March 2021 Goals

Although we may have a few more wintry days in Georgia, I'm most excited about March because the weather is beginning to change. It's looked more like spring recently, and it feels like my soul is reaching out to the sun. Beautiful days means being outdoors with my boys, and we've needed it after so much time at home. I've always joked that I don't believe in exercise or enjoy nature, but that's been changing lately. Going on walks and looking at all God has created has been surprisingly satisfying! It's often a little reset for our day.

I'm pleased with the progress I made in February. It certainly wasn't perfect – I ignored my food/kitchen-related goal and stumbled on my no-spend challenge. But, on the other hand, I started journaling and going on walks. I don't feel guilty about the things I didn't do, and I'm thrilled by the areas where I'm growing. Little by little.

On My Calendar:
– Planning Kelly's upcoming visit
– Dental checks
– Family birthdays
– Milestone photo session

Currently Obsessing Over:
– Nick got me an Archer & Olive notebook for my birthday, and I adore it. And now I'm obsessed with @bookstaandbujo on Instagram and want to try bullet journaling again... Oops?
– Speaking of bullet journaling, I've fallen down a YouTube bujo black hole. I can't stop watching, and it's a problem! Here are a few accounts I've been enjoying:  AmandaRachLeeLeela Journals and Plant Based Bride.
– I've kinda failed at my no-spend challenge, but this tote (in green) and these sunglasses were worth it. 
– Weekly/monthly newsletters have made me really happy lately. A few favorites are from Emily P. Freeman, Kendra Adachi, and Annie B. Jones, but I'd love recommendations if you've got any!

Yearly Goals:
(These should stay the same all year, so I'll just do month-to-month progress reports!)
– Read a devotional every morning.
– Do Soulspace meditation every night.
– Blog 2x per week.
– Complete the Contentment Challenge (Q1). 
– Maintain monthly photo organization + daily delete.
– Use the 1 Second Everyday app.

February progress:
 I only missed two days of devotional reading!
– Just like January, I did Soulspace for 60% on the month. I need to try doing it at a different time of day.
– Yep, I met my monthly blogging goal.
– I was doing great... until a solo shopping trip. I might fail the challenge this year, but I'm okay with it.
– I have a new workflow for photo organization that's much easier, so I won't track it on future goal posts!
– I adore this app and update it daily! I won't update my progress here anymore since it's going so well.

Revisiting My February Goals:
Walk 3x per week. / For my health goal, I wanted to introduce changes slowly so I didn't burn out. In January, I started by cutting back on Diet Coke. I continued that in February + introduced walking into my routine. My goal was just three times per week – for as little as 10 minutes. It was the perfect goal because it felt "easy," and I often ended up walking longer because I just needed to motivation to start. This is big progress since I hate exercise.
– Complete Eleven Months in the big boy's journal. / Struggle. This will get done in March. 
Celebrate our family's February birthdays. / We celebrated my birthday, our baby turning one, and Nick's birthday. It seemed silly to make it a goal, but that helped me plan ahead so we all got to do/eat/receive something special.
– Break down meal planning goal into action steps. / Why am I procrastinating this goal?! It's my priority in March.
Read a cookbook (Dinner: A Love Story). / I've never read a cookbook straight through before, and this was the perfect place to start. It read like a memoir and doesn't have many photos, plus I love the emphasis on dinner together as a family. I got some great tips, bookmarked recipes to try, and want to continue reading cookbooks.
– Make a list of pantry staples and go-to meals. / Sigh. At least I read a cookbook? I don't even know, y'all.
Complete Backup Bootcamp course. / Done. I spent last year organizing my digital photos, so I didn't technically "need" this course. But I still learned a bunch, simplified my process, and highly recommend it!
Watch Family Yearbook course. / Yep! I wanted to watch it all the way through before starting, and now I'm ready to tackle my 2020 book in March. I feel much better prepared and have realistic expectations now. 
Write a discussion post. / I wrote three: 32 Facts About Me, My Favorite Fictional Female Friendships, and Our 2021 Family Bucket List. These are typically my favorite posts to read, but I need motivation to write them.
Send happy mail to a friend. / I finally sent a little happy mail to Kelly, so I crossed this off my list. But my big boy joined in the fun by making a few Valentine's cards and hand delivering them to some of his favorite people!
Start journaling weekly. / This may end up being one of my favorite things I started doing in 2021. I'm obsessed.

My March Goals:
– Select photos and design our 2020 family yearbook.
– Complete Eleven Months in our big boy's journal.
– Make my Spring TBR.
– Participate in The List Maker Challenge in my journal.
– Complete three items from our 2021 family bucket list.
– Choose outfits for family photos.
– Start changing phone habits with app limits.
Break down meal planning goal into action steps!

Do you have any goals for March?

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  1. Yay for crossing off some of your goals, Hannah! Good luck with the new ones for March :) I think you should definitely go for bullet journaling again, but maybe keep it as just for fun? I sort of do it for my reading journal but I keep it very low pressure ;)


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