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A few months ago, I started thinking about the release of Kingdom of Ash. After years of waiting, the end was drawing near. Though I never got around to reviewing the last few books, I knew I wanted to mark the occasion with something special on the blog. And what could be better than a collaboration with my friends, favorite bloggers, and the ladies who introduced me to this series? Thus, Light Up the Darkness was born!

We've spent the last few weeks re-reading the series in preparation for this release and planned three fun posts to celebrate this epic series. Today's post, Series Roulette, was inspired by a collaboration we did a few years ago. It felt like the perfect way to kick off this week! • Just a note: there may be spoilers for books 1-6 in my answers.

ELIDE LOCHAN • Aelin will always be the heart of the series for me, but there was a character introduced in Queen of Shadows that quickly stole my heart: Elide Lochan. This quiet woman is often underestimated, and very few people recognize her strength. But she's one of the bravest and most cunning characters in this series. She has to face the devastating loss of her parents, imprisonment during her adolescence, and so much trauma. Yet, every day, she takes the next step forward. She never loses hope, never stops searching for a way out. Her mind is always working. She can read people, think on her feet, and bluff her way out of any situation. I adore the fact that she isn't the most powerful or gifted, but her mind makes her a force to be reckoned with.

ROWAN WHITETHORN • From the second Rowan chuckled from the shadows behind Aelin, I was a goner. Well, maybe it took a few more chapters... but not many. I love that he and Aelin butt heads and misjudge one another. He's the stubborn and irritable one who needs her fire to shake up his world. I love that he sees and loves all parts of Aelin – who she's been, who she is and what she can one day become. His strong and protective nature masks the pain he carries, and it's so gut-wrenching to see him finally open up. I love his sense of humor and of honor. When it was revealed that he was Aelin's carranam, I cheered. When Aelin freed him from his blood oath to Maeve, I cried. And when he confessed that he'd been waiting all his life for her, I swooned so hard I nearly passed out.

HEIR OF FIREI could argue there's no best book in this series (because they're all epic, DUH), but for the sake of this post, I'll go with my gut and say Heir of Fire is my favorite. I loved the first two books in the series, but this one was a gamechanger for me. And it wasn't just because it introduced me to me true love, Rowan! I love seeing Aelin's coming of age, meeting the witches for the first time, beginning to explore the different cities in this world, and getting hints of the fight that's to come. The stakes are raised, and every moment feels weighty. When I think of my favorite scenes from the series, many come from this book. When I feel the urge to re-read, this is the book I'd reach for first. The pace, plot, relationship development, and character growth – it's all practically perfect for me.

MAEVE •  What does it mean to choose a favorite villain? Is it the character you fear the most? Respect the most? Find the most compelling? There was one person who encompassed every interpretation of this question for me: Maeve. Just to reiterate my warning from the top of this post, look away if you haven't read Tower of Dawn. Y'all, I was SHOOK when it was revealed that Maeve is a Valg Queen who has been hiding in plain sight all along. My goodness, you've got to respect a woman who outsmarts all the men in her life and has spent DECADES preparing for their inevitable return. Is she also evil and terrifying? Absolutely. Do I hope she's defeated, for good, with no chance of survival or hope of returning to this world? OF COURSE. But I'd still read a spin-off book about her...

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  1. It's so fun seeing all our answers to these questions! I love that we all loved this series so much, but still have different favorite characters or places or books depending on what personally resonated with us.


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