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Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

I spent quite a bit of time debating what authors to put on this list. There really aren't that many authors who I would consider auto-buys - and it's a status that can change with just one book. I looked back at my list from 2013 and realized that many of the authors that I considered auto-buys at the time have since lost that status. Whether it's my changing taste or a negative experience with a more recent book, only two from that list appears on my list today. And of those two, I'd say only one is a legitimate "I'll literally buy anything you write" and that's Melina Marchetta. But let's talk about all ten that I currently consider auto-buys!

1. Jane Austen - You might be wondering why Jane Austen made my list, since she's not going to be publishing any more books. But if they published a lost Austen manuscript, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. And I can't deny that I'll buy almost anything associated with her, so that's practically an extension of the auto-buy status.

2. Mindy Kaling - Kaling didn't come to my mind immediately, but I couldn't deny her spot on this list once I thought of her! I adored her first series of essays, and I've already pre-ordered her second book. I love pretty much everything about her, and I seriously wish we were friends. No matter what she writes, I want to read it.

3. Emery Lord - I've fallen in love with Lord's writing during the last two years, and I think she's going a bright future ahead of her. It feels like she writes about people I know (or sometimes wish that I did). I don't just enjoy her books - I relate to them! She writes with such honesty, and I love the emotion in them.

4. Sarah J. Maas - In my review for Heir of Fire, I wrote: "There is a land called Perfection, and Sarah J. Maas is its Queen." And I stand by those words! I'm currently re-reading the Throne of Glass series (in preparation for Queen of Shadows, of course) and am falling more and more in love with Maas' characters and creativity.

5. Melina Marchetta - When I think of auto-buy authors, Melina Marchetta tops my list. I adore her contemporary and fantasy, and I have no doubt that she'd make me fall in love with anything else she wrote. There's meaning and intention behind her every word, and I admire that she writes with so much purpose.

6. Juliet Marillier - I almost didn't include Marillier since I still haven't bought (or read) a number of her books, but I decided it counts because I purchased the majority of her backlist after finishing Daughter of the Forest. I'm slowly working my way through them, but only because I want to savor the experience. It's worth it!

7. Mhairi McFarlane - I read my first McFarlane book last year, but I didn't truly fall in love with her writing until I binge read her other two books a few months ago. They were exactly what I needed in the middle of a reading funk, and I only wish there were more for me to devour. I love her sense of humor!

8. Liza Palmer - Nowhere but Home was my first read from Palmer, and it's remained my favorite. But I've loved everything else I've read by her since - and I know I'll love the two I'm hoarding solely because I hate the idea of having no more books by Liza to look forward to! I can't get enough of her characters and her writing.

9. Stephanie Perkins - Perkins is the second author that's remained an auto-buy since I wrote this list two years ago. She's released one full-length book since (which I loved), as well as a collection of short stories from YA authors (her contribution was my favorite). I don't know what's next for her, but I can't wait to find out!

10. Taylor Jenkins Reid - I'm so glad that Estelle's recommendation led me to this author last year! Her second book, After I Do, is one of my all-time favorite books, and it was the kind of reading experience I'll never forget. But I loved her first release - and her most recent one - too! If only there were more...

Are any of these authors on your auto-buy list?


  1. Great topic - I haven't seen any of your earlier year "must-read" posts, so this one really made me think.

    The only must-buy author I can think of is Melina Marchetta. I remember reading her first book when it was first released, but then subsequently (and without reading them) wrote her off as a one-hit wonder when she realeased the next couple (they just sounded exactly the same with different character names). About five years ago, I finally picked up another one of hers, and am so glad I did. I've now read everything of hers multiple times (except for the Lumitere short stories which continue to evade me), and would start stalking the book store if I found out she was releasing another book.

    If you haven't read any of hers, I would recommend Jane Green - her earlier books more then the newer ones. The books would be classed as chick-lit I guess, but I love them because (in the early ones at least) I really relate to the stories and the character.Bookends is my favourite if you decide to give her a go.

  2. Liza Palmer made my list this week as well! The reason I share that with you is that winning your giveaway for Girl Before A Mirror was my introduction to her, and I can't thank you enough! I will definitely keep reading what she writes!

  3. Melina Marchetta is indeed a must. She does both fantasy and contemporary so well. I have loved every single book by her I've read. Sarah J. Maas is also an auto-buy author of mine. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement about her being Queen.

  4. HELL YES TO SARAH J. MAAS AND MELINA MARCHETTA BEING ON THIS LIST! *gives Hannah a standing ovation* I'm also seriously loving that Juliet Marillier is on here too. I can't wait to indulge in more of her books! (I've got plenty of catching up to do.) Also, Liza Palmer is definitely an author I'm trying to read more from AND Taylor Jenkins Reid is amazing! Love your list, H! (I'm also not surprised by the Austen mention.)


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