Buy the Book / No. 5

Buy the Book is a monthly feature where I share a gift guide inspired by something I've read. It's a little play on "by the book" since all of the gifts come directly from quotes or scenes in the book featured and, you know, since it's all stuff you can buy. I'm including a snippet from the book for each item so you'll know why I picked it!
Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

"The cottonwood drinks much from the earth. Where their roots dive, water can be found."

1. Landscape Photography - Redrock Utah, Golden Cottonwoods, San Rafael Swell ($10+) - This photo wasn't taken in Arizona, but it's so close to what I pictured while reading! And the setting is a huge aspect of the book.

"They'd cleaned out his pocket and stolen his Colt right outta his belt. It were a beauty of a pistol - polished, white grip, engraved barrel, a finish so pretty, it shined. The weapon in my holster matches. Pa split the pair to give one to me, and now I can't even rejoin 'em."

2. Winchester® .45 Colt Nickel Bullet Head Stud Earrings ($24.95) - I loved the detail about Kate's Colt and how her father had the other one. Since there's a lot of shooting on her hunt for revenge, this item was a must!

"When prospectors first descended on Arizona Territory, they dug and drilled any which place till they struck gold."

3. Gold Nugget Bubble Gum ($12.98) - The search for gold, and the lengths people will go to when they're driven by greed, is central to this story. After all, it plays a part in why Kate's father was murdered...

"There's a mine and a couple of caches sitting in the Superstition Mountains, and we only found our way to it because of the journal."

4. Rustic Leather Journal ($53) - The journal is a pretty significant part of the story, and it's the catalyst for a lot of the conflict in this story. I know I'd be really stressed out if I had it in my possession!

"I turn my pace brisk and head for my horse. Soon as she comes into view, I swear."

5. 60s Metal Cast Horse & Saddle Figurine ($15) - I loved Kate's horse, Silver! Whether Silver was helping Kate escape trouble or hot on the trail of the Rose Riders, you could tell there was a bond between them.

"The Rose Riders don't care for nothing but money and riches."

6. LUSH Amandopondo Bubble Bar ($7.95) - Oh, these outlaws are bad news! They probably smell awful - like sweat, blood and alcohol - so it seemed only fitting to pair them with a rose-scented bubble bar.

"The cards get cut. Chips are passed out. The first hand is dealt."

7. Cowboy Print Playing Cards ($1.19) - This was one of my favorite scenes! I couldn't wait to see how Kate would do at poker and if she'd be able to accomplish her dangerous task. You'll have to read to find out!

"My letters ain't bad, and I can read just fine. Whole books and everything. He bought me Little Women when the first copies made it to the bookstore in Prescott. It were a gorgeous book, prettiest I ever seen - leather bound and thick."

8. Easton Press Edition of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott ($79) - Kate's voice was so authentic - tough and filled with slang. But I liked that this moment revealed another side of her character!

"Then I flip through the journal. Maps are sketched here and there, and other pages are filled with clues and instructions."

9. Arizona Easy to Read Map ($4.77) - If you're searching for something, you'll need to have a map handy! While you probably won't go searching for hidden gold, you could explore Arizona and imagine the Wild West.

"I ain't a boy, but I sure am dressed like one. Trousers and boots. One of my flannels. A flat-brimmed Stetson."

10. Stetson Austral Old West Cowboy Hat ($149) - I could totally picture Kate disguised as a boy! I knew I had to include a Stetson in this post because it's so tied to the way I pictured Kate and the outlaws she was hunting.


  1. I never knew I needed bullet earrings in my life, but now I totally do. Such a fun guide!

  2. I approve of your Buy the Book guide for Vengeance Road! I definitely have my eye on that cool hat and those awesome earrings ;)


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