So Obsessed With: The Baby Edition #2

I posted the first half of my 50 favorite baby items yesterday, and the fun continues today! It was overwhelming trying to pick stuff for our baby registry, especially because I wasn't sure whether items were a need, nice to have or not worth it. I'm focusing on the first two in my list of favorites - things we needed and/or have enjoyed. If it's not worth it, I didn't even mention it. The list is generic but links to my specific recommendations.

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26. Burp Cloths - I asked a friend who already had kids for her feedback on my registry, and I'll never forget one of the first things she said: "You're going to want more burp cloths." She wasn't kidding! These Weegoamigo Muslin Minis ($35) are my favorite - and the Green Sprouts Burp Cloths ($25) when I can find them on sale.

27. Bottle Warmer - This seemed like a "not worth it" when I created my registry, but I was wrong! If you formula feed, you could skip this product. But we love our Kiinde Kozii Warmer ($70) because it works with all bottles and follows CDC and USDA guidelines to safely thaw and warm breast milk. I definitely recommend it!

28. Drying Rack - Before I was pregnant, I'd spotted the Boon Lawn Drying Rack ($25) at Target and thought it seemed cute. The accessories are so fun, too! It's nice to have one of these for all the random bottle and breast pump parts that need to dry... and there are more than you'd think.

29. Dishwasher Basket - All of those bottle and pump parts have to get clean. If you're sticking them in the dishwasher, you'll probably want this item. We have this Born Free Dishwasher Basket ($8), and it fits nicely in the top rack. You'll probably want a bottle brush ($7), too, for hand washing. And you might want a sterilizer ($12).

And don't forget: You're definitely going to need bottles if you're using formula, but you'll want them on hand even if you're breastfeeding. My biggest tip? Don't buy a bunch of a particular kind until you've tried them with your baby. Some babies are picky! This is one thing that I think is hard to figure out ahead of time.

30. Diaper Changing Station - I registered for this Skip Hop Diaper Changing Station ($30) randomly, but it's one of our most-used baby products. We bought a second one - that's how much we love it! We keep one in the diaper bag and the other downstairs so we don't have to go to the nursery for every diaper change.

31. Baby Carrier - This is one of the items on my list that could be a need, a nice to have or a not worth it depending on who you ask. For me, it's not quite a need but I'd highly recommend getting one. My friends recommended the Ergobaby Carrier ($140), and I'm so glad they did. We use ours a ton, and our boy loves it!

32. Backseat Mirror - At a car seat safety class, a police officer told us that backseat mirrors could potentially be dangerous in a car crash. I listened to everything he said... but I still went out and bought this Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror ($25). I don't like driving and being unable to see what my baby is doing!

33. Car Seat & Stroller - Infant or convertible? Frame, full size, travel system, jogging...? You can spend a lot of time researching car seats and strollers! Lucie's List was a great resource to help me understand the different options initially. We ended up with the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System ($350) and are very happy with it.

And you might want: You may have noticed that I'm missing a baby staple: a pack 'n play! Our baby slept in his crib from the very beginning, so we haven't needed one at home. And we actually bought the Chicco Lullago Travel Crib ($100) to take to the beach, and it was perfect. It's sturdy, portable and a little cozier.  

34. Rocker and/or Swing - We were torn on registering for this item because I wasn't sure we'd really need it. And some of them take up a lot of room! We decided against a swing and settled on this Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock 'n Play ($90) based on the reviews. It was nice to have - though we didn't use it a ton.

35. Stuffed Animal - If I'm honest, this item is on the list because of my love for it. There were two stuffed animals I just had to buy when I found out I was pregnant: this Jellycat bunny ($25) and a knit blabla (the black and white puppy). I'm hoping that one of these will end up being our boy's favorite!

36. Animal Blankie - Now, this item is definitely one that our boy adores! My sister got him this Bunnies by the Bay Security Blanket ($30), and he loves snuggling up with it. The velour blanket with a silk edge feels so soft, and it's the perfect size. He'll snuggle it, chew on it, and reach for it when we hold it in front of him. So cute!

37. Pacifiers - There are so many pacifier options out there, and I know some babies are picky about them. This Wubbanub ($15), which is just an Avent Soothie ($4) with an animal on it, is the only kind we ever tried. Our baby loved it! We don't go anywhere without this paci - and he loves holding the giraffe, too.

39. Blankets - I don't know if this is true for everyone, but we got a lot of baby blankets as gifts. We received a few handmade ones, and those are my absolute favorite. But I always keep one of these Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddles ($35) in our diaper bag because you never know when you'll need a light blanket!

39. Exercise Ball - You're probably wondering why in the world an exercise ball ($17) made it onto my list... Let me explain! Our baby hated tummy time at first, so I searched online for ideas to tips to make it less miserable. A few places suggested incorporating an exercise ball, and it actually worked for us!

40. Activity Gym - This isn't a necessity, but we liked it! The Skip Hop Activity Gym ($75) was our choice, and we were pleased with it. The variety of sounds, textures and colors made it entertaining and engaging for our boy. I did feel like he outgrew it quickly (the toys hung too low), but we've found a variety of ways to use it.

41. Bouncer - And now we arrive at our baby's favorite thing: the Bright Starts Bouncer ($33). Once he figured out how to kick his legs, there was no going back. He was so happy sitting in this thing - bouncing away! We don't use it as much lately, but I'll still reach for it any time I need him to be contained for a bit.

42. Pillow - I almost put the Boppy Nursing Pillow ($40) in the Feed section because it's great for breastfeeding, but it worked here, too! Another tummy time article suggested using a pillow to help, which was great advice. It helped him learn to lift his head and develop his muscles. And now he's a tummy time pro!

43. Jumper - Now that our baby has great head control, we figured it was time to introduce a new toy! We got this Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo ($105), and it quickly replaced the bouncer as our baby's favorite activity. It only took him a day or so to figure out how to jump in it, and now he's so obsessed with it.

44. Interactive Book - While we love having books to read aloud to our baby, there's something to be said for an interactive book that he can play with a little more. This Jellycat Fishy Tails ($17) fabric book is soft and filled with fun colors and textures. Our boy loves grabbing all the different tails!

45. Links - One of my friends recommended getting these Bright Starts Links ($5), so I bought them. They seemed boring to me, but clearly I hadn't been around enough babies. If I could only get one toy on this list, it would probably be this one. Our boy adores these because he can hold them easily and stick them in his mouth. 

46. Teether - There are so many different kinds of teethers out there, and you probably can't go wrong no matter what you choose. But I love giraffes, so it was a given that I'd want Sophie La Girafe ($24). I just think it's so cute! She's easy to hold and has lots of parts to chew on (ears, horns, legs, etc.) so she's become a favorite.

47. Musical Instrument - We got this Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano ($16) to help with tummy time, and we pull it out every day. Whether he's kicking it with his feet or pushing the keys with his hands, our baby loves watching the lights and listening to the sound! He also likes this Bright Starts Safari Beats Musical Toy ($12).

48. Mirror - Getting a mirror was another tummy time suggestion, and it definitely worked for us. We got this Floor Mirror ($13), and it was exactly what we needed! I like that you can see a clear reflection in it. Our boy watches himself and smiles, and it's so cute. He likes reaching for the crinkly leaves and spinning ladybug, too.

49. Rattle - We have several different rattles, but this O'Ball Rattle ($7) seems to be the favorite. I think it's because it's the easiest for him to hold and shake on his own. As for his favorite rattle sound, we discovered that he instantly calms when we shake one of these Farm Animal Rattle Blocks ($34). Aren't babies weird?

50. Tags/Teether/Sound - I didn't really know what to call this type of toy, but it's basically anything that has a variety of things going on. This Bright Starts Snuggle and Teether ($8) makes a crinkly sound our baby seems to enjoy and has teether feet that he likes to chew. This one is great to keep in our diaper bag for a toy on the go.

Stay tuned for future updates 
on favorites as our baby gets older!

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  1. That dishwashing basket is ridiculously cute haha! I love the stroller and baby carrier too, they look cozy. I'm surprised there are no books on the list but I suppose he's still a bit too young hehe. Great post Hannah!


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