My Year in Music {2019}

It's hard to believe that another year – and decade! – is about to come to a close. Before it does, I want to take a moment to look back at the past twelve months. Since 2015, I've done a series of posts that I call "My Year in ______" to share my favorites from each year. It's one reason I love blogging in December so much. There were so many things I loved about 2019, but today it's all about the music! • Music in 20152016, 2017, and 2018

I tend to replay an album for a few weeks (sometimes months) and then move on to new things. That means that many albums/artists are associated with specific seasons of my life, so it's always funny to look back in December to see what I remember most about when I listened to this music. Spotify used to accurately summarize my listening habits, but now my toddler affects my stats. According to them, my most-played genre and artist were Soundtracks and Phil Collins (thanks, toddler Tarzan obsession). Here's what came second:

And now, let's chat about my favorite albums of the year! Last year I listened to more playlists and individual songs, but this year each month became associated with a different favorite album. These twelve topped my list!

Heard It in a Past Life by Maggie Rogers – Thank goodness for the random Instagram story that put this album on my radar! It's one of the albums on my list that I've gone back to all year because it's just that good.

thank u, next by Ariana Grande – I wasn't a fan of Ariana Grande until the music video for the title track. What can I say? The 13 Going on 30 reference got to me. The whole album ended up being so great!

Six: The Musical by Studio Cast – I'm not a fan of musicals, in general, but I told Kelly about this one and saw it with her in London. And dang it all if I didn't end up listening to this for almost a month to relive the memories.

GIRL by Maren Morris – Marren's debut albums was one of my very favorites the year it came out, and I couldn't wait for this release. While I didn't love it quite as much as the first, it was still such a fun listen overall!

Moonlight by JOHNNYSWIM – I was so excited when I found out this album was coming out, and it became a spring staple for me. Their voices together are just so powerful. I love this partnership and what they produce!

The Hurting Kind by John Paul White – Both halves of The Civil Wars (RIP) released albums this year, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed White's. It prompted me to spend some time with his older albums, too.

Front Porch by Joy Williams – I adored Williams' previous album and couldn't wait for this one. I'm so happy that it lived up to my expectations! I'll always miss The Civil Wars, but I'm glad I have their solo stuff at least.

No. 6 Collaborations Project by Ed Sheeran – This is my least favorite on the list and of all Sheeran's albums, but I listened to it enough (especially a few specific tracks) that I had to include it. Not his best, but still fun.

LOVER by Taylor Swift – Based on the first singles, I expected to be disappointed by this album. Thankfully, the exact opposite happened! I've been obsessed with this one and loved Swift's new direction. Gimme more!

new skin by VÉRITÉ – I loved VÉRITÉ's previous album, but this one took a little longer to grow on me. While I still prefer the first, I did enjoy this album overall and ended up with several songs that will remain long-term favorites.

Ocean by Lady Antebellum – I don't listen to a ton of country anymore, but this album was on my repeat all of November after I watched their CMA performance with Halsey. I loved it more each listen!

Fine Line by Harry Styles – Despite the fact that I never cared about One Direction, I've enjoyed following all of their solo careers. Styles has been my favorite of them all, and this album is even better than his first.

What was your favorite album in 2019? 
Were there any songs that defined your year?

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  1. Heard It in a Past Life is such a great album! It's one of the albums I consider my "travel" music, as I always have it on repeat when I've got long plane/train/car rides. I also, of course, absolutely loved Lover! It's definitely my favorite T.Swift album ;)


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