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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week they post a new topic and invite everyone to share their answers. I'm so obsessed with lists - so I obviously love this feature!

Three years ago, I used a freebie Top Ten Tuesday topic to talk about my TV show obsessions. So, you'll have to forgive me if you're a longtime reader of my blog because I'll probably repeat myself a little bit today. I tried to approach the topic from a different angle - and updated my list!

Top Ten Sixteen TV Series Superlatives:

1. The Show That Started My TV Obsession: Alias 
This show really started it all for me. I watched it after a friend recommended it to me in high school, and I was quickly addicted! From the episode cliffhangers to the season finales, I never wanted to turn off the TV. I love so many things about it, despite the moments it got a little rocky (Rambaldi). Here are more reasons to watch!

2. The Show I'm Still Not Tired Of: Grey's Anatomy
Yes, you read that correctly. I'm still tuning in to Grey's Anatomy every week, and I'm not even a little bit tired of it. Sure, there have been some rough seasons and awful storylines. It's not perfect, but it's pretty dang addicting. I just love these characters, and I'm so invested in their fictional lives at this point! 

3. The Show That Makes Me Feel ALL THE THINGS: Parenthood
I found this show after a few seasons had aired, binged it during a vacation from work, and fell in love with this family. I had to stop watching at one point until I knew how one storyline was resolved, but I was happy when I could finally spend time with the Bravermans again. I'm still sad there are no more episodes! 

4. The Show That I Want to Live In: Gilmore Girls
Yes, I'd like to move to Stars Hollow. Wouldn't you? My friend fell in love with this show in middle school, but I wasn't interested at the time. Thankfully, I recognized its brilliance before too long and have been a huge fan of the show ever since. It's practically perfect in every way. And now I'm eagerly awaiting the Netflix revival!

5. The Show That I Watched Years Later: Friends
I started watching reruns of this show when I was in college, and I realized that I hated seeing everything out of order. So, I got on eBay, bought all ten seasons and spent a summer falling in love with this phenomenon. And now it's a show I return to again and again - whether it's flipping through channels or popping in a DVD.

6. The Show I Can't Stop Recommending: Jane the Virgin
I'm serious! I can't stop telling people to watch this show. It's smart, it's hilarious, it's heartfelt, it's dramatic... it's everything I could want in a TV show and more! The premise sounded weird to me, but it ended up exceeding all of my expectations. I love the insanity and can't wait for the third season to start!

7. The Show That Makes Me Wish I Could Time Travel: Downton Abbey
I almost listed this as "The Show That Killed Off My Favorite Character," but I decided to go with something a little happier. I remember tuning in to PBS for the first episode and turning the TV off about thirty minutes in... What an idiot! The hype got to me after a while, and I finally realized why everyone is so crazy about this show.

8. The Show That Makes Me Love Football: Friday Night Lights
Growing up in the South, you're expected to love football. And if you attend an SEC school? Well, don't even get me started. But I've never loved the sport, so I shied away from this show for a long time because I thought I wouldn't like it. I WAS WRONG. It's got so much depth to it! Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. *sigh*

9. The Show That's Almost Too Cheesy (And Yet...): Hart of Dixie
Speaking of the South, then there's this show. Y'all, it gets so cheesy at times, and yet I still have a soft spot for it in my heart. It's cute and silly - basically, it's the show that I turn on when I want to feel good. I may roll my eyes at it every now and then (and say bless your heart), but who cares. It makes me happy!

10. The Show That I Just Can't Quit: The Vampire Diaries
I got addicted to this show a few years ago, which I think has given me more patience for some of what's happened in recent seasons. It's absolutely insane (and almost never makes complete sense), but I enjoy it all the same. That being said, I wasn't sad to hear this year will be the end. I think it's time.

11. The Show Twitter Convinced Me to Watch: Veronica Mars
A big thank you to all the book bloggers on Twitter who convinced me to watch this show a few years ago! I described it in my previous TV post as a modern Nancy Drew (but darker, smarter, and funnier). I almost called this one "The Show That Ended Too Soon" - but thankfully the movie helped wrap up loose ends!

12. The Show That Reminds Me of College: Felicity
Before you start estimating my age, let me tell you that this show was over long before I went to college. But I didn't watch until I was in college, so it will forever be associated with that time in my life. Felicity is crazy, and I couldn't always relate to what she was going through - but it makes me feel so nostalgic to watch it now.

13. The Show That I Had to Watch Every Week: Gossip Girl
I struggled with how I wanted to categorize this show! It's over the top and completely unbelievable, but it's also one of the first shows I can remember making sure I watched every week. Through all the ups and downs, I was a loyal fan. I loved the fashion, got caught up in the drama, and was sad when it was over.

14. The Show I'm Dying for More Of: Poldark 
As soon as I saw a preview for this show, I knew it was right up my alley. I've been watching from the first episode, and I'm so obsessed with it! But I almost wish I'd found it after it was a few years old because I hate waiting for more episodes. It feels like it's taking forever! Guess I'll have to rewatch the first season until then...

15. The Show I HAVE to Catch Up On: The Mindy Project
The first time I tried watching this show, I didn't like it. Well, I didn't like the first ten minutes so I just turned it off. I can't remember what convinced me to give it another try (maybe reading Mindy Kaling's book?), but from then on I was hooked. After it moved to Hulu, I fell way behind, but I'm planning on catching up... one day.

16. The Show That Makes Me Wish I Had Starz: Outlander
I can't tell you how many times I've considered paying for Starz so that I can watch this show every week. But alas, I just can't justify the cost so I have to wait for it to be released on DVD. But that's probably for the best since I've been known to skip over a few things in this show. I can't wait to get my hands on season two!

The Shows I Almost Included (But This Post Was Already Too Long):

And The Show I'm Most Looking Forward to This Fall:

Are you a fan of any of these shows?
And are there any shows you think I ought to watch?


  1. I LOVED the first two seasons of Alias...and then the third one kind of lost me. Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights are two favorites of mine too!

  2. Wow, a lot of these shows are shows that I love too. I think the only show that I haven't watched is Poldark. I'm thinking I need to change that.

  3. I want to watch Outlander so badly but I also don't have Starz. I guess this will give me time to read the first book I suppose. Also I am about to start Veronica Mars, so fingers crossed that I love it!

  4. So many of these shows are on my list of shows to check out at some point! I'm actually not much of a weekly TV show viewer. I generally prefer binging shows, so I usually wait until their season or their run is over and then just power through all of the episodes! The only show on your list that I've watched in its entirety is Friends - and I adore it <3

  5. I can't wait for This Is Us! I feel like it looks right up my alley. So many great actors/actresses in it too. Great list :)

  6. If you get to live in Gilmore Girls, so do I. Adore that show and the setting :)
    I loved Felicity so much! And yes, I wish I had Starz to watch Outlander too.


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