My Year in Music {2015}

I'd been considering writing about the best music I listened to in 2015, but an email from Spotify about my year in music sparked the idea for this post! You'll find general listening stats, my favorite albums by season and a playlist of the tracks I had on repeat all year. And since Cassie convinced me to get Spotify Premium in the first place, I had to ask her to join in! We have different taste, so you'll find lots of recommended music in our posts. 

I tried Spotify Premium for a few months almost two years ago, but I stopped when I realized I wasn't really taking advantage of it. I didn't plan on signing up again, but I was wishing for it one day and purchased it on a whim. I figured I could always cancel after one month, but then I got addicted. So, here are my 2015 stats:

I wasn't surprised by my most played artist/album since I'm obsessed with both. One of my favorite memories from this year was when Alexa FaceTimed me from Bay's concert! But I was shocked by the number of minutes listened to - the equivalent to 12 days. And that doesn't include audiobooks or music somewhere else!

Evergreen by Broods - I have to thank Jamie's post for introducing me to this duo! This was the first album I listened to in 2015, and I had it on repeat in January. I've been listening to it recently because it feels like winter.

Just Kids by Mat Kearney - My brother used to listen to Mat Kearney all the time, and I was able to see him in concert with my family years ago. But this is definitely my favorite of his albums! I loved the more pop-y sound.

Brutal Romantics by Brooke Fraser - I started listening to Brooke Fraser's album in December 2014, but my obsession carried into 2015. This was a new sound for Brooke (who I've loved since high school), but I liked it!

Queen of the Clouds by Tove Lo - This album didn't come out in 2015, so I'm not sure why I suddenly started listening to it this spring. But I loved transitioning to warmer weather with more upbeat music!

The Firewatcher's Daughter by Brandi Carlile - I couldn't wait for Carlile's album to come out, and I was not disappointed when it did! I love her folksy vibe, and it was fun to listen to this with my windows rolled down.

Chaos and the Calm by James Bay - And now we come to my most-played album in 2015! I cannot get enough of James Bay and still find myself in the mood to listen to this one all the time. It's just so good!

Venus by Joy Williams - While I'll always miss The Civil Wars, I was so excited about the release of Williams' solo album. The songs seem so honest and real, and the album snuck up on me as one of my 2015 favorites.

Breathe In. Breathe Out. by Hilary Duff - I was a huge fan of Hilary Duff in high school, and I had major nostalgia when this album came out. I loved the sound, and it was the perfect soundtrack for my summer.

Badlands by Halsey - I started to listening to Halsey's singles months before her album came out, and they left me so excited for more from her. Thankfully, Badlands lived up to all my expectations - and then some!

Revival by Selena Gomez - I was never very fond of Selena Gomez, but I can't say that anymore! I was absolutely addicted to Revival, and I can't even choose a favorite song. This girl is definitely all grown up!

Delirium by Ellie Goulding - This album is still growing on me, but I've definitely been listening to it nonstop since it came out. I can't quite put my finger on what feels different about it, but I've still found some favorite tracks.

25 by Adele - The Adele hype got to me, and I couldn't stop myself from buying the Deluxe edition of 25 when I saw it at Target! She has such an incredible voice, and I totally get why everyone freaks out over her. 

What was your favorite album in 2015?
Were there any songs that defined your year?


  1. Hey Hannah!

    I've been seeing everyone's "year in books" going around (which is super fun) but I love your idea of doing a "year in music" post! Brandi Carlile and Joy Williams are some of my favorites, too! Although I will never recover from the breakup of The Civil Wars. NEVER!

  2. I love, love, LOVE that James Bay is your top artist you've listened to this year, and that Chaos and the Calm is the top album. (He's also top on My Year in Music! He totally deserves it. And I'm happy I was able to FaceTime you during his show!) I like that your music per season has a little more variety. I just had a lot of James in mine ;)


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