20 Big Boy & Baby Faves in 2020

I recently shared my 2020 obsessions at the end of the year. In the process of compiling all of my favorite things, I kept thinking of items that my boys have loved (or that I've loved for them). So, I wrote them all down for their own So Obsessed With post! I didn't add any books, but I'm planning on sharing a list of board/picture/chapter books we've loved lately in the next month. For today, 20 of our big boy and baby obsessions in 2020:

My big boy is four and a half, and these are a few of his favorite things from the past year:

Our animal lover is obsessed with anything from Schleich. He got a barn for his third birthday, this research station after having his appendix removed, and a dinosaur station for Christmas. He plays with these for hours!

2. BookRoo Subscription (~ $20/month)
Last year, my parents got him a picture book subscription. He loved getting a "kangaroo box" and opening the wrapped books. We tried something different this year and already canceled because BookRoo was much better.

While on a beach vacation in 2019, my mom bought him a larger version of this puppy (that size is discontinued now) and it hasn't left his side since. He named it "BB" for "Big Brother," and it's his special stuffie. 

We didn't move him from the crib until he was three, and he went from that to a full-size bed. I didn't love traditional bed rails and found these bumpers searching online. We love them and would highly recommend them.

The socks I used to buy at Target were always too low or too high. I tried Amazon next and found these ankle socks. They're perfect, and my son loves the grippers on the bottom so he doesn't slip on our hardwoods.

Since my big boy started preschool this past fall, we've been working on the alphabet and phonics more frequently. We love having these magnetic letters to practice and play, and the box keeps them perfectly organized.

We don't use the iPad often, but I do love having some apps downloaded for long car rides. This is our personal favorite – and my son's, too! He loves the different games and seeing characters from his favorite TV shows.

We love this thing! We own so many animal figures, and our big boy loves to do "animal figure setups" all around the house. He will load up his Luggy and take it to whatever location he's got in mind. Functional and adorable! 

9. Honey Bee Tees ($20-24)
I've mentioned this brand before because we've shopped with them for the past few years, but I had to recommend this small business again. The animal designs appeal to our big boy, and I love that they're simple and understated.

We started family game nights in 2020, and our big boy loves them. There are board games he loves, too, but these card games are fun for all of us. Our favorite is Crazy 8s, which the card holder often comes in handy for.

Our baby just turned, and these are some of his favorite things from the past year:

It felt like we were constantly cleaning the high chair we'd used with our first, so I wanted to replace it. We love this affordable one, especially with the Yeah Baby Goods accessories that improve its functionality.

Our nursery is often one of the colder rooms in our house. Most sleep sacks were too short for our tall baby, but these have been perfect. We have both the thin (1.0 tog) and thick (2.5 tog) version and have loved them.

I wanted a mat under the baby's high chair to help with all the mess once he was eating solids, and this wipeable and water resistant leather option came highly recommended. I can see why, and I would recommend it, too. 

This seemed dumb until our baby had a horrible diaper rash. Research led me to try calmoseptine ointment, which is amazing but thick and hard to apply. The brush saved the day, and now we use it all the time.

Although I only used this for the first four or so months after he was born, we used it every single day. He didn't nap well in his crib but loved being held, and this allowed me get things done and kept my hands free.

Once the baby was sitting independently, we wanted to be able to bathe him at the same time as his brother without constant reminders to be careful. This allows them to play together in the water and keeps the baby safer.

Our big boy wanted to ride on the stroller with his brother, and I loved that this had the option for a bench seat. I found one on Facebook Marketplace in great condition for an amazing price. We use it all the time and adore it!

My mom got the baby this incredibly soft blanket before he was born, and it's our favorite one to tuck around him in the car or stroller. I'm secretly hoping he'll become as attached to it as my big boy is to his stuffed puppy.

The baby sucks his thumb, but there were a few months early on where he favored pacifiers. Once he officially ditched them, I attached toys/teethers to the few clips we'd purchased and attach them to the car seat or stroller.

My first never took a bottle, and I knew that I didn't want that to happen with our second. I wanted other people to be able to feed him, too! Thankfully, he loved these bottles, and I loved the freedom they gave me.

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