My Year in Movies & TV {2020}

2020 has been a year. What is there to say about it that hasn't already been said? While I'm excited to move on to 2021, I want to look back on the past twelve months first. Since 2015, I've shared a series of posts that I call "My Year in ______" to highlight my favorite things from the year. It's one reason I always look forward to December! There were a lot of things I didn't love about 2020, but I am excited to spend the next week talking about some of the good things. Today, it's all about movies and TV! • Movies & TV in 2016, 20172018 and 2019

I don't feel like I watched a ton of movies this year, but I did find five new favorites:

P.S. I Still Love YouI was counting down the days until this sequel came out and loved it! I don't think it's as adorable as the first (or likely to become a frequent rewatch), but I still enjoyed it so much.

Hamilton I'm not a musical person, but I fell in love with the Hamilton soundtrack in 2016. I was thrilled to see the original cast perform it from the comfort of my home. Thank you, Disney+! It was everything I hoped.

Palm SpringsSocial media brought this movie to my attention, and it was just what Nick and I were in the mood for on the night we watched it. It's so ridiculous but fun! And I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy.

Emma ♥ OMG, I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS MOVIE. Y'all, I think I watched it at least six times this year. I laughed so much, swooned, and adored the costumes and interior design. I get why it got mixed reviews, but I adored it.

Molly's GameMy second favorite movie I watched in 2020, and the perfect choice for a long-distance BFF movie night. Kelly and I raved about it to each other over text. I've got my mom to thank for this recommendation! 

Honorable Mentions: Just Mercy was a moving adaptation of the book. Enola Holmes was so fun – and perfectly cast! 1917 was a beautiful, heartbreaking war movie. Holidate was hilarious and the handsome lead didn't hurt.

I didn't watch as much TV this year, and most was old favorites rather than new finds. But these five stood out:

Unbelievable – My mom and sister both recommended this series, and I'm so glad it did. I don't know if I would have watched it otherwise. This was a really moving mini-series, and I adored Merritt Wever and Toni Collette together.

Next in Fashion – I don't typically watch a lot of reality TV, but I do love a good fashion competition. This was a fun show to binge once after the birth of my second baby. I was really pleased with the top two and winner! 

Timeless – Nick and I didn't watch this when it aired, but I kept meaning to give it a try. The time travel element was so fun because it made each episode a visual surprise. Not something I'd likely rewatch, but I loved how it ended.

Making ItI'm surprised there are two reality shows on my list, but that's also proof I didn't watch a lot of new stuff this year. I did find it delightful to watch these talented people do such creative things – a comfort in crazy times.

Never Have I Ever ♥  Attach Mindy Kaling's name to a project, and I have to try it. Make it a teen comedy, and I'm sold! I loved everything about this show and am so hoping there will be another season. I need more!

CONTINUED TO LOVE • Great British Bake Off, Grey's AnatomyQueer Eye, and This is Us

NEED TO CATCH UPKilling Eve and Outlander

IN MY QUEUE • Belgravia, The GreatHarlots, Howard's End, and Sanditon

What was your favorite movie of 2020?
Did you binge any new (or old!) TV shows? 

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  1. I thought P.S. I Still Love You was really cute too! And I really need to watch both Emma and Never Have I Ever at some point :)


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