So Obsessed With: The Mini Edition #9

Some of my favorite posts are ones where bloggers highlight the products they're loving lately or the things they're currently coveting. I love this kind of content so much that I started highlighting my loves and lusts with So Obsessed With posts. So, here are eight things I'm so obsessed with lately:
Back in April, face masks weren't as easy to find from major retailers like Target. So, I turned to Etsy. I saw someone on Instagram recommend this shop, and I liked this Rifle print. I'm very happy with the quality, and it's washed well. Even though I wear a mask every time I go out, I still can't really believe this is the state of the world.

After I finished off my current cleanser, I mentioned to my sister that I needed to get something new. I'd been using Cetaphil but wasn't a huge fan because it didn't remove makeup very well. She recommended giving this one a try, and I've been pleased so far. It's gentle, has a subtle scent, and actually cleans my face. And it's a great price!

I've made this a few times since I first saved the recipe, and it hasn't gotten old. I love baby gold potatoes, and I never would have thought to try Italian-style chicken sausage but it's delicious in this meal! I've just made this in my oven, but I want to try it on the grill eventually. Sprinkling bacon and cheese on top is the perfect final touch.

Last year, I was obsessed with Book of the Month (referral link) for a few months before canceling. Well, I re-joined in April and haven't regretted the decision. I've loved their picks lately, and the app is an awesome bonus. I love the notification when selections are added, placing my order right from my phone. The Reading Challenge in fun, too!

This was purchased to solve a recurring problem in our household: forgetting that we'd run out of an item and needed to add it to our next grocery order. So, I got this simple but cute magnet for our fridge, and now we have no excuse! As soon as we notice an item running low, we write it down. The small size was perfect for our needs.

I added these to my cart after I saw them in one of @plannerstateofmind's Instagram photo. She's one of my favorite accounts to follow because she uses her Simplified Planner is such a practical way. I love getting ideas for my Notes pages from her, seeing her functional sticker usage, and admiring her gorgeous handwriting.

When I was searching for a solution to the problem mentioned in #5, I remembered this calendar that I'd bookmarked forever ago. The magnet worked better for my shopping list needs, but I realized I could still use this in my kitchen. It's the perfect way to keep track of appointments, Nick's upcoming travel, etc. I'm legit OBSESSED!

Previously, I would have considered myself a pretty loyal Publix shopper. It's still my favorite grocery store, but I've been using Kroger's Pickup option for a few months. It's made my life so much easier, and there's no going back! It's so well designed and convenient. Now I just pop in to Publix for favorites like flowers or bakery items.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. These are also some of my favorite blog posts!! I get so excited whenever you post a new one. Definitely need to get some of those metallic post-it flags!!

  2. That mask is so cute! As are the Post-It flags ;)


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