Bestie Beatriz Binge // Quotes & Insta-moments

Kelly and I spent a few weeks reading through all of Beatriz Williams' books, and it was honestly one of the best reading experiences of my life. I loved the books, just as I'd expected. But even more than that - I loved reading them with my friend! We texted constantly while reading (with no spoilers, of course!) and then had lengthy phone conversations after we finished each one to chat about our reactions to all the twists and turns. We wanted to celebrate the power of books to bring friends together, and so Bestie Beatriz Binge was born. Today, we're sharing pretty bookish photos and favorite quotes:

Check back tomorrow for one last post celebrating Beatriz Williams,
and don't forget to look at Kelly's gorgeous photos!


  1. Quotes from books I haven't read dint always resonate with me -- but these are great! Love the pics :)

  2. These quotes are K I L L I N G me. As in, making me want to get all of these books, add them to my TBR and read them. I actually quite love the quote from Overseas a lot!


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