So Obsessed With: The Mini Edition #6

Some of my favorite posts are ones where bloggers highlight the products they're loving lately or the things they're currently coveting. I love this kind of content so much that I started highlighting my loves and lusts with So Obsessed With posts. So, here are eight things I'm so obsessed with lately:

I bought the cutest bookmark from Anthropologie last year – it has a big tassel + a cute saying printed on it. And then, I lost it. I was so mad, partly because it was $15. BAH! But I was excited to find these bookmarks at Target. The quality isn't a nice, but it's half the price and you get three total. So, I'm quite pleased!

While I will splurge on various skincare items, I refuse to buy expensive cleanser. It just gets washed down the drain and barely spends any time on your skin! This is a gentle, milky cleanser that works well with my dry skin. It reminds me of CeraVe cleanser, but I like it more. Perhaps because it's French and that feels fancier? Maaaybe. 

After Kelly and I booked our trip to England, I knew that I needed to save up for lots of book shopping once we're there. And then I promptly bought like five things at Target... Y'all, I've got a problem! These tees were on clearance for $7 and totally worth it! They're a great length, and I like that the colors look a little worn in.

Okay, this is the only item in my post that I don't actually own. Will you forgive me? My obsessions are always things that I'm currently using, but I had to include this beauty. It's a journal to document your child's history – like a baby book that lasts until your child is 18. I love the meaningful prompts and beautiful design. It's on my wishlist!

I read a review copy of this in January and can't stop raving about it! Written as an oral history of a fictional seventies band, there are so many reasons it shouldn't have worked. And yet, it was phenomenal! I can't wait for the TV mini series. In the meantime, I've got the audio version (with a full cast!) for re-reading.

I've been researching skincare products to try and was excited to see that Sephora now carries The Ordinary online. I bought this starter kit and loving it so far! If it continue to be a success with my skin, I'll definitely be visiting their London store when Kelly and I are there to splurge on more stuff. If you've tried this brand, any recs?

This isn't the first time I've talked about these sunglasses, so forgive me. I bought the light pink pair in 2017 after seeing them on Instagram. They're my absolute favorite (minus the price), and I've been wanting to get the black pair. With a recent 50% off sale, I finally treated myself! When you love something, might as well buy every color...

Madewell is my favorite place to buy jeans, especially when Taller is a size option. Finding jeans  that are long enough is a struggle! Most of Madewell's sales exclude denim, but I got these for 15% in a recent sale. I love the button fly and raw hem! And since I don't own another ankle-length pair, I could even pretend I "needed" them. 

What are you so obsessed with lately?

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  1. I just recently caved and bought my first few pairs of Madewell jeans... and surprising no one, I absolutely love them! I can't wait to get more as I slowly replace some of the older pairs in my closet.


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