My Year in Obsessions {2017}

Although I've been slacking off as a blogger lately, I've been eagerly anticipating the month of December because recap posts are my favorite (to read and to write!). Whether it's personal reflections or newfound obsessions, I love looking back at the past year. For the next few days, I'm highlighting what I loved in 2017. Today, it's obsessions! I haven't done this topic in the past, but I had to add it so I could talk about more of my favorite new finds.

1. Madewell The Post Wallet ($78) in Dark Cabernet - I recently decided I wanted a slimmer wallet. I purchased this one after browsing around and have fallen in love! The color is gorgeous, and it's lightweight but still durable.

2. Banana Republic Satya Sunglasses ($98) in Light Pink - After seeing someone wearing these, I couldn't resist buying them for myself. I haven't used any other sunglasses since! The frames make me feel like Audrey Hepburn.

3. Kate Spade "Rise and Shine" Stud Earrings ($38) in Clear - Cassie got me these earrings for Christmas last year, and they've become my go to. I prefer studs for my everyday look, and these stand out without being flashy.

4. Helen Ficalora Charm Necklace - While in NYC, I made sure I stopped at Helen Ficalora. I've wanted one of these necklaces for years, and it was such a treat to get one (not the charms pictured). I wear it everyday and am obsessed!

5. Madewell High-Rise Skinny Jeans ($128+) - High-waisted jeans are a gamechanger! Honestly, I'll never go back to low rise. Madewell are my fave - cute washes, great fit, perfect details and come in longer lengths.

6. Merona Magnolia Quarter Strap Sandals ($20) in Cognac - I grabbed these at Target one day and never expected them to become a new favorite. They're so comfortable - and so affordable! I should have purchased more.

7. Frye Harness 12R Leather Boot ($328) in Tan - For years, I wore a pair of Frye lookalike boots that were super inexpensive. Well, I got the real thing for Christmas last year and they're perfect. I want to live in these boots!

8. Madewell The Canvas Transport Tote ($58) in British Surplus - This canvas tote is so classic, and I have gotten so much use out of it this year! And I just got this tote for Christmas, so you'll probably see it in next year's recap. 

9. O-Venture Keyring ($55) in Rose Gold - I saw this in a little boutique one day and splurged on it. Y'all, I adore it! The big leather O can fit over your wrist or elbow so that you can carry your keys (and even a small wallet) handsfree.

10. Happy Planner & Accessories - By far, this is my BIGGEST obsession of 2017. I need to write a post about it, but I've fallen in love with my Happy Planner and the various accessories. Yay for organization and cuteness! 

11. Book Darts ($9) - A gift guide last year introduced me these, and I can't get enough of them. When I'm reading, I never want to take the time to pause and write down quotes that I love. These let me mark specific lines to save later!

12. Sudio Vasa Bla Wireless Earbuds ($79) in Rose Gold White - I just got these for Christmas, so it's probably a little early to include them. But I can't wait because I've already used them a ton and adore them! Cute and practical.

13. Coffee & Jesus Travel Mug ($6) - The reviews online aren't great, but I haven't had any issues with this travel mug. I've been using it all year and love it! And it's perfect for those Sundays when it's a struggle to get to church.

14. Hoopla Digital App - I joined a new library this year and found out that I could get access to this digital media service through it. It's seriously amazing! The selection is great, and I love being able to borrow so many audiobooks.

15. Amazon Fire TV Stick ($40) - My husband travels for work, so we originally bought this for him to access our streaming accounts no matter where he's staying. But we loved it so much that we bought one for home, too!

16. Plan to Eat ($39/year) - Cassie convinced me to try this meal-planning app, and I am so thankful for it! I used to hate meal planning + making my grocery list, but I actually look forward to it now. Thanks, technology!

17. The Mindy Project Pencils ($18) - This was a random Etsy find that I couldn't resist! I don't use them a ton because I'm more of a pen person, but these look so cute on my desk that they totally earned their spot on this list.

18. ACOMAF Carry-All Pouch ($16) - Alexa gave me this pouch for Christmas last year, and I've used it so much. Whether I'm using it for my various chargers or my favorite makeup, it makes me smile every time I see it in my purse. 

19. Rewined Candles ($28) - I've never been a huge candle person, but things changed this year. I've been gifted some adorable fandom ones (Rhysand! Peeta!), but these are my favorite fancy ones. The Chardonnay scent is AMAZING.

20. She Reads Truth Bible ($35) in Gray Linen - I've been a fan of She Reads Truth for years, so I was excited when I found out they were releasing a beautiful, thoughtfully designed Bible. I love the intention behind it!

What have you been so obsessed with this year?
Anything on my list that you love or want to try, too?


  1. AH I love so many of these recommendations and just opened way too many tabs to check them out haha

  2. I really like the look of that tote bag! And I hadn't heard of the website She Reads Truth, bookmarking it to go look at more later! Happy New Year! :)


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