Froi of the Exiles: Week Four

We're getting so close ladies! Once I started this section, I just couldn't stop reading. I'm really loving Froi's journey, but I've loved getting to see more of Lucian and Phaedra, too. So, let's get to talking!

Discussion questions after the jump!

1. What did you think about the following revelations:
  • Quintana's lie that only she and a lastborn male would give birth to the first? Although all of Isaboe's lies made me dislike her, this revelation actually made me like Quintana more. I love that she wants to protect the girls of her country and that she's willing to suffer to protect them. This is the kind of "for the good of the people" lie that I find more admirable than anything Isaboe ever said.
  • The Oracle gave birth to twins? Okay, I did find it a little convenient that Gargarin was so easily able to avoid actually murdering anyone since the Oracle and the twin baby were both already dead. However, I did like finally understanding what happened that night and what Arjuro actually saw from the balcony.
  • Quintana murdered the King? I loved that Quintana killed the King using the skills she learned from Froi. I also loved that she was able to plant suspicion on Beastiano! 
  • Quintana is pregnant with Froi's child? I saw this one coming from the very beginning of the book. But I didn't really mind! I really like how fiercely protective of the baby Quintana is and of the way Froi is really stepping up and fighting for Quintana.
  • One of Quintana's personalities is the spirit of her dead twin sister? Woah! This whole multiple personalities thing still isn't my favorite, but I definitely did see part of the explanation being that one of them is Quintana's dead twin sister. It's crazy in her head!
2. What did you think of the scene where Rafuel watches all of his friends get murdered? And Lucian steps in to rescue Phaedra because she is the only lastborn among all of the refugees?
I cannot imagine what Rafuel was going through in that moment. I also really felt for Lucian - knowing that he wanted to do the right thing but didn't even know how. What an impossible situation! What could he have done that wouldn't have resulted in even more deaths? 

I was really glad that he stepped in to save Phaedra. It gave me hope for the future of their relationship! He obviously cares enough about her to want to keep her safe. I loved how that chapter ended - with him putting people around her to keep her safe and putting his people in trees to watch over everything that happens to the Charynites. It felt like he was finally beginning to come into his own.

3. Thoughts on the scene where Froi speaks his bond over Quintana and helps her finally sleep?
I know this wasn't a huge moment considering everything else we learned in this section, but it was still one of my favorite parts. I could actually imagine the scene so vividly in my mind! I loved that Froi tells Quintana that she will not fear him and that she will listen if he tells her to run or hide. His fierce desire to keep her safe just makes me love him more!

4. Did you enjoy the scene where Isaboe visits Beatriss, reveals her pregnancy, suggests a new use for her land and brings her back to the palace?
Another small side story in this section of the reading, but I'm really glad that it seems like Beatriss is finally going to move forward with her life. It was killing me to see her just fading away and kind of listless! I have really high hopes for the rest of her story.

5. What did you think of the scene where the travelers learned that the Oracle was a Turlan mountain girl? And when Arjuro returns the spirits (Solange/Oracle, Regina and the dying man) to where they belong?
It broke my heart that even the Oracle was a girl who didn't choose her life. Who knows if she actually wanted to be the Oracle? She probably just wanted to spend her life on the mountain with her family and her people! And I'm really curious about how Quintana will act now that she's lost her sister's spirit.

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