Froi of the Exiles: Week Three

As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, I think this is going to be an "open" discussion week. While there were SO many things that I could ask questions about, my brain needs a little rest from analyzing. Isn't that terrible to admit? So, thank you for being so gracious about the form of our discussion this week.

So, feel free to either write a post on your blog (or on Goodreads, Miss Heidi) about anything related to this week's reading. Or just discuss a few of your thoughts below! It's all up to you because that's how I do things around here.

Some possible things to discuss about this week's reading:
  • Favorite moment
  • Least favorite moment
  • The most OMG moment
  • The moment that made you saddest
  • Thoughts on the recent developments in the relationships of Phaedra & Lucian, Beatriss & Trevanion and/or Froi & Quintana
  • Speculation on where the story will go from here
Okay, ladies, let's chat!

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