The Vile & The Villainous

In fantasy, you've got to have a foe. I mean, how do you become a hero without a bad guy to provide some conflict?! Villains can easily become caricatures - so evil that they don't even seem like real people. But the best ones have layers and dimensions to them... leaving you with moments where you question your feelings for them. Today, Alexa and I are discussing this classic, complicated fantasy character!

What villain do you love?

SNAPE from HARRY POTTER SERIES | Poor, misunderstood Severus Snape. Well, I can't deny that I loved this villain! Some may argue that he isn't really a villain because he does have some redemption in the end, but I think he still counts. He makes some poor choices and has to suffer the consequences. And, let's be honest, he's pretty awful to Harry. Either way, I still love him. This is a great example of a complex character!

What villain do you hate?

THIAGO from DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE SERIES | Oh my goodness, I hated Thiago! Laini Taylor did such a masterful job creating this character. His total power and control was intimidating, as was his utter lack of compassion. He could be charming, but knowing how ruthless he was at his core... terrifying! I listened to this series on audiobook, and my stomach was in knots anytime he was in a scene. What would he do next?!

What villain do you love to hate?

UMBRIDGE from HARRY POTTER SERIES | Yes, you've read that correctly. I hate Dolores Umbridge more than Lord Voldemort. My level of hate for this character is so strong that I almost love talking about all the reasons why she's THE ABSOLUTE WORST. Whether I'm watching the movies or reading the books, my eyes see red when Umbridge enters. She represents such an abuse of power, and UGH DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED.

What villains do YOU love and hate?
And who is the villain you just love to hate?


  1. I have to agree with Umbridge! She is so spiteful! She is the perfect villain to love to hate, because really? I don't know anyone who wouldn't hate her. She's the worst villain ever! Truly! I do have trouble seeing Snape as a villain though, because even if he was indeed terrible to Harry, and in no way I justify his behaviour, because come on, he was suppose to be the adult, the teacher, I can still understand where his anger is coming from.

  2. SNAPE! YES! He's so complicated and a fantastic "villain". Guh. Love this feature, btw! oxo L

  3. LOL that drawing of Umbridge is the best. She really is worse than Voldemort is SO many ways, I hate her. She's so well-cast in the movie too, I hate both versions equally.

    And Snape! Snape is so complex; he does the right things in the end, he helps the trio and the DA but he's so horrible half the time and makes some really poor decisions. And the way he bullies Neville always bums me out. BUT. I do love Snape, Byronic hero (anti-hero?) and all that.

    I'm loving these fantasy features!! :)

  4. OH MY GOD UMBRIDGE. Whenever I reread the HP books I always kind of skim the Umbridge parts because I just can't handle it. my blood boils, I see red, and I'll rant about her to whoever is around. UGH.

  5. Can I just say, first of all, that I absolutely adore all the photos you've chosen for this post? Spot on, every single one of them. That having been said, I can pretty much see where you're going with your choices, since I'm familiar with all three of the villains you've chosen. I've always had a soft spot for Snape, but I just totally hated Umbridge and Thiago, period. (Villains can be so fun though, don't you think?)


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