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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week they post a new topic/top ten list and invite everyone to share their own answers. I'm so obsessed with lists - so it makes perfect sense that I'd love this feature!

Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List


L.M. Montgomery. Do I really need to say more?

I've been to London and studied abroad in Oxford.
Now, I just need to make it to the countryside.

I live in Georgia for crying out loud.
Why haven't I been here already?


I was late to this party, but I still managed to show up. 
Can you blame me for wanting to get my books signed?

This wasn't on my wishlist until I discovered the joy of blog friends.
Now, I just want to meet them in real life. Free books are just a bonus!

I've never emailed an author before. But I want to do it!
If I'm so obsessed with their book, why not pass along some love?


I've only read Harry Potter once, so I'm itching for a re-read.
The audiobooks seem like a lovely way to revisit these favorites! 

I love classics, but I do find some of them intimidating!
War and Peace and Middlemarch are two are the top of my list.

I keep buying Harvard's Jane Austen Annotated Editions.
I just need to actually read them, particularly the annotations.

Did this make you laugh? Am I living in a dream world?
I hope to one day get control of my TBR and read everything I own!


  1. hahaha I put finish my tbr on my list too. And I laughed out loud when I wrote it. And then sobbed. Lol. I also have BEA on my list which I think will be checked off this year! Are you going this year? I would love to see Jane Austen's countryside! *sigh* That would be a romantic vacation.

  2. I love, love, LOVE David M. Shapard's THE ANNOTATED PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. One of my favorite books ever. I read it when it came out in 2007 and thought, "I want him to do this for all six novels!" I'm so grateful for your post, because it made me look him up on goodreads and in the last seven years HE HAS DONE JUST THAT. *scurries away to get them*

  3. Gone with the Wind is one of my absolute favorite novels, so I understand your need to tour Margaret Mitchell's house. If I ever go to Georgia, or pass through, I'm definitely going to have to make an effort to stop there.

    I have a goal to read all the books I own as well, so you're not alone on that one. Only 60+ to go!

    My TTT!

  4. I would LOVE to do #10, but I'm not sure it's realistic either! My husband loves the Harry Potter audiobooks -- fiction is not my favorite on audio, but I will sometimes listen for a re-read. I would definitely check out your library for them though because those babies are ridiculously expensive!

  5. I highly recommend the Stephen Fry narrated Harry Potter audiobooks, his Hagrid is SPOT ON!

  6. Oooh I can relate to so many of these!

    I live in Canada (Ontario) but have been to P.E.I. about 5 or 6 times now, and I can tell you 100% that visiting the L. M. Montgomery sites are amazing and the island is so stunning in the summer. (Well, any time of year, but it’s particularly awesome when you can swim in the ocean and lay on the red sand beaches…)

    I’ve also toured Jane Austen’s countryside and while that was incredibly amazing too, P.E.I. has a special place in my heart :)

    I too really want to email or write to an author that I really loved. There are a few special books that have really impacted my life and I think that it would be amazing to share that with the author. BUT I always find it particularly hard to write about those really special books, which is why I’ve never really sat down to write it out before.

    And while your goal to read everything you own is kind of humorous — I TOTALLY need to do the same thing!

  7. I LOVE this list and have been meaning to do my own bucket list post. (I recently asked myself what would be on it and came up with all Jane Austen's books and Jane Eyre)

    So heck ya I want to go tour Jane's countryside too!

    OMG I need to go to BEA too!

  8. Great list!! I too would like to go to a Rowling event though since I am in the US I don't think this will probably ever happen. Such a bummer.

  9. I'd LOVE to reread HP on audio as well! I hear they are fab. GREAT LIST ma'am! ~Kristina

  10. Can I come with you when you go to visit Prince Edward Island? Because HELLO, L.M. Montgomery! (But seriously, I really want to go and visit!) Apart from that, I really like your bookish bucket list! There are a few items on there that I totally will cheer you on for, like writing that letter to an author whose book you loved (because there's no feeling quite like doing that, then getting a response) and coming to BEA (so that we can meet in person!). I also support your bid to read intimidating classics (and also want to TRY to read War and Peace at some point), and to read everything you own (because DREAMS CAN COME TRUE).

  11. Email an author! You can do it!!!
    It's being starstruck x 1000 if they email back!

  12. YES!!!!! PEI :) I hope you get to visit soon Hannah!!

    I have reread the first two HP on audiobooks and they are awesome! Audiobooks are entirely hit or miss for me but these ones were fantastic :)


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