UK Recap Fit for a Queen // Back at Home

Kelly and I recently returned from our trip to the United Kingdom, and it was an amazing experience! The week went by so quickly -- and the time with Kelly just made me love her more. If you followed along on our blogs while we were gone, you may remember that we did a three-day blog event that we called UK Recs Fit for a Queen. We recommended books and movies/TV shows set in the UK, and we chatted about some of our favorite places there, too.

Now that we're home, we thought it would be fun to recap our trip with a three-day UK Recap Fit for a Queen. Yep, we basically just tweaked the name from the first event. On Monday we reviewed the books we read abroad and on Wednesday we recapped our trip. I'm really excited about today's post because we're talking about what we're up to now that we're back at home. But rather than just share a boring update, we're using the format from one of my FAVORITE features on Kelly's blog: Mug Life. In this feature, she shares a photo of a mug + a book and then uses a fun acrostic to chat about what she's been up to lately. I'm so excited to participate in it! So, here goes:

• • •

My Current Read // Still Me by Jojo Moyes, the third (and last) book about Louisa Clark. While we were abroad, Kelly was reading it — and I swore that I was going to pretend it didn’t exist. I loved Me Before You and hated After You, so I had no desire to read this one. But watching Kelly cry in Waterstones and listening to her persuasive argument in favor of it made me curious enough to order a copy as soon as I got home. I'm scheduling this post, so I've technically finished it already... and y'all, I LOVED IT. My full review is coming soon because I've got a lot to discuss.

Underneath the Mug // I intended to buy a mug commemorating Harry & Meghan's upcoming wedding, but then I totally forgot about it. Struggle! When I realized I still had a little cash left in my wallet + some time to waste before my flight, I wandered the airport shops and found this adorable London mug by Kate Mawdsley for Dunoon. I'm obsessed!

Get Nailed // I painted my nails with this post in mind, and then I didn't take a photo where you can see my polish. Oops! I'm wearing Butter London's Sea Shell, which was part of an adorable set that Kelly gave me for Christmas. It's hard for me to describe -- it looks like a pale mauve or a pale rose gold depending on the light. Regardless, it looks great on. 

• • •

Look Book // Prior to my trip,  I discovered the Wit & Delight line at Target and fell in love! I bought the backpack and travel wallet -- both were perfect. It's hard to tell online but they're both cream and navy with gold accents. YES, PLEASE. I treated myself to a Columbia fleece jacket, too, and love it. It's already warming up in the south, but I'll wear it a lot next winter. And finally, I bought these adorable (and functional) Barts wool mittens in Scotland. So cute!

Inspired By // My travel journal from our trip! I had so much fun working on it before we left -- writing down to dos and reminders, our itinerary, packing lists, etc. While we were there, I collected tickets, brochures + other fun little mementos, took lots of photos and recording everything we did so that I'd have lots to fill it with once I was home. And now I'm almost done documenting everything in my journal. It's a creative outlet that I'll cherish forever!

Frame-Worthy Moment // We already shared favorite photos from our trip, but I'm probably going to frame the one below! My other favorite frame-worthy moment wasn't captured on camera: the look on my son's face when he saw me for the first time once I was home. Such a happy reunion after a week apart! And few days after got back, I chopped 8+ inches off my hair. I wouldn't actually frame this photo, but I had to take a selfie to celebrate the change! 

Explore // My travel calendar is clear for the moment, but I've started talking with Nick about our summer vacation plans (possibly the beach?). Kelly is pushing for a fall trip with her, but we'll see what happens. Cassie actually arrives in Atlanta today for a long weekend visit. I'm thrilled! We chat almost every day but have only spent one day together in person, so this is long overdue. I can't wait to show her around my hometown!

What books did I push Kelly to read back at home? 
Check out her Mug Life post!


  1. Hi! (From the UK actually - super glad you loved your trip!) I LOVE this post, and also this feature!! WOuld you mind if I stole it, I'd link back to you and Kelly obviously :) xx

    1. Hi! I'm so glad you love this post & this feature! It's actually entirely Kelly's -- I just joined in for this post since it worked so perfectly for our recap. So, you'd have to ask Kelly that question, but she might just want it to be exclusive to her blog. My participation was just a one-time thing!

  2. I love your haircut! I’m due for a good chip soon myself :)

  3. I love making travel journals or just journaling in my regular one about my trips. It's such a lovely way to remember the trip, whether it comes to what you did, ate, saw or what you felt, funny anecdotes and more.


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