Cassie & Hannah's Holiday Gift Guide

Y'all, I'm so excited about today's joint gift guide with one of my favorite people, Cassie from The Casserole. When she mentioned that she was thinking about doing this kind of post, I immediately volunteered to join her! Why? Because we both love very different things, so it only made sense to highlight as many gift categories as possible! (And, you know, I love doing blog stuff with her.) We each created gift guides based on the things we love most. For Cassie, that's fitness, food, tech, books and coffee. And for me, it's beauty, decor, books, entertainment and fashion. We hope you'll find something for everyone on your list this year!

1. For the Eyes (Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette - $45): Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with an eyeshadow palette! There are so many to choose from, including special limited edition holiday ones. I recently bought myself this matte eyeshadow palette, and I'm in love! No matter your budget, there's an option.

2. For the Lips (Buxom Lip Polish Collection - $32): Another great gift idea is lipsticks or lip glosses. And it's the perfect time to buy them! So many brands release sets for the holidays - some with full sizes and some with smaller "sample" sizes. This is one set that I've got my eye on and would love to find under the tree this year.

3. For the Bath (Lush Festive Friends Wrapped Gift Set - $29.95): I absolutely love taking a bath, so bath products are one of my favorite things to gift and to receive! You can't go wrong with LUSH (in my opinion) - whether you're picking them out yourself or buying a prepackaged set with some holiday favorites!

4. For the Nails (Butter London RSVP Nail Lacquer Set - $29): It's not secret that I love painting my nails, so I think nail polish makes a great gift! Sometimes I'll pick out a few colors for someone based on their preferences, and sometimes I'll turn to a set like the one featured here. These colors are classic - you can't go wrong with them!

5. For the Skin (GLAMGLOW Dazzling Hydration Set - $69): Skincare products can be hard to buy for someone else, particularly if they have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts, but it's still worth considering! I just bought myself this set, and I'm obsessed. My skin is usually dry, especially in winter, and this has helped so much.

1. For the Wall (As Soon As I Saw You Vertical Wood Sign - $160): If you know someone's decorating taste, it can be so fun to buy them something they can hang in their house! There are fun prints from Society6, funky mirrors, statement pieces like this wood sign... I love bookmarking this type of stuff when shopping online!

2. For the Living Room (Pendleton Wool Fringed Throw - $109): You can never have too many throw blankets! At least, that's my personal philosophy. I have a basket in the living room with several stored and within easy reach. But when I've got a beautiful one (like this blanket!), I'll fold it over the back of a chair to show it off.

3. For Odds and Ends (Kate Spade Trinket Tray - $60): This Kate Spade tray is on the more expensive end, but there are so many fun trays and bowls that you can buy for someone to store their odds and ends! For example, I have little dishes for my earrings and rings in my bathroom, kitchen and next to my bed.

4. For the Coffee Table (Habitat by Lauren Liess - $35): Of course, I had to include a decorating book in this section! Even if I don't love everything in the book, they just look so good on a bookshelf or coffee table. This recent release is on my Christmas list - it looks gorgeous inside and totally inspiring!

5. For Making Home Smell Lovely (Tocca Brigitte Candle - $38): When it doubt, buy a candle. The only condition? Make sure it smells good! I'm the worst about actually lighting candles... I often treat them like they're on display and can't be used. If I was buying one, I'd go for this lovely one in my favorite Tocca scent.

1. For Marking Pages (Sea Otter Magnetic Bookmarks - $4.62): Every book lover needs something to save their spot! I've been guilty of using paperclips, receipts, rubber bands and other random items as placeholders... at least until I discovered magnetic bookmarks. And now I'm obsessed! They work so well - and look so cute!

2. For Displaying Nerdiness (Anne of Green Gables Print - $16+): I mentioned this in the decor section, but there's something so fun about giving (and receiving) a bookish print! I have a gallery wall in my home office with lots of book-related images, and I love adding to it. Browse Etsy and Society6 for ideas!

3. For Claiming Books (Bookplate Stamp - $25+): I've never had a book stamp before, but I totally want one. For some reason, I hate writing in books but love the idea of claiming them as my own by stamping them inside. There are some really gorgeous bookplate stamps on Etsy, and this one is currently my favorite.

4. For Collecting Favorites (Folio Society Sense & Sensibility - $59.95): This won't apply to all book lovers, but I know it definitely does to many book bloggers! If someone collects copies of a specific book, it can be so much fun to add to their collection. It's thoughtful and it doesn't add to their TBR. That's a bonus, right?

5. For Styling Books (Agate Geode Bookends - $29.99): When I was brainstorming bookish gifts, I immediately thought of bookends! Most of my books are on bookshelves, but I love being able to decorate with books by displaying them around my house. And a gorgeous pair of bookends would be perfect for that...

6. For Wearing Words (Persuasion Book Scarf - $48): And finally, consider gifting someone something they can wear! There are so many options - scarves, necklaces, bracelets, t-shirts, socks, tote bags... No matter the reader, I'd be willing to bet you could find something for almost everyone in this category!

1. For Bingeing (Parenthood: The Complete Series - $78.57): Netflix is great, but I'm totally a sucker for owning my favorite TV shows on DVD. I love being able to grab a disc and pop it in while I'm doing laundry, cleaning the house or just in the mood for a binge. I'm totally guilty of asking for TV boxsets for Christmas!

2. For Remembering Favorites (Luke's Diner Mug - $14.05+): As with book-related items, there are so many fun ways to remember favorite movies, TV shows and more. Honor someone's obsession with a silly gift related to it. For example, the Gilmore Girls lover in your life would probably die over this Luke's Diner mug. 

3. For Collecting (Hunger Games Katniss Funko Pop - $10.99): If you have someone that loves action figures and other collectibles, consider adding to their collection! For example, I like certain Funko Pops and would love to find a few favorites in my stocking this year. Just try to find out what someone already owns first!

4. For Listening (James Bay's Chaos and the Calm and Joy Williams' Venus - $9.99): Although I have a Spotify Premium account, I love receiving iTunes gift cards or albums on my wishlist. The ones in my post are two of my favorite albums released this year. I've had them on repeat for months and haven't gotten sick of them yet.

1. For the Ears (Brooke Worthington X Studs - $40): I'm always hesitant to buy someone clothes, but I love getting them a little bling! If someone is an earring lover, consider a great pair of classic studs or a a funky pair of statement earrings. This pair is on my wishlist this year, and I'm hoping Santa *cough*Nick*cough* is listening.

2. For the Wrist (Kate Spade Metro Scalloped Watch - $195): I don't own many watches, but they can make such a great Christmas gift! Or, if you're looking for something more budget-friendly, consider gifting some great bracelets. I love wearing a big stack of mismatched bracelets, so it's always fun to add more to it.

3. For for the Eyes (Ray Ban Highstreet Sunglasses - $160): Some people only buy cheap sunglasses, and I can totally understand why. I can't tell you how often I think I've misplaced my favorite pair! I don't know about most people, but I usually own at least two or three styles because I prefer having different options.

4. For the Stuff (Rebecca Minkoff Mini Avery Tote - $325): I always want to buy a new handbag, but if I'm feeling patient I'll wait and ask for my most coveted bag for Christmas. You know, if I was able to resist the temptation to splurge throughout the year... I usually favor neutrals, but I'd love to own a purse in this cranberry color.

5. For the Hands (Leah Alexandra Stone Ring - $115): If I had to guess, I'd say that there's probably a ring on my wishlist almost every single year. Sometimes it's a small, delicate one and other times it's a little bolder... but rings are my favorite piece of jewelry to wear. So, I had to include them on my gift guide!

6. For the Feet (Lucky Brand Basel Booties - $129): Shoes (like clothes) can be tricky as a gift because the fit can be so hard to predict (even if you know someone's size). But I figured I had to include them because sometimes it's the perfect gift. I bought myself these boots earlier this year, and I basically want a pair in every color now.

What's on your wishlist this year?
And check out Cassie's post for more ideas!


  1. You're terrible for my wallet, H! But seriously, loved seeing your suggestions in all these categories. I'm particularly obsessed with that wood sign (it's lovely!) and, of course, I NEED all the THG Funkos (except Snow, most likely) in my life. Great guide, and I can't wait to check out Cassie's!

  2. Great list! Do you have a book lover's only post in the archives?

  3. I want every single beauty thing and the Anne print! Great list.


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