Guide to Faux Doris: The Extras

By now, you should be all caught up on the basics of faux doris: the cover and the inserts. In my previous posts, I talked about what a faux dori is, how you can customize it, what goes in it and where to buy the inserts. And honestly, you could totally stop there. The cover and the inserts are all you need to have a functional faux dori! 

But I bought some fun extras in the process and thought it would be fun to share those, too. These items are obviously optional, but some of them have been quite useful! If you buy this stuff, you know you've gone from interested in faux doris to completely addicted. And I'll happily take the blame for getting you hooked! 

LAMINATOR / At the bottom of my previous post, I noted that you could DIY almost everything mentioned in the post. If you think you just want to make one dashboard, for example, it's probably more cost effective to have it laminated at an office supply store. But if you want to make several, you might at well buy a laminator! I got this Scotch Thermal Laminator and Thermal Laminating Pouches. I've actually used this way more than anticipated. I laminated journaling cards, made bookmarks and more! It's quite addicting.

PAPER TRIMMER / I cannot cut in straight line, so I bought a paper trimmer to make it easier. It's been a lifesaver! I got the Fiskars 12" SureCute Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer, but there are a ton of options available. The trimmer was really useful when cutting scrapbook paper to decorate my inserts. It saved so much time!

DETAIL SCISSORS + GLUE STICK / I still use scissors for little cuts, and detail scissors (like these Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissors) come in handy in those situations. I grab these when I'm cleaning up edges and such. And you need to have a glue stick available if you're going to cover your inserts!

SCRAPBOOK PAPER / If you want to make dashboards or folders (or decorate your inserts), you're going to need scrapbook paper. You can buy it in individual sheets or packs at any craft store (and usually at Target and Walmart, too). Unless I'm buying it from, I like buying packs of paper. It's a great way to get papers that use the same color scheme without being too match-y.

EMBELLISHMENTS / I don't use very many embellishments on my inserts, but you can definitely got all out with them. I've purchased a few stickers and some journaling cards (see below), but that's been about it for me. You could use brads, buttons, chipboard, fabric, flowers, rhinestones, stickers, tags and more!

CORNER ROUNDERS + PUNCHES / I love how rounded corners look, so I bought this set with two size options. I also bought a heart-shaped punch because I thought it might come in handy for decorating. I haven't used it yet, but I've definitely gotten my money's worth from the corner punches.

JOURNALING CARDS / I definitely went a little overboard when buying journaling cards! You can use them as an embellishment to decorate the front of your inserts. You can laminate them to write to do lists, notes to yourself and more. In the photo on the left, the two at the bottom are laminated. One has the days of the week, and I use it to track my blog schedule. The other is just lined, and it's meant for notes to myself. I just tape it to my dashboard with washi! I got these from me & my Big ideas and these from We R Memory Keepers.

PRINTABLES / There are a ton of printables to consider, but I knew that I wanted some months of the year calendar cards. I'm currently using one to track myself for #NoSpendApril, but there are so many other ways you could use them. I bought these cards from YellowPaperHousePrintables, but there are many other Etsy shops that sell printables you might find helpful. Just do some research to find more!

WASHI TAPE / My washi tape collection has grown exponentially in the last few weeks. I shouldn't have downloaded the Michael's app... the coupons are too tempting! I love the Scotch Expressions Tape, but I'm also now addicted to the Recollections brand. Finding a marker to write on them made all the difference! I use them to decorate my inserts - both on the outside and inside.

WASHI SAMPLER / I think I saw this trick on Instagram, and it's definitely come in handy. I don't want to carry around a bag of washi tape, but I also want to have some readily available for when I'm on the go. Just take a used gift card (or something similar) and wrap a couple inches/feet of your favorites around it! Then, tuck it in your business card holder, zip pouch or folder.

QUICK-DRY MARKERS / I can't remember where I saw these markers recommended, but I'm so glad I found them! These American Crafts Slick Writer markers work on basically everything, including all of my washi tape. 

WET ERASE MARKERS / If you're using laminated items, you'll want some Expo Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Markers. While you could also use dry erase markers, I've found that they erase too easily. I don't stuff to wipe off on its own! 

If you want to go all out, you can buy some many fun little things to go in your business card holder or zip pouch! Here are some of my favorite items to include:

PAGE TABS / I use these to mark pages that I want to be able to quickly flip to in my inserts or to create different sections in certain inserts. I have one insert that I use for lists, and I have different tabs for my different list sections, such as To Watch, To Read, To Buy...

PAGE FLAGS / Typically, I use these to mark favorite quotes in a book. I want to be able to write them down in my quote notebook, but I don't want to pause while reading to do it. So, I just mark it and move on!

POST-IT NOTES / I use these in a variety of ways - they're just so useful! While I love this square size, I've recently discovered a new favorite use for this size. Cut in half, these post-it notes fit perfectly in the May Designs monthly calendar spread. I'll write down planned blog posts, stick them on the target post date and then I get a general idea of what I've got to do. And since I don't write on the calendar until the post is finalized, I can easily move things around! I like to sit down at the beginning of the month and draft my editorial calendar.

BUSINESS CARDS / I don't really like keeping my blogging business cards in my wallet, but I do like to have a few readily available. Sometimes I'll include them in packages that are headed to giveaway winners! My business card is a digital design from inmystudioo and were printed with Vistaprint.

STICKERS / I haven't purchased very many stickers, but a ton of planner people use them. While I really just have "cutesy" ones that help me decorate insert covers or pages, there are so many options if you want to use stickers for reminders, appointments and more. If you want to use stickers that way, here are five places to look:
PAPER CLIPS / Honestly, I haven't really been using my paper clips... but they look so cute in there that I couldn't resist including them in my business card holder. They're great for marking your page, but I have other (much cuter) options that serve the same purpose. Ha!

BOOKMARKS / I've blogged before about my love for craftedvan, and I've amassed quite the collection at this point. I love having a few favorites in each of my Foxys because they always make me smile!

BINDER CLIPS / They aren't pictured, but I've been using binder clips lately to mark my place! My friend at work bought them for herself and shared them with me. (Yes, she's now addicted to Foxy Doris, too.)

Is there anything I left out?
Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. I just got my Foxydori today. I'm sure I'll come back here as I tweak the set up over the next week or so. ;)

  2. If I weren't working so hard to stay on budget, H, I would be in so much trouble after reading this post! Trouble of the good, crafty variety, of course. I do have a couple of these extras already (since I like making scrapbooks), but I definitely spy a few things that I would like to own. Your ideas for extras are really cool, and I might just have to copy a few myself ;)


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