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After my first son was born, I shared my fifty baby favorites (part one and part two). Registering had been so overwhelming, but I wanted to talk about the things I'd ended up loving. As we were preparing for our second baby, I realized that there was almost nothing that I felt like I had to purchase. We still have most of those fifty items and will happily use them again: the monitor, baby tub, car seat, and so on. We still had lots of baby clothes, too.

But there were still some things I wanted to buy, just because. So, I decided to share the fifteen "new" things we bought for number two! I was going to turn this into a So Obsessed With post but decided not to since I haven't used most of these products yet. Instead, it's just a little shopping post. Hope you enjoy!

When I was pregnant with my first, I saw so many posts recommending backpack-style diaper bags. I ended up being totally fine with the style I'd already chosen and didn't give it another thought... until now. I realized I'd want my hands completely free for both of my boys! I love the color and look of this bag and am so excited to use it.

Want to know where I've got lots of room for improvement with my second baby? Bottle feeding! I nursed my firstborn – and plan to do the same with my second – but I made the mistake of not introducing bottles soon enough. My son basically refused them all. I'm hoping for more success with this baby and bought these to try.

My firstborn barely used a pacifier – he had a WubbaNub that he liked it for a little bit, but it was more about the animal attached than the actual pacifier. Since every baby is different, we have a few pacies to try (one mentioned later in this post) – and I couldn't resist this clip. I got sucked in by the cute babies with them on Instagram!

I don't remember where I heard about this brand, but I made the mistake of joining a Facebook group for it. That was some insanity! I have no desire to build up a stash, but I did pick up one set (gown, hat, gloves, and swaddle) in their Black Friday. This boy has lots of hand-me-downs, but he needed a few special things of his own, too. 

Sorry not sorry, but I'm a sucker for baby products that look pretty. We had a few wood teethers for our firstborn and loved them... but I'm pretty sure at least one was lost to our dog. Struggle. My mom gifted me this gorgeous London swaddle from the same brand, and then I ended up browsing their website. The rest is history.

This might be my favorite thing on the list, solely for the story behind it. While on our beach vacation, my firstborn picked out matching stuffed animals for himself and his baby brother. He got a big one, which he's named BB (for Big Brother) and has legit become his favorite. And he can't wait to give the baby this matching mini one!

I saw this on Instagram and loved it. I'd never considered carrying a silicone place mat + pair of kitchen shears in our diaper bag for eating out, but it makes so much sense. My oldest still likes some of his food cut up, and it can be such a pain to do it. Scissors will make it a breeze! We should get lots of use out of this for both boys.

This isn't the first time I've mentioned this journal, which goes from pregnancy until age 18. I bought a baby book for our first and never filled it out. It just didn't focus on the things I cared about most! When I found these journals, I was sold. I got one for this baby, fell in love, got one for my firstborn and am slowly (but surely) catching up in it.

My mom had a custom Morgan Kelly quilt made for our firstborn, and I ended up using it as the background for monthly photos of my growing boy. When my mom found out I was pregnant again, she immediately mentioned having another quilt made. Here's a little peek at what we chose. It's perfect in his nursery, and I'm in love!

The idea of baby wearing appeals to me, but I didn't do it very much with my firstborn. We loved our structured carrier (an Ergobaby) and plan to use it again. But I wasn't a fan of the wrap I tried! I started researching other options early in this pregnancy because I have a feeling I'll need to be handsfree more often with my second.

In addition to a new Wubbanub, I decided to get one more pacifier option for this baby before he arrived. If he wants nothing to do with them, that's totally fine with me. Less work down the road when I'd need to end the attachment! But I wanted to be prepared in case he's the opposite and heard great things about this brand.

This was all my mom's doing! We went shopping for some baby clothes and a few other things, and I mentioned that the rocker/swing-type product we'd used with my first had been recalled. I planned to wait on buying a replacement until later, but she thought we should go ahead and get it. I bet I'll be thanking her for that foresight!

This is the only thing on my list that we haven't actually bought yet! We have a Chicco carseat and stroller, and our oldest hasn't used a stroller in ages. But that might change with the baby's arrival, and this gives him the option to stand or sit on the rear platform or bench seat + has an adapter that works with our car seat.

14. Design Dua Nap & Pack Bassinet and Stand ($180 / $70)
This was at the very top of my "I want this but know we don't need it" list. We have two travel cribs (a bassinet style and a pack-and-play one), so I couldn't justify splurging on this beauty. And then! I found all of it (bassinet, stand, sheet, mattress) barely used on Craigslist for 75% off retail price. Major happy dance would be an understatement.

As I mentioned, I struggled with bottles with my first. Since I didn't go back to work after my maternity leave, I didn't give much thought to pumping. And when I finally tried it, I gave up after a few failed attempts. I'm determined to try again with this one and have heard such great things about this manual pump. I'm hopeful!

Any other baby product recommendations? 
I'd love to hear about them!

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