Froi of the Exiles: Week Five

It's the end of the Lumatere Chronicles Read-Along! I've seen a few comments on Twitter and Goodreads indicating that people have now finished Froi of the Exiles. Woohoo! We made it, ladies!

Rather than ask any questions this week, I thought I'd just publish this short little post to ask what you thought of the book as a whole. I'd love to hear your final thoughts on everything that happened in Froi! And I'm definitely curious about whether or not you'll be diving into Quintana of Charyn any time soon. Thank you so much for reading these books along with me! I've really enjoyed being able to talk through my questions and debate these characters with you.

So, let me know what you thought and let's discuss!


  1. I loved Froi of the Exiles! I'll be doing a full review eventually, but I really think it was a spectacular book. The way that Melina wrote this world and these characters and this story - it was WONDERFUL. I was highly emotional as I read this, mostly because I cared a lot about Froi. I'm hoping to get to Quintana within the next week (if I can work my way through a couple of other books I'm meaning to finish!).

    1. Also, thank you for hosting the read-along! It was a lot of fun, and I'm happy that it encouraged me to read the series. I definitely think it was worth it :)


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