My Year in Adventures {2018}

I always look forward to the end of the year for a variety of reasons – the holidays, the anticipation of the new year, and the habit of looking back on the past twelve months. Since 2015, I've always recapped the year with a series of posts I call "My Year in." From best books to biggest obsessions, they're some of my favorite posts to write. Today is my final look back at what I loved in 2018. It's time to talk about my adventures! It isn't a comprehensive list because some of my favorite memories can't be captured on camera.  • Adventures in 2017

THE UK WITH KELLY – Spending a week with Kelly in the UK for our birthdays was definitely a highlight of the year! We made so many great memories in our favorite place in the world, and I loved everything about it.

NEW CUT & COLOR – When I got home from my trip, I had a long overdue hair appointment where I chopped off so many inches and got balayage. The refresh was just what I needed and the highlights are so low maintenance.

CASSIE VISITS GEORGIA – I have been friends with Cassie for years, but I'd only briefly met her in person a few years ago. She came to Georgia this spring, and it was so fun to show her around and spend a weekend together!

THE BOTANICAL GARDENS – One gorgeous spring day, we decided to visit the zoo... and discovered that everyone else in Atlanta had the same idea. We regrouped and headed to the botanical gardens for a day I won't forget.

THE DINO LOVER TURNS TWO – With Nick traveling, I didn't plan a party for our son's second birthday. But my mom shocked me by turning our low-key get together into a dinosaur-themed dinner that was absolutely perfect.

KELLY COMES TO GEORGIA – Did I convince Kelly to come see me again a few months after our UK trip? Why, yes, I did! We visited the mountains, did some book shopping, and laughed into the night together.

SEVEN YEARS OF MARRIAGE – Nick and I celebrated seven years of marriage in July, and it's hard to believe that it's been that long! We had a fun date night together and just enjoyed some time without our sweet boy.

MOUNTAIN VACATION – We joined my family for a mountain vacation over the summer and went on so many adventures. Visiting the river, going on a hike, reading by a waterfall – what could be better?!

ALL THE POOL DAYS – My son fell in love with the pool this year, and we spent a lot of time there together after school was back in session. We'd often have it all to ourselves, and I could read while he splashed beside me. 

SEEING DINO BONES – Our boy kept asking to visit "dino bones" like in the books we've read, so we finally took him to Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. He was obsessed and is already begging to go back again.

VISITING KELLY IN WISCONSIN – Since Kelly kept coming to see me, I decided it was high time that I finally booked a plane ticket to Wisconsin! I loved spending a week with her acting as tour guide. Also: CHEESE CURDS.

FAMILY BEACH TRIP – Nick and I took our son to Florida in September, and it was heavenly. We loved seeing the beach through the eyes of a two-year-old! Sweet memories, great weather, good food, and lots of time to read.

OUR NEW HOUSE – We sold our house and bought a new one, and I feel like I'm still recovering from the move! The outside used to be an ugly brown, but we had it painted white and now it's everything we dreamed. 

CORN MAZE & FALL FESTIVAL – This fall was filled with so many fun moments: a corn maze, petting zoo, hay ride, hot boiled peanuts, and our new neighborhood's fall festival. There's a reason it's my favorite season!

TRICK OR TREATING – Our son dressed us as a triceratops and went trick or treating... for five minutes before he called it quits. Ha! But he had a blast passing out candy at home and greeting our neighbors, so it was still a win.

KELLY COMES BACK – Yes, I got to see Kelly four times this year! How am I so blessed? We loved having her visit our new house, and her trip was marked by lots of book shopping, delicious food, and non-stop talking.

WINTER IN THE MOUNTAINS – We took two short mountain trips near the end of the year, and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to 2018. We read books, binged some TV, had dance parties, and enjoyed the family time. 

CELEBRATING THE HOLIDAYS – Our first Christmas in our new home was everything I could have wanted! We started new traditions, spent time with family, and got lots of great gifts. Plus, I loved all the seasonal reading!

What adventures did you go on in 2018?
Here's to a happy 2019!


  1. What a wonderful year you've had - and a massive congratulations to you and your husband on the new house! It looks lovely! I bet the new white paint definitely brightened it up :)

  2. 2018 looks like it was such a lovely year for you! It's wonderful to see all your highlights (and adventures), and I definitely am looking forward to seeing what you got up to in 2019 when you do this post for it ;)


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