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Today, I'm in my favorite place, the United Kingdom, with my favorite adventurer, Kelly from Belle of the Literati. This trip started as a dream that I honestly didn't think would come true, so I'm totally pinching myself. Happy birthday to us! I'm so thankful that my husband and family are making it possible for this mama to pop across the pond.

In between booking trains and researching hotels, Kelly and I decided to commemorate on our adventure on our blogs with UK Recs Fit for a Queen. Throughout the week, we'll be recommending our favorite books, movies and shows set in the UK before chatting about our love for the place itself. So, it's time to talk about movies & TV shows:

If you're looking for a longing glances in ballrooms, rainstorms, mansions and fields,
watch the Pride and Prejudice.

If you're looking for a historically inaccurate but super swoony ill-fated romance,
watch Becoming Jane.

If you're looking for hate-to-love set amidst the backdrop of industrial England, 

If you're looking for an exploration of race and slavery in Georgian England,
watch Belle.

If you're looking for an introduction to one of the most significant queens in history,

If you're looking for a handsome village vicar who sleuths on the side, 
watch Grantchester.

If you're looking for a brilliant detective solving crimes in a way that will blow your mind,
watch Sherlock.

If you're looking for a Jane Austen obsession that's taken a little too far,
watch Austenland.

If you're looking for a world where the dream that Colin Firth is your father comes true,

If you're looking for something that will inspire you, make you laugh and rip your heart out,

What are your favorite movies or TV shows set in the UK?
Make sure you check out Kelly's recs, too!


  1. How wonderful! I hope you guys have a fantastic trip.

    I *need* to watch Grantchester. I've heard about it for so long but need to take the plunge.

    I love Downton Abbey, The Crown, Victoria, the old Miss Marple films, Bridget Jones, the BBC Pride and Prejudice...the list goes on and on.

  2. Becoming Jane is still one of my favorite movies! As is What a Girl Wants, which I will always have a soft spot for <3


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