'You're My Person' // A Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Ever since our Capsule Library event, I'd been hoping for another chance to collaborate on something with Kelly from Belle of the Literati, Alexa from Alexa Love Books and Rachel from Hello, Chelly. Then, a few weeks ago, Rachel approached us with the fantastic idea for this post: a series of gift guides inspired by our favorite fictional friendships. We all loved the idea! Go explore each of their blogs to see who they chose. 

I'd initially planned to focus on a literary one, but then I realized that I had to choose a hate-to-love friendship for the ages: Paris Geller and Rory Gilmore! This classic duo from Gilmore Girls prove that even the bitterest of rivals can make the best of friends. They went from frenemies to roommates to BFFs, and I was there for every minute of it. Today, I've got 10 unforgettable quotes from the show that inspired each of my gift guide selections.

from gilmore girls

PARIS: "We're friends?"
RORY: "I'm not sure if there is an exact definition for what we are..."

1. Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World by Ella Frances Sanders ($13) - Paris and Rory meet at Chilton, an academically rigorous prep school. Paris has always been at the top of her class there, and Rory's arrival in the first season threatens her position. Paris and Rory are both smart, driven, capable women, and they frequently challenge each other to accomplish more. So, what better gift for two nerds who can't define their relationship than a dictionary of untranslatable words? 

PARIS: "Sorry if you thought we had a deep Thelma-and-Louise thing, but we didn't."

2. Thelma and Louise Blu-Ray ($9) - Just when Rory thinks she's finally getting somewhere with Paris, Paris puts her in her place. They have a rocky relationship early on because they're academic rivals, but they both develop a begrudging respect for one another the more they spend time together. But with Paris, it's always two steps forward and three steps back. She isn't ready to take this show on the road quite yet...

RORY: "Oh my god! I'm gonna have to quit drinking coffee! And I love coffee! I really love coffee!"

3. Deluxe Thermal Travel Coffee Mug ($18) - I think this is the only quote on the list that doesn't involve Paris or Rory talking to each other, but I had to include it. Because if there's one thing Rory is known for, aside from making Terrible Life Choices and Not Reaching Her Potential, it's her love of coffee. And I think that after one day as her friend, let alone years, Paris would know this mug would make a perfect gift.

PARIS: "So, that's how you look when you've just woken up?"
RORY: "Yeah."
PARIS: "Nothing in my life is fair."

4. J.Crew Vintage Pajamas ($95) - Oh, secret societies! When Paris and Rory are kidnapped by the Puffs for a hazing of sorts, Paris can't help but notice that Rory looks practically perfect, even in the middle of the night. I can't gift Rory's natural beauty, but a cute pajama set is a step in the right direction! Rory would probably want a pair with coffee cups or junk food pictured on them, but I think Paris would prefer a menswear-inspired set like this one.

PARIS: "I'm going to Yale."
RORY: "You're going to Yale." 
PARIS: "And we're suitemates."
RORY: "Of all the gin joints."

5. Hillflint Yale Letter Sweater ($89) - Rory always saw herself at Harvard, but things changed by graduation and she realized that she wanted to go to Yale instead! Paris ended up at Yale after she was rejected from Harvard (which led to an unforgettable meltdown on C-SPAN), and she made sure to request Rory as a roommate. She knew their journey wasn't finished yet! Neither strikes me as the Yale-sweater-wearing type, but I couldn't resist.

PARIS: "No men -- just lots and lots of Chinese food."

6. Joyce Chen 10-Piece Wok Set ($80) - After breaking up with their boyfriends, Rory and Paris turn to one another for support, commiseration and eating their feelings. But the best part? When Rory's ex shows up,  Paris tells him exactly how she feels about him. We all need a friend who will be there for us when we're sad, deny those losers at the door and share our love for life simple's pleasures, like Chinese food. Take out is easier, but owning a wok set feels very grown up.

LORELAI: "Take the tickets, go to your seats, have the night of a lifetime - Bangle it up."
PARIS: "You know what? I think this is the best night I've ever had."

7. Greatest Hits by The Bangles CD ($7) - About halfway through season one, Paris and Rory attend a Bangles concert with two Chilton classmates + Lorelei and Sookie. I loved the episode because it marked a turning point in their relationship. You could see the tiniest glimmer of a possible friendship! I like to imagine one of them gifting the other this CD as a throwback to that night and dancing it out, as Meredith and Cristina would do.

PARIS: "I already wrote his name in my revenge notebook."

8. People On My Sh*t List Notebook ($22) + Quietly Plotting Your Downfall Pencils ($4) - Paris Geller and her list of enemies is the stuff of legends. I love to imagine her going home each day and writing in her revenge notebook. And listen, I saw her in that awful Netflix revival. You can't tell me she doesn't still have one! This funny journal + a perfectly coordinated pencils would be the perfect gift for a woman who knows she's the smartest person in the room. 

PARIS: "Journalism is an art form, and the best art is created under repression, like Stalin's gulag."

9. The New York Times Digital Subscription ($8/month) - Who can forget Paris' brief reign of terror as the editor of the Yale Daily News or when Rory replaced her? I'm sure both would already have a New York Times subscription, particularly in today's world, but I've included a digital one on my gift guide just in case. Rory might wax poetic on the beauty of print, but she'd appreciate having the news at her fingertips. 

PARIS: "Typical guy response. Worship Kerouac and Bukowski, god forbid you pick up anything by Jane Austen."

10. Jane Austen Penguin Classics Box Set ($112) - I loved Jess Mariano when I watched the show in high school, but rewatching the show as an adult has made me realize just how much growing up he needs to do. I loved that Paris had his number from the beginning! If a man can't appreciate Jane Austen, he needs to take a seat. I'm sure both Paris and Rory already own their fair share of books by Austen, I think this gorgeous set would be perfect for either of them.

What is your favorite fictional friendship?
Happy Galentine's Day, y'all!


  1. I love Gilmore Girls! This is brilliant! ❤️

  2. This gift guide is perfection (and features so many things that I would absolutely use myself)! And I'm so glad we ended up collaborating on this event together <3


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