My Year in Movies & TV {2017}

Although I've been slacking off as a blogger lately, I've been eagerly anticipating the month of December because recap posts are my favorite (to read and to write!). Whether it's personal reflections or newfound obsessions, I love looking back at the past year. For the next few days, I'm highlighting what I loved in 2017. Today, it's movies & TV! (2016 Favorites)

Of the many movies I watched this year, these were the five standouts:

Dunkirk - I saw this in theaters with my dad, and it was the perfect father-daughter movie date. We both loved the movie! The pace was slow, but the multiple timelines and different viewpoints were outstanding.

Hidden Figures - This was another movie that I saw with my dad! I thought it was so inspiring, perfectly cast and left the theater wishing I'd heard of these women before. I'm glad their story is finally being told!

Lady Bird - I recently saw this by myself after it was recommended on The Popcast. It's not the type of movie I'd typically watch, but it was my favorite of the year! It was quirky, vulnerable and just so well done. 

The Light Between Oceans - I watched this on my birthday, which was a mistake because I ended up crying my eyes out. But that's just because I was so invested in the characters and found the story so heart-wrenching!

A United Kingdom - While it doesn't compare to Amma Asante's Belle, I did love that her newest movie was also based on a true story. It was wonderfully cast, beautifully shot, and I found the story engrossing!


When I was looking at what I watched in 2017, I was surprised by how many shows I binged. Here are five standouts:

The Americans - Nick and I started this in March and finished the first four seasons in a few weeks. It was so addicting! I love Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys + the secret spy business, political drama and emotional tension.

Anne with an E - I debated including this show because I definitely had some issues with it as an Anne adaptation, but I loved it as a costume drama (and mentally separated from the source material). I look forward to season 2!

Girlboss - I'm so bummed this wasn't renewed for another season! The heroine was often so unlikeable, but I was still rooting for her and invested in her story. How? I have no idea, but I'll give credit to Britt Robertson.

Parks and Recreation - Honestly, how had I never watched this show before? I watched the entire series during the month of August, and it was such an excellent life choice. Definitely my favorite TV binge of the year!

Younger - I'd been meaning to watch this since it came out because I love Hilary Duff, but I finally caught up this year and fell in love! It's so unrealistic, yes, but I don't even care. Watching it makes me happy!

{P.S. Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King was a stand-up special on Netflix that I adored. Definitely check it out!}

And finally, here are five old favorites that I made time for this year:

Grey's Anatomy - Listen, I still love this show! I have no shame in the fact that I look forward to tuning in every Thursday night. It's been really strong lately, and I can't wait to see where it goes next.

Jane the Virgin - I'm a few episodes behind on the current season, but it had to be included because this show makes me happier than anything else I watch. It's so smart and underrated! Let me convince you to tune in.

The Mindy Project - I'm bummed that the last two seasons were this show's weakest because I would have loved to end on a stronger note. But I did enjoy the final episode and the bittersweet goodbye to these characters!

This is Us - Y'all, I still love this show just as much as I did last year. I feel so emotionally manipulated every episode, but in the very best way... and I always come back for more! (Randall and Beth are the best, obviously.)

The Vampire Diaries - Although I was ready to say goodbye to this show, I was really happy with the last season! I loved the finale, in particular, and it made me remember why I've loved watching TVD for so many years.

{P.S. I wanted to mention Outlander and Poldark, but I haven't actually watched the new seasons yet. 2018 goals?}

What was your favorite movie of 2017?
Did you binge any new (or old!) TV shows? 


  1. Recap posts are the best!! I love December for that and all the holiday posts :) I loved Hidden Figures so much- I was thinking about watching it again recently. Really wanted to see A United Kingdom but didn't get the chance. I can't believe you hadn't watched Parks & Rec before!! Isn't it the best! So much heart and so much humor. I fell behind with TVD back in season 4 I think but I heard the last season was good like you said and it makes me want to catch up or at least watch the finale- I loved that show so much! I'm behind on Outlander tooooo, whoops.

  2. I saw Hidden Figures with my best friend in the cinema and it is probably one of my favourite movies from this year. I also watched Parks and Rec for the first time this summer! It's adorable and fun and makes me smile so much. Jane the Virgin is also a fave. I'm only half way through season 3 but I'm avoiding continuing for the moment because I was spoiled for something quite big. And I'm not ready for feeling the sad!
    Great post :D


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