Reaching a Blogging Milestone

When I was drafting blog posts this weekend, I noticed something that surprised me. Since creating this blog in 2011, I've published 999 posts. And today's post marks my 1,000th! It's hard for me to believe that I've put this much time and work into this little corner of the Internet, but I'm so proud of all I've accomplished and created. I was going to talk today about the things I've learned while blogging, but I realized that I did that for my five-year blogiversary and the list still rings true today. So, instead, I got a little more personal.

As with many things in life, blogging is both rewarding and discouraging. This space has pushed me to be more creative, to learn new skills, and to put myself out there. Because of my blog, I've gotten to moderate an event with an all-time favorite author, received advanced review copies of some of my most anticipated books, attended book signings, and – the best gift of them all – met some of my very best friends. 

And it's also been challenging. It's something that I choose to do, so I don't let myself feel guilty for taking breaks or not posting consistently. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I sometimes wonder if it's worth the effort. The blogging landscape has changed a lot since I started, and conversations about books are often taking place on social media these days. I totally understand why, but it can be discouraging, too. I look at my stats now versus then and think, Shouldn't this blog be growing with time? (And I swear, y'all, this isn't me fishing for compliments!)

There have been moments in the past few years that I've considered two vastly different paths – quitting blogging altogether or putting in a lot more effort to help it grow. But neither has felt like the right decision to me. I love what I do here! Transitioning to mostly mini reviews, incorporating more of my obsessions, recapping every month, letting myself get personal, and doing the occasional collaboration with friends – they're all things that I enjoy and changes that have been good for me. So, one of my favorite quotes sums it up:

Isn't that the truth? I've learned this in other areas of my life as well, but it's definitely been solidified with blogging. Five years ago, I was blogging five times a week. I was excited to read early copies of books – and writing full-length reviews for them. A lot more of my time was dedicated to brainstorming new features and discussion posts. I was more active on social media, commenting on others' blogs, and just hustling harder in general.

None of those things are bad! And that's probably what I'd need to do again if I wanted to achieve the success that I sometimes envy. But you know what? That's not how I want to spend my time at this point. It's not that I don't have time for any of it; I've just decided to use my time on other things. If I compare myself to others (or to where I was in the past), I'll miss out on something important: I'm in the right place for me right now. 

Five years ago, I loved blogging at that pace. I wasn't doing those things because I was competing with others. I genuinely enjoyed investing that much of my time into my blog! And if I'm going to give myself credit for anything, I think it would be this: I've never been afraid to adjust what I'm doing here. I think it's the reason I haven't burned out on blogging. Sure, I would have reached this 1,000th post milestone sooner if I was still posting five times a week. But that pace wasn't enjoyable anymore, so I cut back. Seven years in, I'm so happy that I still love coming up with content and writing down my thoughts. If that changes in the future, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

When I stop comparing and let go of the coulds and shoulds, I pay more attention to how much I love where I'm at. If I post something on here now, it's because I'm legitimately excited to write it. I may procrastinate a few (like my recent Happy Planner posts), but I hope that my passion and love for this space comes through in everything I do. So today, I'm thrilled to take a moment to celebrate what I'd done! I might just treat myself to a book... or three.

I'm thankful for the books and friends I've found in this journey – and for every single person who chooses to spend time here. I blog because I enjoy it, but it's rewarding to know that other people care about what I have to say. If you've ever read a book because I recommended it, it makes this whole thing worth it. Whether you're a regular commenter or long-time lurker, THANK YOU. I appreciate you so much!

To commemorate reaching 1,000 posts, here are my 10 favorite things I've written:

1. A Trip Down Memory Lane  my best bookish memories
2. To Thine Own Self Be True – on learning to trust your gut as a reader
3. When You Find a Friend – a personal discussion on friendship
4. An Introduction to Jane Austen – a fake syllabus for a college class on my favorite author
5. 'I just want YOU.' – what Anne of Green Gables taught me about romance
6. Six in Sixteen: What I've Learned This Year – six things I learned in 2016
7. Creating a Capsule Library – a fun collaboration with three of my favorite people
8. 5 Ways to Find Time to Read – my answer to the question 'how do you read so much?'
9. How I'm Writing My Story of Motherhood – personal discussion on motherhood
10. Buy the Book – my favorite feature (I promise I'll post a new one soon!)

Do you ever struggle with comparison?
What are you celebrating in your life right now?


  1. Happy 1000th post! What a huge accomplishment. I kind of wish that I could just switch completely to mini reviews as full reviews are such a time suck and by the end of each review I just am so blah - demotivated. However, I still feel so obligated to do full reviews for things like Netgalley eARCs.

    Anyways, I think your blog is wonderful. It's one of the handful that I still comment on and care about. I love what you're doing with your space! Here's to more posts and curated content!

  2. I am so happy to have discovered your blog. I read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine because of you, and it's currently my favorite book of the year! Congratulations to 1,000 posts and cheers to a lot more! :)

  3. Congratulations! I like the posts that include shows and movies that you're watching. I know I've read books you've suggested on here, but I can't remember which ones right now!

  4. Congratulations! 1000 posts, wow! I definitely suffer from comparison envy, especially when I see bloggers who started at the same time as me are completely eclipsing me in followers, views, etc. But I'm proud of what I've put together!

  5. Happy 1000th post! It’s kind of crazy how much blogging has changed in the past couple of years. In some ways I miss the way things used to be. But I also know that me running after 2 kids is nowhere near the person I was she. I started blogging, pre-babies, pre-wedding, pre-engagement. So while I do wish I was able to devote more time to it, I also can’t see myself blogging the way I used to either.

  6. I truly believe that blogging in the way that works best for you is the only way to make sure it still stays enjoyable in the long run, and I'm totally in agreement that adjusting to suit your current situation is the best. So grateful that we ended up connecting because of blogging - it's definitely one of the best parts <3


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