So Obsessed With: The Fall Edition

Some of my favorite posts are ones where bloggers highlight the products they're loving lately or the things they're currently coveting. Posts like that always put new products on my radar and give me great ideas for gifts! I love this kind of content so much that I decided to start incorporating it into my blog by highlighting my loves and lusts each season. Rather than give it a creative name, I thought my blog name was more fitting. So, here's what I'm so obsessed with this fall:
1. Lush Sugar Scrub ($6.25) - My mom bought me this scrub a few weeks ago, and now I'm in love with it. The sugar helps exfoliate, fennel and ginger stimulate circulation, and lavender adds a calming effect. I loved the scent AND the way it made my skin feel!

2. Essie After School Boy Blazer ($8) - I love dark nail polish colors for fall, and this is the one I've been rocking lately! The dark navy blue is almost black - a gorgeous, dark color that's goes perfectly with the cooler weather.

3. Tocca Giulietta Crema da Mano Luxe ($20) - I don't own this lotion yet, but I've had my eye on it for a while. I absolutely LOVE Tocca's scents - they are the only perfumes I'll wear. My personal favorite is Brigitte, but I can't wait to get my hands on this lotion in Giulietta!

4. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette ($27) - I'm constantly changing up the way I wear my eye makeup, but I've found myself using this palette more and more this season. The neutral matte colors are subtle and perfect for a "barely there" look.

5. Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment ($22.50) - I'm not a huge lipstick person, but I know that my lips get dry and cracked as the temperatures cool. I love this lip balm, especially the much-needed hint of color it adds to my lips!

6. Alsace Cardi ($128) - I want this sweater so bad, y'all. I just love the length and the colors! As a tall girl, I'm always drawn to long and flowy pieces like this, and I'm already adding this to my Christmas wishlist.

7. Emersyn Weekender ($148) - I've been on the lookout for the perfect weekender bag, and I know I finally found The One! The light brown leather accents and light gold shimmer are to die for and would be perfect for a short trip to the mountains.

8. Laced Chambray Popover ($88) - I'm pretty sure this is the chambray shirt I've been waiting for! I can never find one that's exactly what I've got in mind, but I love this one's light washed color and small lace accents. It takes a simple, classic piece to a whole different level! 
9. Point Duchesse Pitcher ($48) - I don't really need a pitcher, but I wouldn't say no to this one. My everyday dishes are cream, but I've mixed in some colorful bowls from Anthropologie to add a little spice. I can just picture this completing the look!

10. Bupo Cookie Jar ($39.95) - I rarely make cookies, but I think this little buddy would make the perfect addition to my kitchen. Plus, maybe he would inspire me to do a little more baking!

11. Katie Daisy Stars Print ($18) - This is probably my favorite Etsy shop EVER, and I am constantly finding more prints I want from this artist. I already own two, and I couldn't resist snagging this print a few weeks ago. Now I just have to frame it and find the perfect place to hang it! The quote, the colors, the artistry... It's perfection!
12. Across A Star-Swept Sea, Allegiant and The Fiery Heart ($18-20 each) - These are my three most coveted fall releases! I have been dying for them to be released since they each belong to a series and have me dying to know what will happen next or how everything will be resolved.

13. Catching Fire - There aren't even enough words to tell you how much I can't wait for this movie! I loved the first one and am really curious about how having a new director will impact the films. I never go to midnight premieres, but I'm seriously considering it for this movie.

14. Ed Sheeran + (Deluxe Version) ($9.99) - Listen, I know this CD is two years old. And I don't know why it took me this long to actually listen to it but I'm now obsessed. I know I'm late to the love, but I just don't care. I've had this on repeat since I bought it a few weeks ago. Seriously. I cannot get enough.

15. Gold Peak Lemonade Iced Tea and Darrell Lea Soft Eating Strawberry Licorice (Under $5) - Don't mind me, I'm just falling in love with these two products. The lemonade iced tea is delicious and totally makes me reconsider my Diet Coke addiction. It's just that good. And the licorice? HOLY COW. I'm not a huge licorice fan, but I could eat a whole bag of this in one sitting. Yum, yum, yum.

16. The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fourth Season - I know not every is a fan of this show OR this particular season, but I've become addicted. I started watching The Vampire Diaries this summer, and I raced through all four seasons within a few weeks. I just bought these DVDs, and I know what I'll be re-watching this fall!

17. Nixon "The Sentry" Leather Strap Watch ($125) - The mister already has a silver watch that's on the dressy side, but I've got my eye on this simple leather watch for a more casual look. I love the size - a somewhat thinner band and smaller face. It's simple and classic, which I just love.

18. Up Country Whale Lead ($21) - We already have the collar that matches this lead, so we just need this to complete the look! I love the navy and lime green colors, and I think the whales are so adorably preppy. The pup looks so handsome and stylish - and they're really durable, too!

19. Majestic Pet Zig Zag Round Bed ($125) - We've got a dog bed for the pupper in our bedroom, but I've been keeping an eye out for one that could stay in the living room. I love this simple brown chevron print, which would go perfectly with the tan and greens in that room of my house.

20. Timberland Cutwater Jacket ($148) - Fall weather means it's time to break out a jacket! The temperatures don't usually drop too low in Georgia, so it's nice to have a lighter jacket on hand for those cooler fall evenings. I love the simplicity of this jacket and know it would go with so many things my mister wears!


  1. I love it when bloggers highlight their favorite things too, especially if they normally just stick to one subject area. Thanks for bringing some new things to my radar! And I love that Tocca Giulietta scent too. I remember it really well because the last time a friend and I were at Anthropologie, she bought the perfume for her sister, whose name is Giulietta :-)

    1. Glad you enjoy posts like this, too! I really love reading about books, but I also think it's so fun to talk about other things we love :) Yay for that Tocca scent - I love so many of their perfumes!

  2. PUPPER <3 ;) Just saying.

    b-LOVE the jacket for the hubs and the watch [may have to show the watch to Jon I think he'd love it!]
    c- The naked basics palette. OMG <3 I want it.
    d- Cookie jar, print and pitcher, I love that whole section.

    e- I am now done. Love this.

    1. PUPPER!

      a - It looks even better in person.
      b - Ohhhh yeahhhhhh.
      c - GET IT! So good.
      d - Heck yes! Love my house finds <3

      e - xoxo

  3. Haha, I love that you call your dog pupper. :)

    This post is so much fun! I need that nail polish. And that sweater! I saw one almost identical to that in the window of one of our boutiques today and I loooved it. I was standing there drooling at it through the window. haha. I'm really tall too, so I love stuff that comes down longer.

    My boss gave me that lotion for my birthday, and it smells so good! The scent lasts almost all day :)

    1. Haha! Cassie calls babies "boppers," and she started with "pupper" and now I can't stop saying it.

      Glad you liked this post! The nail polish looks so pretty on. Get it! And yay for the sweater in the window... hope you get it :)

      I adore Tocca for that very reason - smells great and the scent lasts so long!

  4. I should not read posts like this because now I want to go spend $1000. I need more Essie nail polish like I need a hole in my head but I love that dark blue! (All the dark blue Essie nail polish's I already own are now going "what about us?") And that weekender bag? And the lace chambray shirt? Love, love, love.

    Also, I tried that licorice this past weekend and it's delicious! I'd never heard of it before, but I wanted a nice chewy candy and now I think it might be a new addiction.

    1. Hahahah! Yeah, I was almost mad at myself while compiling this post because I want to go on a major shopping spree now. I'm with you on the nail polish! I always get colors similar to ones I already own and then feel slightly guilty about that fact.

      Yayyyy for the licorice! Glad you agree that it's so tasty <3

  5. I am IN LOVE with this post! I think you picked out some fabulous stuff for the fall, and I definitely want to get my hands on a LOT of it. I'm particularly partial towards the nail polish, the cookie jar, and Ed Sheeran's CD (which I am SO obsessed with -- and have been for a while). I also am excited for you to read Across a Star-Swept Sea, which I loved, and I'm looking forward to reading Allegiant and watching Catching Fire too!

    1. YAYYYY! So happy you love this post/feature! And heck yes to Ed Sheeran! How was I not in love with him before? The nail polish is even prettier before - hope you end up getting it!


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