What I've Been Waiting to Buy

After I recapped The Contentment Challenge, I shared what I bought during it. In that post, I mentioned adding things to my wishlist during the no-spend challenge. Today, I'm highlighting thirteen items I was waiting to buy!

I switched to the Weekly Simplified Planner last year, and I love it! I've wanted to try the Daily version, but as a leftie I just don't love coil-bound planners. Their Dapperdesk line is the same daily pages but in a book-bound format, and I just bought my academic year edition. Want one? Use my referral code for $10 off your first order

When I bought my weekly planner last year, I talked myself out of their page markers because I have plenty of magnetic bookmarks. However, I couldn't resist this year – mostly because I was dying to own something in that Happy Floral pattern. I'm contemplating ordering a May Book in it, but I know that I don't need it. 

Prior to the Simplified Planner, I was addicted to The Happy Planner. While I still use them (as you'll see below), decorative planning wasn't working for me anymore. I needed something more functional. I didn't intend on using any stickers when I switched, but these color-coding dots won me over. I'm almost out, so this was a re-order.

When Kelly sent me the link to this t-shirt two weeks before the challenge ended, I almost didn't wait to buy it. As a Jane Austen lover and Pride and Prejudice collector, this was clearly a need. Right? Well, I decided to exercise my self control, put it in my cart, and waited to see if I would still want it. And yes, I did. It's already been ordered!

5. Book of the Month ($15/month)
Last year, I wrote a post about my obsession with Book of the Month. So, what's it doing on this list? Near the end of the year, I decided to try to pare down on subscriptions / recurring charges. Since I'd had a few BOTM duds, I canceled my membership. But they've had a few books recently that I wanted, so I decided to re-join (for now). 

I technically found these after the challenge had ended, so I wasn't exactly waiting to buy them. However, I figured they had to be included because they'll be one of my first post-challenge purchases. I'm in love with my AirPods and like the case I already have for them, but this one is so much cuter. 

Have I been counting down the days until this was released? You better believe it! This was my favorite movie of 2019, and I have been dying to watch it on repeat. I thought it was brilliant, loved the cast, and turn the soundtrack on whenever I'm blogging. During quarantine life, I want to surround myself with all the things that bring me joy.

Although I don't use a Happy Planner for my daily planning anymore, I still use one for my reading journal. I used the mini size previously, which you can see in this post. For 2020, I switched to the Classic size and love it! When they released this bookish edition, I knew I had to have it. It's 18 months, but I'll just use it for 2021.

In addition to the planner, they released this bookish notebook, too. I use their Happy Notes to create my own version of a bullet journal, including printables that I've designed for myself. Here's a look at my 2018 version, though I'm working on an updated post since it's changed some since then. I can't wait to use this as my new cover!

Nick got me an iPad for Christmas, and I've been trying to find just the right case for it. I think I've settled on this one, though I'm open to recommendations if you have one for this size iPad! I'm nervous carrying it around without a case, plus I want to protect it since my preschooler sometimes uses it, too. I've been using a book sleeve for now.

11. Miss Austen by Gill Hornby UK Edition ($18)
I'm honestly so proud of myself for completing a three-month book buying ban. As you might imagine, I've now got a long list of books I want to buy. However, one of my goals for April is to continue that ban – with one exception allowed – in the hopes of continuing to focus on books I already own. This gorgeous book is my April pick!

12. Various Audiobooks via Whispersync for Voice
I paid for a year of Audible back in December, so I continued to use credits without "cheating" on my no-spend. I also love buying audiobooks at a discounted price because I own the Kindle edition, but I've waited until the challenge was over to buy any more. At the top of my list? Courting Darkness by Robin LaFevers for a re-read.

I spotted these in Target (before March and prior to all the stay-at-home orders) and immediately wanted them. I'm almost six feet tall and rarely wear heels, but I had a pair of platform sandals that I loved until one of the straps broke. They aren't exactly alike but close enough. Now I'm just hesitating because I don't need them at home...

Have you added anything to your wishlist lately?


  1. That Talk Darcy to Me shirt is so cute - I actually just ordered two tees from that company!

  2. I really loved those two bookish designs for the Happy Planner when I saw them last year! I was tempted to get them, but decided not to since I've been tracking my reading in other ways and I have way too many empty notebooks still, haha. But they're very very cute!


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