June 2020 Goals

While I accomplished many of my May goals, I was a little too ambitious. I spent a lot of time during the day helping my baby learn to nap in the crib (and have finally had consistent success!) and making sure my big boy was getting one-on-one attention, and then fell into bed exhausted at the end of the day. It didn't leave a lot of time or energy for my other projects! I'm still pleased with my progress and am celebrating marking some items off my to-do list that have been there for months. However, there are a few things I just keep procrastinating, namely getting caught up on my big boy's childhood journal. I scaled back my June goals to prioritize that project!

On My Calendar:
– The baby's fourth-month well visit
– Celebrating Father's Day
– A possible trip to the mountains

Currently Obsessing Over:
– Our neighborhood pool currently requires masks when not in the water, so we got this $34 inflatable pool for our backyard. It's been a great purchase: inexpensive, a perfect size, and provided hours of fun already.
– My sister joined bookstagram! Shes's @talesandtigerlily, and I've already gotten great recs from her. I'm working on a blog post introducing her + her account, and then we've got some fun ideas in the works together.
– I mentioned this show in two posts recently, but I loved Mindy Kaling's Never Have I Ever. Highly recommend!
– I always look forward to Modern Mrs. Darcy's 2020 Summer Reading Guide, and this year is no exception. I'd already read a few, had others on my radar, and found a few new titles that I can't wait to try.
– My big boy is obsessed with animals and wants to take them all over the house for "figure setups," as he calls it. My parents got him a wheeled basket called a Luggy from Olli Ella, and it's adorable + one of his favorite things.

Yearly Goals:
(These should stay the same all year, so I'll just do month-to-month progress reports!)
– Read through the Bible in one year.
– Read a devotional every morning.
– Track my spending in the Goodbudget app.
– Blog 2x per week.

May progress: 
– I did better in May about staying on track, though I still haven't built this into my routine yet.
– Doing pretty good here, too! I sometimes miss a day but always catch back up.
– This has definitely become a habit, and I'm so glad. Nick and I are discussing our next steps now!
– There was one week where I only posted once, but I wrote nine new posts overall so I'm still on track.

Revisiting My May Goals:
Schedule a monthly planning session. / Yep! May's planning session took place in bits and pieces over the course of a few days, but I still got it done. I always look forward to doing this at the end of the month!
Organize my closet. /  loved the way I organized my closet in the past, but I needed to purge a ton of clothes and tidy up a few areas. It felt so good once I completed this project, and my closet looks so much better.
Complete Three Months in the baby's journal + take monthly photo. / I had this done right on schedule!
– Complete Toddler Year Three in my big boy's journal. / Total fail. I barely touched my big boy's journal, and I know it's a project that will take less time than I think that it will. This is now my priority for June.
Cull, download, rename, and backup April 2020 photos. / I didn't do this until halfway through the month, but I did get it done. Not sure why I dragged my feet on it, but I'm so happy I have a solid routine in place.
Cull and rename all 2017 photos. / YES! I want to do a happy dance. I am now completely caught up. I've culled, renamed, and backed up all of my digital photos and videos – from 2007 up to now! I never thought I'd see the day.
– Have a Q1 financial review with Nick. / This got pushed from May to June and will clearly be having a mid-year review instead. After reading a finance book, I decided to have Nick read it, too, and then talk about our next steps.
Read two non-fiction books (faith + finance). / Complete! I read Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money as my finance pick, and then a book about how the Gospel affects discipline as my faith-focused book.
– Read one 10 in 20 book. / I'm only about a third of the way through Magic for Marigold... Whoops!
Write two discussion posts. / I'm considering this as completed, though one post barely counts. I wrote about our newest love & ten things he's taught me and a Currently post where I chatted about what life looks like lately.
Check off two 20 in 2020 items! / Nick and our big boy built a bird house in May, which was adorable! And we had "go strawberry picking" on our list, but the farm had to close due to COVID-19. They did a drive-thru "feed the animals" event instead, and we went to it so I think we'll use that as our substitute adventure.

My June Goals:
– Schedule a monthly planning session.
– Complete Four Months in the baby's journal + take monthly photo.
– Complete Toddler Year Three + One to Four Months in my big boy's journal.
– Cull, download, rename, and backup May 2020 photos.
– Since all my photos/videos are now backed up, cull what's saved on iPhone.
– Trade in used books, and donate unwanted clothes.
– Complete two 20 in 2020 items.
– Make my Summer TBR.
– Finish three blog posts currently in my Drafts.
– Read one non-fiction book.

Do you have any goals for June?

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