious to read your review on The Maid of Fairbourne Hall and The Night Circus! You had a very busy month :)

    New follower here.

    Chelsey@Charming Chelsey's

    1. Haha I know - I was definitely a busy reader! I'm also a little behind in reviews because of it haha :) The Night Circus AND The Maid of Fairbourne Hall will be up soon. Hope you enjoy!

      And thanks for following!

  3. 15 books?! I am super impressed. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks! It was definitely a good reading month :)

  4. Wow! I'm a little jealous that you are able to read so much in a month! Seriously, how do you do it? (And I'm asking with honest sincerity!) :)

    1. Haha thanks, Brie! Honestly, I read more now that I have a Kindle because I've always got reading material with me. I'll read whenever I've got a few minutes because I can read in bits and pieces. Some people I know can't do that - they have to read at least a complete chapter each time they pick up a book. I also usually spend my lunch break reading while I eat :) There are a few TV shows my husband likes to watch that I don't, so I'll read during those. Just whenever I get a chance :) I can read even if there is other stuff going on the room, which helps a lot!

    2. Ahhh the e-reader. I have yet to invest. I love my books so much. I always have a book with me whenever I go, but I find it awkward to pull out a book at times, so I usually pull out my phone instead. It bugs me that it's more socially acceptable to pull out your phone and be immersed in it, than it is to have your nose in a book, while out in public. Maybe I just reasoned with myself on why I should invest in an e-reader lol!

      I getcha though...I'm good at wasting time with silly things, and then I afterwards I think - "hmm, I could have read 20 pages of my book instead".

  5. Hello :) I found your blog thanks to the gorgeous girls at Rather Be Reading :) I love this recap of April, you're right, it flew by!

    I'm so glad you loved The Sky is Everywhere and the Ruby Oliver books, they are fantastic!!

    Mands xox

    1. Hello - I'm so glad you stopped by! Aren't the Rather Be Reading girls the best?! I just love them! I'm so glad they helped you find me because they also helped me find you. YAY! I love when that happens :)

      And Ruby Oliver & The Sky is Everywhere were wonderful! Both were such good reads! Excited to read more on your blog & get to know y'all better!


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