Quick Lit: October 2018

If you remember my Quick Lit posts from January, I'm currently catching up on several months of backlogged reviews. Whoops! I read 14 books in October, and I'm talking about 9 of them today + 1 book that I read in September. And later this week, I'll have a series review for the 5 books that aren't included here. As always, check out the Quick Lit linkup that's hosted by Modern Mrs. Darcy for more reviews and recommendations.

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES BY DEBORAH HARKNESS – Kelly has raved about this series for years and always wanted me to read it. I gave it a shot in October, and I love that she pushes me out of my reading comfort zone! I really enjoyed the blend of history and magic, as well as the vibrant setting. I did feel the story got bogged down in too much detail, which slowed my reading pace. And the romance was a little too instant for me, but I think it will grow on me with subsequent books. I So Liked It and look forward to seeing where this series will go next.

CRAZY RICH ASIANS BY KEVIN KWAN – I broke the cardinal rule of readers: I saw the movie before reading the book. And you know what? I'm glad I did! There are so many secondary characters, and the movie helped me find that aspect of the book less confusing than I would have otherwise. The writing wasn't always my favorite, but the story and setting made this such a fun read. I loved the opulence and drama! It's a plot-driven book, and I did wish the characters were more developed. But I So Enjoyed It overall and will continue the series!

I AM I AM I AM BY MAGGIE O'FARRELL – This memoir is a series of essays about O'Farrell's seventeen near-death experiences. Seventeen?  Yeah, and I still felt that skepticism when was I was done. The concept was interesting, and a few essays were great, but the execution left a lot to be desired. The organization of stories made no sense – I wanted them to be chronological or even grouped by type. Just something to help them flow! The level of detail made the stories feel fictional, and I couldn't suspend my disbelief. I'm So Over It.

LETHAL WHITE BY ROBERT GALBRAITH – This is my new favorite book in the series! When I binged the first three books, I found myself a little conflicted: I liked the characters more with each book but the mysteries less. They got so gruesome! Then came Lethal White. It's the best of both worlds – a fascinating mystery that's never gory and such amazing character development. I couldn't put this book down, and it cemented my love for this detective and his intrepid sidekick. I'm still thinking about it months later, so I think it's safe to say I'm So Obsessed With It.

THE ROYAL RUNAWAY BY LINDSAY EMORY* – I requested this for review based on the summary, but unfortunately the summary didn't reflect the book well. It was compared to The Princess Diaries and The Royal We, but it reads more like a (boring) thriller than a romantic comedy. And that's fine, but it wasn't what I was expecting. I loved the setting and history of this fictional monarchy, but the characters all fell flat for me (as did the romance). The book was okay to pass the time, but I wanted more from it. I'd say I was So Okay With It

MARILLA OF GREEN GABLES BY  SARAH MCCOY* – As a huge Anne of Green Gables fan, I was thrilled when this showed up at my door. A book about life at Green Gables... before Anne? Sign me up! This was a great backstory for a beloved character, and it was a joy to be back on Prince Edward Island. McCoy remained true to the spirit of L.M. Montgomery without trying to imitate her style. I got to see a new side of Marilla but could still imagine how she became the woman we meet later. I So Enjoyed It, especially the insight into politics at the time.

COLD-HEARTED RAKE AND MARRYING WINTERBORNE BY LISA KLEYPAS – After finishing one of my favorite series, I had a major book hangover. I decided to reach for historical romance because I figured they would be a quick palate cleanser. Cold-Hearted Rake was a So Okay With It. It wasn't terrible, but the hero and heroine both annoyed me so much. Marrying Winterborne was better because the couple was more compelling, and I So Liked It . But I still prefer the third and fourth in the series, as both of these were mostly forgettable for me.

A FATAL GRACE BY LOUISE PENNY – After enjoying the first book in this series, I was excited to pick up the second book the following month. I didn't like this one nearly as much, but I can't entirely articulate why. I guessed the murderer almost immediately, but I did like the journey to understand the why and the how. My favorite part of the book was getting more of Inspector Gamache's story, and I hope the rest of the characters in Three Pines will grow on me as I continue the series. I debated the rating a bit, but I think I've settled on So Liked It.

THE GOOD PEOPLE BY HANNAH KENT – Kent's debut, Burial Rites, was one of my favorite books the year it was released. It was dark and moody, yes, but just so well written. The summary of this one appealed to me even more, but I'm sad to say that it was a disappointment overall. The bleak tone felt similar to Burial Rites, but it was just so depressing and way too long. Nothing happened, and the few things that did were pretty pointless overall. And the book wasn't even saved by the characters! I wasn't invested in them at all, so unfortunately I was So Over It.

* I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration. This did not affect my opinion of the book or my review.

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I read Crazy Rich Asians this month and I loved it! I can't wait to continue with the series (and to watch the movie!). I also have Marilla of Green Gables on my TBR because of Rachel!

  2. I really liked Crazy Rich Asians too! It was a fun one to read, and I read it after seeing the movie too. I have yet to finish the series, but I'd definitely like to in 2020! I also need to pick up A Discovery of Witches. I know Kelly loves that series, and Rachel really enjoyed it too!


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