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When I saw today's Top Ten Tuesday topic, I immediately started brainstorming what angle I wanted to take with it. Ten Things I'd Have at My Bookish Party is pretty broad! Did I want to plan a real party with a bookish theme? Did I want to focus on what fictional characters I wish I could invite over in real life? And then, inspiration struck. I'd plan a party where each element came from a book I'd read. You're invited, of course, and here are all the details:

1. THE LOCATION: Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice
If I'm hosting a bookish party, it's taking place at my favorite fictional home. What could be better than a stately home in the English countryside? I want to wow my guests from the first moment they arrive.

2. THE DRESS: A Gown from A Court of Thorns & Roses Series
In general, I prefer to dress casually. Jeans are the most-worn item in my wardrobe. But a special occasion calls for something a little extra, so I'd borrow something from Feyre Archeron's closet. Perhaps her Starfall gown?

3. THE DATE: Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables
My husband will have to forgive me for kicking him to the curb for my party. I have a lot of bookish boyfriends, but none compare to the first one to steal my heart: Gilbert Blythe. I think he'd look positively dashing by my side.

4. THE DECOR: Arranged by Antonia Davenport from My Oxford Year
The hero of this book, Jamie Davenport, comes from a wealthy British family and attends a gorgeous ball with his girlfriend. I don't remember who actually planned the event, but I trust his mom to hire the right people for the job.

5. THE MUSIC: Aubrey & Colette from Lovely War
Getting the music right for my party required a lot of thought. I'd considered Daisy Jones & The Six, but I get the feeling Daisy would try to steal everyone's attention. But I think Aubrey and Colette would serenade us beautifully! 

6. THE CAKE: Baked by Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games
There's only one correct answer here! My love for Peeta runs deep enough that I almost chose him as my date, but I decided I was more in need of his baking skills. I know it would taste wonderful and be decorated to perfection.

7. THE GUESTS: The Squad from The Throne of Glass Series
There are so many fictional characters that I'd love to invite, but this series is closest to my heart. I'd most love to hang out with Aelin, Rowan, Lysandra, Elide, and the rest of the gang. Plus, they need an opportunity to celebrate!

8. THE GIFT: The Lyons Emerald from The Royal We
Am I dreaming big for this party? You know it! No other gift will do but the ring that Prince Nicholas uses to propose. A twelve-carat emerald ringed with diamonds and set in antique gold would look great on my finger. 

9. THE PARTY FAVOR: Art by Sloan from The Happy Ever After Playlist
If my guests are leaving with a favor, I want it to be something they can cherish forever instead of tossing as soon as they get home. I'd ask Sloan to do a custom painting. I'd keep the original but send guests home with a print!

I'm one item short of a list of ten, but I still think I've got all the right components for a perfect party. And I don't always have the best memory, so I'm patting myself on the back for being able to think of specific fictional items for this list. I had so much brainstorming all the possibilities for it and am quite pleased where I ended up!

What would be at your bookish party?


  1. Ooo! I love what you did here. So pretty and the nod to each book is so cool.

  2. That cake would be amazing.

    My TTT .

  3. I love all of these ideas! Especially the gift and the party favor. But also...honestly, everything. Even the ones from books I don't know sound enchanting, like the music. I really like that you stuck to 9 items, allowing for a perfect photo arrangemenet.

  4. Love what you did with this topic - I'd love to come. :D

    Lauren @ Always Me

  5. Can I come to this party? It sounds like an occasion I'd very much enjoy, and I always want an excuse to dress up ;)


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