So Obsessed With: The Baby Edition #5

I've done a few of these baby favorites posts (#1, #2, #3 and #4) and realized that I was long overdue for a new one! It's been about nine months since my last one, and my son is now about to turn two. Today's post has a little bit of everything today – except books because those are coming separately. So, here's the baby stuff we've been loving lately:

1. Oxo Tot Perch Booster Seat ($40) – We do still love the high chair I mentioned in a previous post, but this booster seat is my son's new favorite! He thinks he's such a big boy in it, and I love that zero fabric means it's easier to clean.

2. DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player ($60) – This is definitely not an everyday item, but it's nice to have for long drives in the car. We'll be headed to the beach this summer, and this will come in handy for the road trip.

3. AmazonBasics Bluetooth Wireless Speaker ($13) + Spotify –  I know there are lots of speakers with better sound quality, but this is great for the price. We love it for family dance parties! And, of course, Spotify provides the tunes.

4. OXO Tot Training Utensils ($7) – We've haven't tested out any other spoons/forks, so I can't speak to whether or not these are way better. But my son seems to have found them easy to use, so that's the only proof I need.

5. FridaBaby SmileFrida Toothbrush ($10) – We love this toothbrush but eventually had to toss ours because my son loves gnawing on his toothbrush. We've moved to cheaper ones for now since he destroys them, but I like this one best.

6. Crane Elephant Ultrasonic Humidifier ($50) – I honestly have no idea if humidifiers really work, but our pediatrician has recommended we use one whenever our son has a cold. So, I figured I'd included the one we've got!

7. Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket ($22) – We bought these sleep sacks to try to prevent our son from climbing out of his crib, but we also really like how they keep him warm on cooler nights. If only he hadn't figured out how to unzip them...

8. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib ($200) – We bought a pack and play after our son was first born, but barely ended up using it. We realized we needed a portable crib that was light (13lbs!) and compact, and this has exceeded our expectations.

Okay, this section is a little different than the others because I'm not linking to specific items (aside from shoes). I mostly just wanted to mention a few places I love to shop and what I tend to get from each one.

9. Baby GAP: Pants, Shorts and Pajama Sets – This is one of my favorite places for things a) he doesn't outgrow as quickly and b) I expect to stay a little nicer (church clothes). Plus, I only shop here when they're having a sale. 

10. Carter's: Footie PajamasI don't love their boy's clothes (whyyyyy is the girl section so much better?!) but always stock up on footie pajamas. Our son loves taking off socks + kicking off his blanket at night, so these are a winner.

11. Salt Water Sandal by Hoyt Shoes - Surfer ($38) – I knew I wanted to buy these shoes before I ever had a baby. Haha! This is our third or fourth pair because we just buy new ones as soon as he outgrows them. LOVE.

12. Honey Bee Tees: Timeless TeesY'all, I wish I could afford to buy all the Honey Bee Tees! I love the simple, classic hand-drawn designs. I struggle to choose just a few favorites each season because they're all so cute.

13. Hanna Andersson: Swimwear – I love so many things here. It's too pricey for me in general, but I always keep an eye out for swimwear sales. Their pajamas are a fave, too, because they have the cutest prints.

14. Saucony Jazz Lite Sneakers ($35) – A lot of toddler sneakers are super colorful or have characters on them, and I prefer more simple/basic. I searched around and found these, and we love the velcro closure!

15. Cat & Jack at Target: Basic Shirts & SocksI'm sure it's no surprise that I love the Cat & Jack line at Target. This is my favorite place to get basics, especially ones that are likely to get dirty and/or worn a lot. 

16. Native Shoes 'Jefferson' Slip On ($35) – I saw a lot of parents raving about these shoes, and we've become fans ourselves. I mostly bought them for the pool and playing outside, but my son frequently picks them out for everyday wear.

17. Mud Pie: Appliqué Shirts – They have a smaller selection and can definitely be pricy, but I love so many of their shirts. For example, this is one of our favorites. The quality + extra details make these extra special.

18. Melissa & Doug Horse Carrier ($17) – As you're about to see, my son is obsessed with all things animals. And I'm obsessed with Melissa & Doug toys. My son loves stuffing various animals into this trailer!

19. Melissa & Doug Latches Barn ($30) – This was one of my son's favorite Christmas presents! He loves undoing all the different latches (yay fine motor skills!), and the animals inside are just an extra bonus for him.

20. Blue Horse Hopper ($22) – We have a slightly different horse, but it's basically exactly the same. My son does bounce around on this ugly thing, but he mostly likes to drag it around the house behind him. Haha!

21. Melissa & Doug Wooden Puzzles (~$10) – My son goes through phases with puzzles. Some days he'll do them with me for hours... and then other days he pretends they don't exist. But they're still an overall favorite!

22. Melissa & Doug Coffee Maker Set ($17) – I taught my son how to make my coffee (with my assistance and supervision, of course), and it's so cute to see him repeating the process with this set. He's got it down!

23. Safari Ltd Plastic Animals ($3+) – If you could only see the GIGANTIC basket in our living room that's filled with these plastic animals... This brand is our fave, but we also grab similar ones at Target and Hobby Lobby. 

24. Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker ($15) – My son hasn't gotten the hang of this stacker yet, but he still enjoys it. He'll make them into a tower or put them in whatever order he wants, and that's good enough for me. 

25. Melissa & Doug Safari Sidekicks ($18) – We have four of these fuzzy animals sets (horses, dogs, farm animals in addition to this one), but the safari one is our son's favorite. But we have to watch out because our dog loves them too...

26. Melissa & Doug Take-Along Horse Stable ($25) – As I said at the beginning of this section, we're all about animals in this household. My son loves pouring out all these horses and then putting them back in their stalls.

And there's some of our recent toddler favorites!

If you've got any recommendations, I'd love to hear about them.


  1. My son loves trucks and cars like yours loves animals! So many wheel-ed things in our house LOL. Melissa and Doug chunky puzzles are some of our favorites — my little guy uses them as a puzzle and plays with the pieces on their own too (and they don’t make noise! No batteries!) We had a single wooden stacker like your triple one but that didn’t last long — he took the pieces off and would use the wooden base as a bat and try to whack everything — the one and only time I wished I’d opted for plastic rather than sturdy wood!

  2. I'm always bookmarking these posts of yours for future reference! ;) But also, all those outfits are so dang cute :D


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