July 2020 Goals

If I was surviving before, June was the month where I finally felt like I was thriving (somewhat). My baby long, wonderful crib naps + sleeping better at night. Having those few extra hours during the day and less broken night sleep has made a world of a difference. I'm able to do chores around the house, play with my big boy, or just have a moment to rest. I didn't realize how much I needed that in my day! Newborn snuggles are wonderful, but I am loving this current age and stage. I feel like we're settling in as a family and finding our new rhythm.

Personally, I started to feel more like myself in June. Introducing a bottle + formula made it possible for me to go run a few errands. I got back into the habit of meal planning and cooking. Naptime made it possible for me to get my house in order. I started picking up physical books a little more instead of relying on audios. And getting out of the house for a little mountain weekend getaway was something we all needed for a little mental refresh. It was just an all-around great month, with my goals included. I got a lot done and am carrying that positivity into July. 

On My Calendar:
– Celebrating nine years of marriage
– My mama's birthday
– Hamilton on Disney+
– Last month in my current Simplified planner

Currently Obsessing Over:
– The release of Hamilton on Disney+ at the beginning of the month, of course! I've listened to and loved the album for years, but I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to see the show live. It was incredible to watch at home – with the original cast! – and have that experience. I absolutely loved it and can't wait to watch it again.
– I made these baked potato foil packs for dinner recently, and Nick and I loved them! A new go-to meal.
– Although many things have re-opened, the only thing I cared about was the bookstore. My sister and I visited two of them more than once in June, as evidenced by all that I acquired. My TBR was the lowest it's been since I started blogging, and now it's jumped back up. Whoops! Oh well, I have had so much fun hanging out with my sister.

Yearly Goals:
(These should stay the same all year, so I'll just do month-to-month progress reports!)
– Read through the Bible in one year.
– Read a devotional every morning.
– Track my spending in the Goodbudget app.
– Blog 2x per week.

June progress: 
– Yikes. June was my worst month yet! I only read my Bible like one day each week, though I did catch up every time. I don't know what happened because I'd finally gotten back in the groove, and then... Womp womp.
– I did stay more consistent with this goal and only missed a few days. I'm loving the devotional I'm reading!
– Continuing to track my spending, though I sometimes get a few days behind on inputting purchases.
– So close, but not quite. I blogged eight times total, which isn't bad. Imperfect progress is still worth celebrating!

Revisiting My June Goals:
Schedule a monthly planning session. / Check! Developing this habit is one of my favorite things I've done in 2020.
Complete Four Months in the baby's journal + take monthly photo. / I finished the journal on the 7th and took the photo a few days later (once the weather was nice enough for better lighting). So many memories recorded!
Complete Toddler Year Three + One to Four Months in my big boy's journal. / AHHH! That's my celebration scream. I'm finally starting to get caught up in my firstborn's baby book – thanks to old photos, videos, and notes in my journals/planner from that time. And now I have a plan for moving forward with this project.
– Cull, download, rename, and backup May 2020 photos. / Done! I finished about mid-month, and it was the perfect activity to complete while watching a movie with Nick one night. I'm so proud of maintaining this process.
– Since all my photos/videos are now backed up, cull what's saved on iPhone. / Partially complete! I went through all the videos (like 1,000ish) and narrowed it down to just 150 favorites that I'll keep on my phone. And I went back through any photos from 2019 or before, but I have more culling to do from 2020. Moving this to July!
Trade in used books, and donate unwanted clothes. / I traded in books for store credit, and Nick took a donation of clothes to Goodwill. In addition, I made a plan for how we'll store clothes the boys have outgrown.
– Complete two 20 in 2020 items. / We completed one – cook for someone else – when we invited my parents over for a meal. But I totally failed at referencing our list for a second activity to check off!
Make my Summer TBR. / I made it and shared it on the blog. I'm excited about all of the titles on my list!
Finish three blog posts currently in my Drafts. / Yep! I could have pushed myself to finish a few posts that lingered there longer, but I still published three posts that I'd been planning and hadn't gotten around to yet.
Read one non-fiction book. / I read five total, and one is on my list of favorite reads of the year (coming soon).

My July Goals:
– Schedule a monthly planning session.
– Complete Five Months in the baby's journal + take monthly photo.
– Complete Five Months in my big boy's journal.
– Choose and print photos for both Promptly Journals.
– Cull, download, rename, and backup June 2020 photos.
– Go through last few months of photos saved on iPhone.
– Celebrate nine years of marriage.
– Prep new 2020-2021 Dapperdesk planner.
– Catch up on all reviews.
– Review my 20 in 2020 list.
– Meet with Nick to discuss finance book once he's finished.

Do you have any goals for July?

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