Royal Wedding Fever? 15 Ways to Treat Yourself!

I've been an Anglophile for as long as I can remember, and that's led to a bit of an obsession with the British Royal Family. Whether it's reading news coverage or watching cheesy Lifetime movies, I just can't resist a royal romance! I have such great memories of watching William and Kate's wedding with my roommates. It was my senior year of college, and my own wedding was just a few months later. It's hard to believe that was seven years ago! Since Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle today at Windsor Castle, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a little gift guide. If you've got a royal wedding fever, you might as well treat yourself:

1. Royal Bingo ($25)
I don't really like playing games, but it would be hard to resist this fun twist on a traditional one! All the European royal families are represented, plus you can learn more about each person in the accompanying booklet.

2. Royal Wedding Tea Towel: Flags & Flowers ($16)
Tea towels are apparently a traditional way to commemorate special occasions in Britain, which I find absolutely charming. I'm obsessed with the design on this one and totally want to order it for myself – if only I had a use for it!

3. Milly Green Royal Wedding Mug ($20)
There are so many fun mug options available online, but I had to go with this fine bone china one with watercolor illustrations. The wedding symbols are adorable, and the other side has "H.R.H. Harry & Meghan" + 2018 on it.

4. OPI "Dating a Royal Blue" Nail Lacquer ($9)
I was going to go with a more "bridal" nail color, but I couldn't resist including this royal blue when I saw the name. Enjoy painting your nails this bright color and celebrate the fact that the royal family can't veto it on you.

5. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: The Wedding Album ($25)
There are already a number of Harry and Meghan biographies (as individuals and as a couple) published, but I'd be more inclined to pre-order this book that will, I assume, feature tons of photographs of their wedding.

6. Fortnum & Mason Wedding Breakfast Tea ($16)
It's basically a given that you've got to toast to the new couple with a delicious cup of tea, right? Fortnum & Mason have been supplying tea to the royal houses for more than 300 years, so they're the obvious choice here.

7. Harrods Glitter London Cosmetic Bag ($25)
Harry and Meghan are getting married at Windsor Castle, but who can resist a little London glam in their life? There are lots of wedding-inspired tote bags available, but I think this cosmetic bag is a more playful choice.

8. The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan ($9) 
If you only buy one royals-inspired book, make it this one! It's inspired by William and Kate, but the heroine is an American. It's one of my all-time favorites and will definitely help you keep the wedding fever alive. 

You can get a Funko Pop for six different members of the British Royal Family, but I think Queen Elizabeth II is the clear winner! I mean, do you see that accompanying corgi?! They'll both spice up your shelf and keep you in line!

You can stream this show on Netflix, but I had to include it. If you want to learn more about Queen Elizabeth II, here's your introduction. (Or you could watch The Prince and Me for "Prince falls for a commoner" feels.)

I was going to pick some Union Jack socks, but then I died laughing when I found this Kate Middleton-inspired pair. I love this cheeky play on words! If Queen Elizabeth II is more your style, they've got you covered

While I can't imagine hanging anything Harry & Meghan related in my home, I do think this is super cute! I love the nod to When Harry Met Sally and the movie poster vibes, especially since Meghan is an actress.

13. Buckingham Palace Puzzle ($12)
If you don't live in a palace, why not build one on the closest table? I'd love to pop across the pond for a quick visit, but I could console myself with this puzzle... and take a selfie in front without fighting the crowds. Haha!

14. Princess Diana, Kate & Meghan T-Shirt ($23)
As with mugs, there are so many t-shirt options available online. This is the first that caught my eye, and I'm definitely partial to this color. This shirt was a very close second, however, and I love the lettering on it.

15. USA and United Kingdom Flag Pin ($4)
This flag pin is very significant to the couple in The Royal We (and was in my gift guide inspired by that book), so it seemed fitting to include it on this list, too. And now I want to re-read that book for the third time...

Did you watch the royal wedding?
Are you obsessed with the royals? Let's discuss!


  1. I am definitely royals-obsessed and I totally got up to watch the wedding today! Not too early, started watching right before Meghan pulled up to the church. What a beautiful day they had!

    1. That's about the same time I started watching! I recorded an hour or two before that point so that I could watch at my leisure without waking up so early. I totally agree that it was a beautiful day! The weather looked gorgeous, and the ceremony was lovely.

  2. Love all of this!! I bought the cutest Harry & Meghan mug that I drank tea out of while I watched the royal wedding :) I didn't watch Will & Kate's live for some reason but I was obsessed with everything about it, and this one. I've always been an Anglophile and royals fan too- my first pet when I was a kid was a gerbil that I named Princess Diana! So glad I finally read The Royal We this year, I think we deserve a sequel soon ;) My aunt actually got me those Kate socks for my birthday last year haha! Awesome post, I love it.

    1. I think I saw your mug on Instagram -- SO ADORABLE! Hahaha I love that story about your gerbil :) I'm so glad you read and enjoyed The Royal We! I'd LOVE a sequel and keep hoping one will eventually exist. (I'm strongly considering treating myself to those socks LOL)

  3. Everything about this post is utterly delightful! I enjoyed seeing what you picked out for the gift guide, especially when you suggested things that were unexpected (nail polish! cosmetics bag!) that still tied in perfectly with the theme.


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