July 2019: Recap + On My Shelves

The catch up continues with this recap of July. I felt like I slept through this month because apparently that's how my body reacts to the first trimester of pregnancy. But I did manage to make some sweet memories:

1. The Cast Comes Off – As I mentioned in my previous recap, my sweet boy broke his arm on the playground in June. Thankfully, it was a minor fracture and only required a cast for two weeks. On the first of July, he had it removed. He did so well, and we laughed as he pretended it was binoculars. 

2. Mountain Vacay – Later that same day, we headed up to the north Georgia mountains for vacation with my family. It was such a quiet, chill week! We ate good food, sat outside in the sun, and even attended a rodeo. That was interesting, to say the least. Nick and I also celebrated eight years of marriage. So thankful for him!

3. First Ultrasound + Solo Date – In mid-July, I had my very first ultrasound for the new baby. Nick was out of town, and my mom kept my big boy so that I could go alone. It was so special to see that little life on the screen and hear the heart beating strongly. And that night, I took myself out to dinner to celebrate and then FaceTimed my bestie.

4. My Boy's First Movie in Theaters – We waited until I was through the first trimester, at the end of July, to tell our big boy about the baby. We took him to see the new Lion King, his first movie in theaters, and loved his reaction. Later that day, we told him that he was going to be a big brother – and let him deliver the news to our families.

Read 16 Books | Favorites:
Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson
Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center
Hot Mess by Emily Belden
The Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams

“Life with a cheat code isn't life. Our existence isn't something to be engineered
 or optimized for the avoidance of pain. That's what it is to be human -
the beauty and the pain, each meaningless without the other.”
Recursion by Blake Crouch

“People say, I don’t know how she lives with herself,
but every single one of them was living with their own worst thing, just fine.
No one walks around holding their ugliest sin in the palm of their hand, staring at it.”
Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson

“Choosing to love — despite all the ways that people let you down, and disappear,
and break your heart. Knowing everything we know about how hard life is
and choosing to love, anyway. That’s not weakness, that’s courage.”
Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center

“We experience only what we pay attention to.
We remember only what we pay attention to.
When we decide what to pay attention to in the moment,
we are making a broader decision about how we want to spend our lives.”
How to Break Up with Your Phone by Catherine Price

“I believe contempt says more about the person giving it than the one receiving.
It demeans what ought to be righteous punishment.”
Someone to Honor by Mary Balogh

Favorite Album: No. 6 Collaborations Project by Ed Sheeran
This is one of those albums where I love a handful of songs and could do without the rest.
Definitely not Sheeran's best, but still fun to see him do something different.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season 2, starring Rachel Brosnahan and Alex Borstein – I loved the first season of this show and didn't mean to wait so long to watch the second. But y'all, I could have done without ever watching it. I was not a fan, at all, and don't plan to tune in to the third. I'm so sad that it has lost its charm!

Salt Fat Acid Heat (2018) starring Samin Nosrat – I don't watch much foodie TV, but I hope that changes. This was such a nice little mini-series documentary! Nosrat was an enjoyable host, and I loved her culinary adventures around the globe. I learned so much about the titular four elements and how they affect cooking.

Queer Eye, Season 4, starring Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, & Jonathan Van Ness – I binged this season as soon as it hit Netflix, and I have no regrets about that fact! I preferred this season over the third, though I think the first is my favorite. I love that they "fix" the external but still focus so much on the internal.

Lion King (2019) starring Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Beyoncé and more – As I mentioned in What I Loved, we took our boy to see this movie for his first theater experience. My son absolutely loved it, but my husband and I were in agreement that the animated movie was much better. It felt long and so slow!

Review: Conversations with a Fat Girl by Liza Palmer

Audible: Lovely War by Julie Berry

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  1. I just love the audiobook of Lovely War so dang much! It's brilliant, and I want to listen to it again next year. But also, July sounds like it was a lovely, relaxed month for you! :)


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