Quick Lit: January 2018

I read 6 books in January, which is on the low end for me. I started the year strong with a few enjoyable books, but things got even better when I binged a 1,865-page trilogy in six days. I was on such a high when I finished that I didn't pick up anything else for the next week! I'll be reviewing the Rose trilogy later this month, so I've just got 3 reviews for you today. If you're looking for more book recommendations, check out the Quick Lit linkup at Modern Mrs. Darcy.

In January, I got all caught up and finally posted my November and December editions of Quick Lit! I'd fallen behind after reading a ton at the end of the year, so I ended up splitting both posts into two parts to cut down on the length. November 2017 (Part 1) has reviews for three series I binged, and November 2017 (Part 2) features eight standalones. Then, I reviewed six standalones in December 2017 (Part 1) and two series in December 2017 (Part 2). Finally, I talked about my 2017 favorites (and losers) in my 2017 End of the Year Book Survey.

NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT BY KRISTAN HIGGINS* | This was such a great book to kick off the year because it dealt with a heroine facing an uncertain future. It had everything I’ve come to love from this author: a strong heroine, witty dialogue, an engaging romance and a setting that felt like a character in its own right (populated, of course, by some very memorable people). While the tone was hopeful, there are still some pretty heavy things depicted in the story. But I loved the overall message that you never know what life will hold but can choose how you’ll respond to it. It focused on Nora’s emotional journey and personal growth – with just enough romance added in to warm my heart. I So Liked It.

RULES OF CIVILITY BY AMOR TOWLES | I received this book for Christmas... in 2011. Yes, that's right. It's been sitting on my bookshelves unread for six years. It's ridiculous, I know! I decided it was finally time to pick this up, and I immediately loved the writing. Towles has a unique voice, and there were numerous passages I wanted to slowly savor while I was reading. It's a character-driven story, which I typically love, but I was just never invested in the heroine or her relationships. It took me almost a week to finish the 335 pages because I never felt compelled to pick it up. I'd still say I So Liked It because the tone, setting and writing style balanced out my other issues. I wish I'd loved it!

IMPOSSIBLE SAINTS BY CLARISSA HARWOOD | My sweet friend Laura is Clarissa's agent, and she was kind enough to send me a copy when I mentioned that it sounded like a fantastic read based on her Goodreads review. As a lover of historical fiction, I was intrigued by the focus on the British suffragette movement because I felt like I knew very little about it (aside from this movie). I'm so impressed by what these women went through in order to secure the right to vote. This heroine is a force to be reckoned with! There's a compelling romance in this book, too, and Laura was spot-on with her reference to Grantchester. This book was a gem, and I So Enjoyed It

* I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration. This did not affect my opinion of the book or my review.

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I 100% agree with your assessment of The Rules of Civility. I've been hesitant to read Towles's next book even though it has gotten very good reviews because of my experience with The Rules of Civility.

    1. I'm so glad you agree! I'm having the same dilemma with Towle's newest book. I'm curious about it based on what I've heard about it, but I'm hesitant, too.

  2. I like the cover for Now That You Mention It! And the premise sounds really appealing as well. It's always interesting to bear witness to a character's personal growth journey, at least it is to me!


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