An Interview [Part Two!] With Liza Palmer

I finished reading Nowhere But Home back in the beginning of June, and I was just a bundle of love and happiness. It immediately moved to the top of Favorite Reads of 2013 list, but I didn't even know how to write about it. I quietly simmered on my feelings - my love just growing day by day. I finally reviewed it in August, and promptly told Cass that she HAD to read it, too. I barely knew Cass at that point, but I did know that she had a major crush on the South. I had a feeling this book would only fuel that fire! Thankfully, I was totally right in my recommendation. Cass LOVED it, and she's been pushing it everyone since then. 

After a few awesome Twitter conversations with author Liza Palmer, Cassie suggested we ask her to do an interview with us. And that brings us to this moment - one I'm SO excited to share with y'all! We've got tons of fun to share with today: Part One of the interview is over on Cassie's blog AND Liza was kind and generous enough to offer to do a giveaway of three SIGNED copies of Nowhere But Home. I MEAN, I'M JUST TAKING DEEP BREATHS OVER HERE. Y'all, I'm pleased as punch to be able to introduce you to this talented author! Enjoy finding out a little more about her, and make sure you enter to win a copy of Nowhere But Home. This Southern girl thinks it's high time you took a trip to Texas! P.S. - Follow Liza on Twitter! You'll love her!

If you weren't a writer, what do you think you'd be doing?

I'd like to think that I would have mustered the passion to be a chef or something wonderful, but the truth is writing saved me. It's always been the only thing for me. So, if I wasn't writing I'd be wiling away in some nowhere job (which is exactly where I was) watching my life just tick away.

(cue sad tuba)

We've been proclaiming our love for Nowhere But Home from the rooftops. 
What's the last book you read that inspired this reaction in you?

John Green's The Fault in Our Stars WRECKED ME. I took it on a plane with me to the Texas Book Festival. So, I'm SOBBING uncontrollably on the plane coming back and the flight attendant is handing me tissues and the businessman next to me on the plane is continually asking if I'm okay...

That book. Beautiful. I'm totally looking forward to the movie adaptation - it's a great team of people. The same guys who did Spectacular Now and I love that Shailene Woodley.

Say you just got big news - Nowhere But Home is going to be a movie! Can you DREAM CAST for us?

I think Taylor Schilling from Orange is the New Black would make an awesome Queenie. I also think Elizabeth Banks would do a great job - she was fantastic in People Like Us. Merry Carole has always been Christina Hendricks in my eyes - I wouldn't mind her being a red head.

I was totally thinking of Ian Somerhalder for Hudson, he just has that looooook that you know he's trouble (and now I have that Taylor Swift song stuck in my head).

Everett. You know he was a tough one. The eyes? The green eyes? Are Jensen Ackles.

And for awhile it was Chris Evans, but this particular picture. It was the bitten down fingernails and the chin up defensive thing that I loved. And that it's Chris Evans. I mean:

Then it kind of morphed into, as all things should, Tim Riggins (when Everett mentions he let his hair grow out? I mean... I had to, right?). And again with the greenish eyes...

[Hannah's Interjection: Thanks for making this blog a WHOLE LOT HOTTER! Swoon.]

What would you choose as the theme song for Nowhere But Home?

I did a whole blog post on this - you know how I love to make a playlist! I also made the Number One and this blog post has the pictures to prove it!

[Hannah's Interjection: The Number One is a famous meal from Nowhere But Home. So, check out the pictures and tell me you don't immediately want to read the book!]

Congrats! We got you a puppy. Now, what literary character is your new dog being named after and why?

Hilariously, I've already accidentally done this with my current dog. Fourteen years ago, I'm walking around a farmer's market here in LA and there's this little girl walking around with two puppies on her shoulders. I couldn't resist and took the Little Girlie Puppy off her hands. I'm walking away with my friend and say, "I think I'm going to name her after a poet." My friend says, "Poet is a great name."

So my dog is named Poet because I didn't have the heart to correct a friend that I no longer even remember.

I mean...

Tell us five things to expect from your upcoming novel, Heroine!

1) Romance Novel Cover Models

2) The steamiest couple I've ever written

3) A bit of commentary on being marginalized because you're a woman who speaks for and makes products predominately for women.

4) Be ready to fall for Mr. Lincoln Mallory - I know I did.

5) Great multi-generational female characters and the complicated relationships that come with that.

[Hannah's Interjection: WOW! I was already dying to read Heroine - just based on this announcement - but now I'm even more excited for this book to be released!


Dogs or Cats? DOGS. SO DOGS.

Sweet or Sour? SWEET.

Cucumbers or Pickles? PICKLES

Sushi or Steak? SUSHI!

Radio or iPod? IPOD!

Thank you SO much, Liza! I'm so glad I found Nowhere But Home - and I'm so excited to help introduce more people to your incredible characters!

Don't forget to enter to win a copy of this AMAZING book!
P.S. Betty loved it, Lauren loved it, and Asheley loved it. I mean, come on y'all.

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  1. Omg... omg I love this... I must read this. I must win one of the signed copies... I must understand the obsession...

    Ok I'll control myself now.

    Yea not really.

    You got to interview Liza Palmer??? Eeee... She sounds so cool! I would be her friend.

    Ok I'm finished. I think.

    1. OMG! YES. You really must read this! And if it was signed? EVEN BETTER.

      And I totally want to be her friend too!

  2. haha! I love Christina Hendricks for Merry Carole!!! That is EXACTLY how I pictured her minus the red hair!!!

    I refused to look too closely at those hottie pics because I have my own Everett in my head-- don't mess with him! ;)

    Love the dog naming story-- too funny.

    I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about Heroine-- she can obviously write a swoony guy-- now bring on some steam!!!

    Great interview ladies!!

    1. I know - that's how I pictured her too! Minus the red hair but now that she's said it I totally think it fits :)

      Haha! I have characters like that too. Where I can't even see a picture because I don't want to affect the version in my head.

      I love the dog naming story too!

      I'm so excited for that one, especially since she's said it's more swoony than any of her other books. GIVE ME NOW!

  3. I saw this book at the library a while back and marked it to read. Then your review convinced me to make it sooner rather than later. Then I started it over the weekend and I'm LOVING it. I want to hole up somewhere and keep reading.

    I LOVE your picks!

    Christina? Perfect!
    Elizabeth? LOVE it!

    1. Oh this makes me so happy! I love that I helped convince you to read it AND that you're now loving it! Have fun with this special book :)

      I love her picks for casting too!

  4. Your love (and Cassie's) for this book is SO contagious, Hannah! When I read your review I immediately put it on my wishlist, and now that I've seen a picture of The Number One I am going to have to read it sooner than later! And the premise for Heroine? That book sounds amazing!!! Fabulous interview, ladies! :)

    1. Thanks girl! We're trying to share the love for this book so much :) I want EVERYONE to read it. So glad my review got it added to your TBR, and I love that The Number One made it a must read. And I love the premise for Heroine too! I'm so ready for that one to be released!

  5. OHHH MYYY GOSH!!!!! THIS BOOK, y'all. I think we all need to do a re-read like yearly or something. Wouldn't that be SO YUMMY? YES, yes it would. I loved every single thing about it. But my favorite thing, the thing I keep coming back to, is Cal. I just love that boy. He was SO SMART and he had everybody's number the whole way thru. LOVED HIM. I mean, they're ALL great characters, but Cal is my favorite. Hands down.

    ALSO oh my gosh! So many thing I love about this. So many. I won't do a novel. But I will say that OH MY GOSH THOSE DREAM CAST PICTURES. You should see me staring. Also, I have a soft spot for characters named Lincoln, OBVS. (Hello, Attachments!)

    SIDENOTE: Cass has a crush on the South? How can we get her down here? I'll make some lemonade or something? Meet-up in Asheville?

    1. OHHHH MYYYY GOSHHHHH! I would totally do a yearly re-read of this one. It's legit that good. I can't even think of my favorite thing about it because I just loved it all. And oh Cal. So with you on him! He's the bomb.

      THAT DREAM CAST? SUPER DREAMY, RIGHT!? I'm obsessed. And I can SO see those characters with that look now! Perfection <3

      SIDENOTE: Yes, she so does. 1. Let's find a way to bring her here. 2. She'll read ANYTHING if you tell her it's Southern. Muwaahhahaha. 3. Meet up in Asheville? Let's make it happen!

  6. I LOVE that you took the initiative to ask Liz Palmer if you could interview you! Go you and Cass. Your questions are so much fun!! This book was just a delightful experience, even more so that I shared it with my own family. I wish I liked to cook as much as Queenie does, but thank goodness Liz Palmer found writing for us to enjoy. I wonder if she spends as many hours cooking as Queenie. Did she do some test dishes?

    I had NO IDEA her book was optioned for a film. But I cannot wait!!! It is going to be so much fun to see all these characters. I love them so.

    And HEROINE!!! I am dying for that story. This is the first Id' heard of it, and now I cannot wait to add it to my Goodreads shelf, but it wasn't listed. WAAAAAHHHH Those librarians need to get on it.

    FANTASTIC post, Hannah!

    1. Haha! That was totally Cass's idea! I whole-heartedly supported it of course, but she's the awesome one that had the thought, put it in motion and helped make it happen. I wish I liked to cook more, too. I love the idea of cooking more than I actually like doing it. It just takes SO MUCH TIME for something that you spend barely any time eating.

      Oh no - her book wasn't optioned for film :( I WISH! We just wanted her to tell us her dream cast if she got that news!

      I'm dying for Heroine too! IT SOUNDS SO GOOD! Glad I helped get it on your TBR :)

  7. This interview is so cute! And I'm also swooning over all the hot boys because, well, HELLO THERE. Haha! In other news, you and Cassie have me convinced that I MUST read this book.

    1. Thanks Alexa! I was totally swooning over the hot boys, too. AND YAYYYYYYY! We definitely want to convince EVERYONE to read this book :)

  8. OMG, i want this new book so bad. great interview! i was not expecting Everett to look like these guys, but I totally am on board with any of them.

    1. I want the new book so badly, too! DYING for it! And thanks for the kind words about the interview :) Like you, I didn't 100% picture Everett that way but now I'm totally on board with these fellas!

  9. Love getting to know more about the author. I am going to read this super soon, I swear. Or Zac Efron will announce he was in rehab. Or wait. He did. Sigh. To make sure he is all better, I will read it soon.

    Thanks for being so enthusiastic about this!!

    1. Haha! I know - that was really shocking and such a weird announcement. Like he was in rehab months ago, so why are they just now speaking about it? Definitely strange.

      EITHER WAY...

      Read this book, Estelle! I think you'll love it! :)


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