So Obsessed With: The 2019 Gift Edition

Today I'm sharing a fun, holiday-inspired edition of So Obsessed With! I've done different gift guides in the past but decided to make this year's post allllll about meeeeee. Ha! Instead of rounding up things I've used and would gift, here are some things I've got my eye on this year. There are a few things I've already treated myself to and some I'll buy in Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, so they won't all be gifts. Even then, they won't all make the cut. But here's what I'm so obsessed with for Christmas this year:

Under the Tree

1. Oventure Big Ossential Set in Mocha Ostrich ($130) – I have the rose gold leather key ring and ID case, and I'm still so obsessed with them. But now I want to add to my collection, especially with this larger size wallet.

2. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe ($99) – The new baby is getting a blanket from this company, and it's so soft that I want to steal it for myself. I think the robe will be an even better treat – and perfect for after baby arrives, too!

3. SUPERGOOP! Your Everyday SPF Kit ($32) I use this sunscreen almost every morning on my face and neck and noticed recently that it's running low. The sunscreen is cheaper by itself, but I want try the other two products.

4. Kindle Fire 7 Tablet ($30) I typically use my phone or Macbook for browsing and blogging. I've contemplated trying a Fire tablet, however, and it's hard to resist at this price. Even if my son is the only one to use it!

5. Sonix Brown Tortoiseshell Phone Case ($35) My current phone case is one from Target, and I bought it last Christmas. While I still think it's cute, I've been craving a refresh – and this tortoiseshell has caught my eye.

6. Handheld Garment Mini Travel Steamer ($21) Every grown-up Christmas list has to include at least home appliance, right? I never iron my clothes but occasionally need to deal with wrinkles. This would do the trick!

7. Apple AirPods with Charging Case ($140) I've gone back and forth on getting a pair of these headphones, mostly because I'm terrified of losing them and don't love how they look. But I think it's time to commit...

8. Madewell Leather Laptop Case in English Saddle ($88) – I've had my current laptop sleeve for years, and I just recently broke the zipper on it. So, I've on the hunt for a replacement and this simple, stylish one is my pick.

9. Val Marie Paper 2020 Prayer Journal ($47) – This product launched in the fall, and I pre-ordered to get the best price. So it's not technically on my wishlist, but I do think it would make a lovely gift! I'm excited to use it.

10. Diamond Eternity Band in 14k White Gold ($210) – Here's one of those "don't need / won't actually get, but still want it" additions to my list. Because, hi pretty. I don't even have room on my ring finger for another band!

11. Circe by Madeline Miller ($19) + Other Books – Can you call yourself a reader if you don't ask for any books for Christmas? I've got a few on mine this year, including the UK hardcover of this favorite read from 2019.

12. Banana Republic Satya Sunglasses in Blonde ($98) – Have you ever found a product that you loved so much you needed it in every style? That's me with these sunglasses. I own them in two other colors, so this is a must.

13. Madewell Shoulder Bag Strap: Leopard Calf Hair Edition ($45) – I'm going back and forth on this bag strap. I love how it will change the look of my two Madewell bags, but I'm iffy on it since I can't adjust the length.

14. Madewell Jean Jacket in Pinter Wash ($118) – Is a denim jacket considered a closet staple? I don't have one and have to remedy that pronto! I don't want clothes for Christmas (hi, pregnancy), but this is an exception.

15. Kate Spade Women's Metro Leather Strap Watch ($90) – I love the idea of a gorgeous watch, but I never find myself wearing one. So, this isn't the most practical item on my list. But it was just too pretty to leave it off!

16. SCOUT Bags Hidden Gem Jewelry Case in Black Velvet ($39) – SCOUT Bags makes such great totes, but I didn't realize they had smaller bags, too. I'm interested in a few of them, but this jewelry case is the top of my list.

17. Plan to Eat Yearly Subscription ($19.50 – sale starts 11/29) – Plan to Eat has changed the way I feel about meal planning and grocery shopping. I used to hate both, but this makes them stress-free. Yay for renewing it!

18. Crock-Pot 6qt. Programmable Slow Cooker ($38) – My current crock-pot was a gift when I got married eight years ago, and I just noticed it now has a crack in the stoneware insert. If I can't replace the part, here's what I'll do.

19. Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote in New Navy ($145) – I have a black Longchamp that I got in college, and it's my most-used purse by far. I don't know why I've never treated myself to another, but I think it's finally time.

20. Helen Ficalora Alphabet Charm ($165) – Nick bought me a Helen Ficalora necklace two years ago, and I adore it. I have charm with our firstborn's initial, so it's almost time for a second charm for Baby #2.

21. Poldark: The Complete Fifth Season Blu-Ray ($34) – For some reason, I enjoy this more when I binge an entire season rather than watch week-to-week. I can't believe this is the final Christmas I'll have this on my list!

22. Tartan + Twine Deluxe Weekender ($58) – There's a really well-reviewed makeup bag on Amazon that I may end up getting instead, but this one is much prettier. Will looks win in the end? Only time will tell.

23. Farmacy Sweet Greens Holiday Set ($44) – This makeup remover balm is one of my favorite beauty products, so I was excited to see a full-size of it in a set. I don't know much about the other two items, but worth a try.

24. 2020 PowerSheets Goal Planner ($60) – I treated myself to this as soon as it launched in October, but it looked too perfect on here to leave off! I have heard great things about this product and hope that I love it.

25. LUSH Stardust Gift Set ($50) – This specific set isn't on my wishlist. All I really want is a bunch of bubble bars! The bath bombs are nice, but the bars last so much longer. And I used up the stash I've been hoarding!

Stocking Stuffers

1. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads ($11) – These could be a total bust, but I feel like I waste so much money on disposable ones. I go through them so quickly and never have more when I need them. I want these to work!

2. Seche Viche Top Coat ($10) and Essie Nail Polish in Off Tropic ($9) – While I don't paint my nails as often as I used to, I still love finding a new color or two in my stocking. And I just ran out of top coat!

3. Portable Travel Medicine Organizer ($7) – I saw this on someone's Instagram story and immediately added it to my Amazon wishlist. I don't know why I haven't already bought it, but it's a perfect stocking stuffer.

4. AirPods Protective Cover ($9) – If I end up getting AirPods, I know I'll want this protective cover for the case. I saw Rachel from Hello, Chelly recommend it in one of her posts about things she's been loving lately.

5. Reese's Peanut Butter Holiday Tree ($1) – Candy is just a given as a stocking stuffer, right? There are lots of sweet treats I'd be happy to find inside, but my personal favorite is this Christmas-shaped classic.

6. Aquis Original Performance Drying Hair Turban ($22) – This is random, but I saw it recommended on a blog I follow. I just can't remember which one! I wrap my hair in a towel after a shower, and this looks so much better.

7. Philips Sonicare Replacement Toothbrush Heads ($25) – My son's stocking usually includes a pack of toothbrushes. I need replacement heads for my electric toothbrush, so this is just a practical necessity.

8. L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara Set ($13) – This mascara is my favorite, and it's always worth it to have at least one backup for that day when you realize the one you've been using has completely dried out.

9. Fabric Shaver, Lint Remover and Sweater Defuzzer ($15) – There are two chairs in my library that have been looking pilled recently, and I want get them looking like new. And if this works on my sweaters, too? Even better!

10. Mint Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix ($5) – I love hot cocoa, and my favorite Starbucks drink is a Peppermint Mocha. Will this essentially taste like a combo of those two things? I certainly hope so! It sounds delish.

11. Simplified Planner Color-Coding Sticker Set ($10) – I switched from a Happy Planner to this brand in August, and these are the only stickers I use now. I haven't run out of my first pack, but I might as well stock up.

12. Jack Black The Balm Squad ($19) – My favorite lip balms, and my favorite time of the year to replenish my dwindling stash. I've used Mint before, but the Asian Pear and Black Cherry ones will be new to me. I can't wait!

13. Makeup Brush Cleaning Shampoo ($5) and Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat ($7) – Rachel mentioned a brush cleaning mat in one of her posts, too, which I'd never even heard of before. This is something I definitely need!

14. Gingerbread Cozy Boxed Sock Set ($15) – Whether it's slippers or socks, you've got to have something a little cozy in your stocking. Target has lots of cute options, but these looked so fun while I was browsing.

15. Tweezerman Rose Gold Slant Tweezer ($21) – My tweezers have gotten dull, so it's time to replace them. I have Anastasia Beverly Hills currently, but I know Tweezerman is popular. Always fun to try something new!

What's on your wishlist this year?


  1. I just got the new Air Pods Pro (with noise canceling capabilities) and silicone ear cushions. They are fantasti- I think you'll love them!

  2. I have the Aquis hair towel and I LOVE it. My super-fine hair easily broke in a towel but I've had no issues on that front since I started using the hair towel!

  3. So many good things on here! My travel steamer has been a game-changer because I HATE ironing. I've also been a bridesmaid a million times and you're always the hero if you bring the steamer for everyone ;) I'm a huge fan of reusable makeup cloths! I use a new one each day and then wash the lot of them in a mesh laundry bag so they don't get lost in the washer/dryer. Makes me feel so much better than using disposable ones! I also use a hair turban - they are THE BEST. I've been using them for years and rotate through a few of them. AND that makeup brush shampoo and mat are game-changers too! Love them both.

  4. I love this wishlist! I actually just recently acquired a travel steamer, and I've really liked using it so far - I definitely want to see if it holds up a few months from now. I also obviously love that a Longchamp is on this list! I finally got a replacement for the black one that I wore out because I used it every day, and I still love it so dang much. And I've never heard of Plan to Eat, but I'm very intrigued!


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