Quick Lit: February 2018

I read 12 books in February, and I'm reviewing six of those in today's post! If you're looking for more book recommendations, check out the Quick Lit linkup that's hosted by Modern Mrs. Darcy.

In February, I talked about my favorite reads from January -- the Rose Trilogy by Jennifer Donnelly. And once I got home from my trip to the UK, I reviewed the books I read abroad. That accounts for three of the February reads that aren't included in today's post. My full review of Still Me by Jojo Moyes is coming soon, and I'll review  Making Up by Lucy Parker and How to Walk Away by Katherine Center a little closer to their release dates. So, let's chat about the other six!

IF YOU ONLY KNEW BY JAMIE IVEY | Ivey is the creator and host of The Happy Hour Podcast, but I actually heard about this book on The Popcast. I didn't know anything about the author prior to reading this book, but I can't resist a good memoir! In If You Only Knew, Ivey tells every part of her story -- including the messy parts that fear and shame have always told her to hide. While I thought the writing left a lot to be desired, I absolutely loved Ivey's vulnerability and message. She brings every part of her story back to the gospel -- focusing on the freedom she's found in Christ and the way God has redeemed every part of her story. I So Enjoyed It because there is so much truth in these pages.

SURPRISE ME BY SOPHIE KINSELLA* | After loving Kinsella's My Not So Perfect Life, I couldn't wait to dive into her newest release! I'm not sure if my expectations were too high, but I ended up being a bit disappointed with Surprise Me. The premise didn't really appeal to me, but I expected Kinsella to infuse it with her trademark humor and relatable characters. Unfortunately, that wasn't really the case. The first half felt very long, and I eyerolled a lot at the over-the-top hijinks. The second half was better, and I loved the theme at the heart of the story, but the tone was much more serious. It was so disjointed -- like two books combined into one, unsuccessfully. I was So Okay With It.

PRETTY FACE BY LUCY PARKER | After I finished reading Act Like It, I couldn't wait to get home and buy the second book in the series! And y'all, that was an excellent life choice. I loved the first just a tiny bit more because it's one of my favorite tropes, but this book definitely solidified Parker as one of my new favorite authors. I'm obsessed with Parker's writing, snarky sense of humor, and slow-burn romances. Best of all, she proved once again that she can introduce just the right amount of drama and resolve it in a really satisfying way. I loved Luc and Lily, swooned over their romance and didn't mind the age difference one bit. Plus, the theater setting was just so fascinating! I So Loved It.

FAKING FRIENDS BY JANE FALLON | I picked this up when I spotted it on sale at a bookstore in Oxford, and I decided to purchase it because the part I sampled was so promising. I was immediately intrigued! When the heroine finds out that her fiancé is having an affair -- with her BFF! -- she decides to get revenge. And for the first half of the book, I was entertained! And then... things took a turn with the addition of a new POV. Y'all, I hated the second half on every level. I kept forgetting the heroine and her friend were 40 years old because they acted so juvenile. The friendship was toxic, the story was tedious and the character were completely unlikeable. I'm So Over It. Ugh!

ONE PLUS ONE BY JOJO MOYES | After my previous read was a dud, I decided to re-read an old favorite to cleanse my palate. Kelly chose One Plus One from my stack of options, and I was so glad she did! I  loved it so much the first time I read it, but I'd never revisited it. And that was four years ago! As soon as I started, I couldn't put it down. I adore these characters and was so emotionally invested in their journey. And who can resist a good road trip story?! I laughed out loud and cried a little, too. I'm not usually a fan of multiple narrators, but it's used to great effect here. The only thing I'd change? The fact that it ended! I wanted more time with these characters because I'm So Obsessed With It

HAPPINESS FOR HUMANS BY P.Z. REIZIN | I was drawn to this book every time Kelly and I saw it on our trip, but I just couldn't justify buying a hardcover that I knew nothing about. Then, Kelly found a copy for £3 at a tiny used bookstore and surprised me with it! This is a story about what happens when Artificial Intelligence becomes just a bit too smart... and possibly develops emotional intelligence, too. This romantic comedy was such a fun read! However, it made me sideeye all the technologial devices in my house. The writing was fun, made me laugh and didn't overwhelm me with the slight sci fi angle. I think it could have been shortened a bit, but I definitely So Enjoyed It. And I love this UK cover!

* I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration. This did not affect my opinion of the book or my review.

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I'm bummed to hear that you didn't like Surprise Me- I too had been really looking forward to it after loving My Not So Perfect Life but I haven't heard of anyone really enjoying it yet so now I keep putting off reading it!

  2. I TOTALLY agree about Surprise Me - I ended up really enjoying the second half, but the first half was not so good. Her humor picked up a little bit more after the halfway point but it felt like two books... which was so weird. Also... how illogical is it that the couple would REALLY be impacted THAT much by what the doctor told them!? I mean, what did you expect when you got married...?

  3. I recently finished Ruth Ware's In A Dark, Dark Wood and I was a bit disappointed. I figured out the killer pretty quickly, and the rest of it was just kind of "meh." I haven't loved anything I've read lately, so I picked up a couple Jude Devereaux books at the library that I've already read. Sometimes it helps me get my groove back by going back to favorites!

  4. Pretty Face was super enjoyable! I was so surprised by how much I loved that one, and now I'm itching to reread it.


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