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Although I haven't read this month's recommendation, I'm excited to feature some science fiction in Consider This Classic! When I saw what Zeee from I Heart Romance recommended, it reminded me that there's a pretty big gap in my classics background when it comes to science fiction. I somehow made it through school without reading any, as far as I can remember. And I loved learning that Zee sleeps with her Nook under her pillow, reads multiple books at one time and loves re-reading. I'm so excited to have her on my blog today!
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Publication Year: 1870
Originally Published In: France
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Summary (from Barnes & Noble)
When Professor Pierre Aronnax and harpoonist Ned Land join an expedtion to hunt a fierce "whale" that has been sinking ships, little do they expect that they will soon become captives of Captain Nemo, a self-exiled renegade who prowls the sea in his magnificent submarine, the Nautilus, seeking revenge against the civilized world that he feels has betrayed him. Aboard the Nautilus, Aronnax and Land are introduced to an undersea world that is mysterious, marvelous, and exhilirating, and have extraordinary adventures among the flora and fauna of the ocean.

First published in 1870 as one of Jules Verne's "Extraordinary Voyages," Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is revered as a landmark of science fiction and a classic tale of wonder.
I read this book back in 4th grade and was instantly hooked. At that time, I was still reading the Sweet Valley series (yes! THAT one) and I had stumbled upon a copy of this book at a local bookstore.
Despite a lot of controversy about translations of Jules Verne's books, I loved this story so much that I read his two other famous works (A Journey to the Center of the Earth and Around the World in Eighty Days). This book also started my love for Science Fiction even though I do not read a lot of Sci-Fi books these days. I still remember my fascination while reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and devoured page after page. I loved reading about submarines and machines written at a time when all these things weren't even thought possible.
I never really thought of books that are similar to this but there are movies based on this book. The 1954 film starring Kirk Douglas is the only one I can remember off the top of my head.

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  1. To be honest, I can't quite remember if I've read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! (I know my cousin has though. That girl, keeps kicking my butt at reading classics.) But I have read Around the World in 80 Days, which I really liked, so I might have to give this one a shot!


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