Froi of the Exiles: Week One

We just finished Finnikin of the Rock, and now it's time to dive into Froi of the Exiles! After his growth as a character in the previous book, I'm so excited to follow Froi's journey. I don't know where this book will lead, but I think there is a lot in store for us considering the book's thickness.

Well ladies, time to get to discussing! Discussion questions after the jump.

1. The prologue in Finnikin of the Rock set the tone for the rest of the book, introduced the main characters, and highlighted the main conflict of the book. What did you think of this prologue?
Despite being only half a page, I actually think I learned more about what is going to happen in this book than I did in the prologue of the previous book. I think it's interesting just how much Marchetta packed into these few paragraphs.

We have already learned about Charyn's curse, Quintana's role in it, and that she is treated like the property of her people - being used to try and restore their future. We can also see, just in those few lines, that she's shut herself off inside. I feel like I know more about Quintana already than I ever did about Isaboe/Evanjalin! I also immediately assumed that Froi is the lastborn that is "somewhere beyond the stone that is Charyn." Does anyone else think that already?

2. Three years have passed since the end of Finnikin of the Rock. What did you think about some of the changes that have taken place (such as Froi's education or Finnikin and Isaboe's daughter) and the things that haven't changed (like Beatriss and Trevanion's relationship)?
Before we started reading, I had wondered how Marchetta was going to address Froi's pronunciation/language issues from the first book. I love that ended up having him take lessons from the Priestking and that he ends up having such a sharp mind. One of my favorite moments was when he understood what the Charyn word gravina meant when no one else did. I liked that he tried to hide just how much he knew. It seemed, to me at least, as though he wanted to defer to Finnikin as a sign of respect.

Was anyone else a little surprised by the baby? One thing that didn't shock me - that Isaboe is still doing whatever the hell she wants.

And I just want Beatriss and Trevanion to love each other again! WAHHHH!

3. What did you think of the fact that Froi believes he has a monster inside him?
Considering what happened in the last book, I really liked that Marchetta included the scene where Froi asks Isaboe if she is sure about him being the one to protect her when Aldron was gone on palace business. I loved that she told him that she was sure he wouldn't harm her, but also that she's honest about the fact that she (and he) will never forget what took place between them.

I do think the reference to Froi's belief that killing feeds this monster he has inside him, as well as his avoidance of women, will be a big part of his character's conflict in this book.

4. Thoughts on the scene with Isaboe and the Sarnak ambassador?
This is probably terrible to admit, but I thought this scene actually reinforced Isaboe's manipulativeness.  While I believe she is sincere in her grief over her past, it still felt very calculated on her part. I think that feeling may have been heightened by Finnikin's conversation with Trevanion at the end of the chapter when he says that she won't give in until she gets what she (they) want.

5. Did you note the differences between the curse upon Lumatere and the one upon Charyn, as well as the significance of blood in both books?
I may be reading too much into this, but I find it interesting that the Lumateran curse kept the people inside the city's walls, but the Charynite curse keeps the people from reproducing. The Lumaterans were trapped, but there was still the possibility of a better future. For Charyn, there is no future with this curse. Their nation (race?) will cease to exist if they cannot have children.

I also think it's interesting how blood is required from Isaboe and Quintana in both curses. Isaboe had to bleed to walk the sleep of her people, but she also had to bleed to break the curse at the wall. Quintana had to bleed in order to set in motion the ritual of the lastborn sons coming to visit her.

6. What did you think of the scene where Rafuel tells Froi that he is a Charynite?
This is one thing that didn't surprise me since, as I mentioned, I suspected Froi was the lastborn Charyn based simply on the prologue. I did love the idea that the Charyn blood sings to him, and that he may not have found anyone who was missing him because he was looking in the wrong place. I would love for Froi to find a place where he truly feels that he belongs and that he might be able to find people who love and miss him.

7. Since names played such a huge role in Finnikin of the Rock, were there any scenes in this first section that highlighted their significance in this book?
The moment that really stood out to me was when Finnikin recounts the story of first hearing Froi's name, believing he'd called himself boy, before sending Froi off to Charyn. It just seemed really poignant to me that he would say goodbye to Froi by referencing a story about his name. I know there were a few other naming moments in this section. Any that stood out to you?

8. Trevanion's parting words to Froi were vague in reference to Princess Quintana, but Rafuel says that Froi is meant to kill her. What do you think Froi is supposed to do?
It's pretty obvious that Froi isn't going to actually kill her, considering the last book in this series is named for her, but I do wonder if he'll try. Do you think that's what Trevanion also expects from him? What did he mean when he told Froi to do what had to be done?

Do you think this is a trap? I'm totally theorizing here, but I sincerely wondered if Froi was being set up. If he listened to Rafuel and kill Quintana, wouldn't that start a war between Charyn and Lumatere? Especially because breaking the Charyn curse appears to depend on Quintana!

9. What did you think of the interaction and scenes involving Froi and Quintana?
There are a lot of things I could talk about here, but my favorite scene (in terms of development for Froi) was when Quintana tried to take him to her bed. The way he asks if her pleasure should not be a part of it and then doesn't continue when he remembers his bond really struck me. I love that this moment was probably so different from anything Quintana has experienced in the past, and it really made me wish we knew what she was thinking in this scene.

And the moment where he looks inside her window and sees what Beastiano is doing to her? Absolutely heartbreaking.

10. Finally, what do think of Lucian and Phaedra?
I don't even know what's going on with these two. Anyone have some thoughts on these characters, their "marriage" or what's to come for them in the future?


  1. Yay! Hannah, I can't tell you how excited I was to get up and talk about Froi today. Totally nerdy, I know, but I couldn't believe how much I had to say about just the first 8 chapters of this book!

    Thanks as always for the amazing questions--I responded (ad nauseum) here.

    I was really pleasantly surprised by the multiple viewpoints in this one--I wasn't expecting to keep Finnikin's PoV, and I'm excited to see that Lucian's going to be a big part of this--I really want to know where his story goes. I'm as sucked into his chapters as I am into Froi's!

    I really like your insights to the curse and the connections between it and Lumatere's--things I honestly hadn't really thought about.

    I don't think Froi's being set up, but I am curious--I'd really like to know what would have happened if he'd met that banker--was the man really expecting this other kid, or was it something else? I want to know how/if the priest is involved, and expect him and Froi to form some kind of alliance.

    I love that Froi's grown up, but he's still the same kid we know with a terrible temper. I cannot WAIT to see where this goes this week.

    1. YAYYYY! I love reading everyone's thoughts on Froi!

      So glad you enjoy the questions :) Thanks for the kind words!


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