- A -

Abbott, Karen

Acevedo, Elizabeth

Adachi, Kendra,

Afshar, Tessa

Ahdieh, Renee

Alexander, Poppy

Allen, Sarah Addison

Allison, Susie

Altebrando, Tara

Altebrando, Tara & Sara Zarr

Andersen, Laura

Andrew, Mari

Ansari, Aziz

Anstey, Cindy

Ashcroft, Jenny

Ashton, Brodi

August, Noelle

Austen, Jane

Avery, Lara

- B -

Backman, Fredrik

Baker, Jo

Baggett, Jennifer and Holly Corbett & Amanda Pressner 

Baldwin, Tindell

Balogh, Mary
Someone to Care (Westcott #4)
Someone to Trust (Westcott #5)
Someone to Honor (Westcott #6)
Someone to Remember (Westcott #7)

Bardugo, Leigh

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn

Barnhill, Kelly

Barrie, J.M.

Bauermeister, Erica

Beer, Edith Hahn

Belden, Emily

Benjamin, Melanie

Berry, Wendell
Hannah Coulter

Bertsche, Rachel
MWF Seeking BFF

Beverley, Jo
The Viscount Needs a Wife

Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda

Biller, Diana
The Widow of Rose House

Binks, Danielle
Begin, End, Begin

Birdsall, Jeanne
The Penderwicks
The Penderwicks on Gardam Street
The Penderwicks at Pointe Mouette
The Penderwicks in Spring
The Penderwicks at Last

Black, Holly
A Cruel Prince

Blackwell, Elizabeth
While Beauty Slept

Blakely, Lauren
The Real Deal

Bogel, Anne
I'd Rather Be Reading
Don't Overthink It

Bowman, Erin
Vengeance Road

Bracewell, Patricia
Shadow on the Crown

Bracken, Alexandra

Bransford, Nathan
How to Write a Novel

Brashares, Ann
The Here and Now

Brencher, Hannah
If You Find This Letter

Brennan, Sarah Rees
The Lynburn Legacy Series (Re-Read)

Brenner, Jamie
The Forever Summer

Brockmole, Jessica
Letters from Skye

Broekhuis, Kendra
Here Goes Nothing

Brosh, Allie
Hyperbole and a Half

Brown, Erin
Taking Flight
Making Headlines

Brown, Karma
Come Away with Me (Re-Read)

Burton, Jessie
The Miniaturist

Bush, Barbara and Jenna Bush Hager

The Last Train to Key West

Cocks, Heather and Jessica Morgan
The Royal We (Re-Read)
The Heir Affair

Cohen, Jennieke
A Dangerous Alliance

Cohen, Rachel

Coleman, Rowan
We Are All Made of Stars

Collins, Sophie
Biographic Austen

Collins, Suzanne
The Hunger Games Trilogy (Re-Read)

Condie, Ally

Coriell, Shelley
Goodbye, Rebel Blue

Corrigan, Kelly
Glitter and Glue
The Middle Place
Tell Me More

Cosimano, Elle

Cotugno, Katie
99 Days and 9 Days & 9 Nights

Crandall, Susan
Whistling Past the Graveyard

Crawford, Lacy

Creech, Sarah
The Whole Way Home

Creel, Ann Howard
The Magic of Ordinary Days

Crouch, Blake
Dark Matter

Crowley, Cath
Words in Deep Blue

- D -

Dallas, Sandra

Dalton, Julie Carrick

Damour, Lisa

Dare, Tessa

Daria, Alexis

Dave, Laura

DeLuca, Jen

de los Santos, Marisa

Demetrios, Heather

Dennard, Susan

de Pontes Peebles, Frances

Derting, Kimberly

Desai, Sara

Dessen, Sarah

Dev, Sonali

Diaz-Ortiz, Claire

Dickens, Charles

Dicker, Joël

Doerr, Anthony

Doller, Trish

Donaldson, Julianne

Donnelly, Jennifer

Dotta, Jessica

Dotti, Luca

Downs, Annie F.

Dunmore, Evie

- E -

Elo, Elisabeth

Elston, Ashley

Emory, Lindsay

Engel, Patricia

- F -

Fallon, Jane
Faking Friends

Fama, Elizabeth
Monstrous Beauty

Faruqi, Saadia and Laura Shovan

Fechtor, Jessica

Feldman, Ellen
Next to Love 

Fennelly, Beth Ann
Heating & Cooling

Fitzgerald, F. Scott
The Great Gatsby

Fitzpatrick, Huntley
My Life Next Door
What I Thought Was True

Flynn, Gillian
Gone Girl

Flynn, Kathleen A.
The Jane Austen Project

Foley, Lucy
The Guest List

Francis-Sharma, Lauren
'Til the Well Runs Dry

Franklin, Ariana & Samantha Norman
The Siege Winter

Freeman, Emily

- G -

Troubled Blood

Garwood, Julie
The Secret

Gates, Erin
Elements of Style

Gaughen, A.C.
The Scarlet Trilogy (Re-Read)

Gaynor, Hazel
A Memory of Violets

Gibson, Claire
Beyond the Point

Giffin, Emily
Where We Belong
The One and Only
First Comes Love
All We Ever Wanted

Gilbert, Elizabeth
The Signature of All Things

Gilbert, Jennifer
I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag

Godbersen, Anna
The Lucky Ones

Godwin, Gail

Golden, Arthur
Memoirs of a Geisha

Gong, Chloe

Goodman, Alison
The Dark Days Club

Goodwin, Daisy
The American Heiress

Gottlieb, Lori

Gracie, Anne
The Perfect Rake (Re-Read)
The Perfect Waltz
The Perfect Stranger
The Perfect Kiss
The Autumn Bride
The Winter Bride, The Spring Bride and The Summer Bride
The Winter Bride (Re-Read)
Marry in Haste
Marry in Scandal
The Devil Riders Series 
His Captive Lady Re-Read
Marry in Secret

Graham, Lauren
Someday, Someday, Maybe

Graham, Winston

Graudin, Ryan
Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood

Graves, Tracey Garvis
The Girl He Used to Know

Gray, Claudia
A Thousand Pieces of You
Ten Thousand Skies Above You

Greeley, Molly
The Clergyman's Wife

Green, John
Paper Towns
The Fault in Our Stars

Greene, Graham
The End of the Affair

Greene, Melissa Fay
There Is No Me Without You

Grey, R.S.
Hotshot Doc

Grissom, Kathleen
The Kitchen House 

Guerrero, Diane
In the Country We Love

Guillory, Jasmine
The Wedding Date
The Proposal
- H -

Hadlow, Janice

Hager, Jenna Bush

The Survivors

Harrington, Hannah
Saving June

Harris, Anstey
Goodbye, Paris

Harrow, Alix E.
The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Hatvany, Amy
Somewhere Out There

Hauck, Rachel
Once Upon A Prince

Hawkins, Rachel

Henriquez, Cristinia

Hoang, Helen
The Kiss Quotient
The Bride Test

Hockman, Angie

Hoffman, Alice
Practical Magic

Hoffman, Beth
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

Hogan, Ruth
The Keeper of Lost Things

Hogle, Sarah
You Deserve Each Other

Holiday, Jenny
One and Only

Holliday, Lucy
A Night in with Audrey Hepburn

Hollis, Rachel
Girl, Wash Your Face

Holmes, Elizabeth

Holmes, Linda
Evvie Drake Starts Over

Honeyman, Gail
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Hoover, Colleen
It Ends with Us

Hope, Anna

Horan, Nancy
Under the Wide and Starry Sky

Hornak, Francesca
Seven Days of Us

Hornby, Gill

Hubbard, Kirsten

Hughes, Anita
Rome in Love

Hugo, Victor
Les Miserables

Hunt, Laird

Hunter, Georgia
We Were the Lucky Ones

Hunter, Laura
Moms on Call

Hunting, Helen
Good Luck Charm
Meet Cute

- I -

Ishiguro, Kazuo 

Ivey, Eowyn

Ivey, Jamie

- J -

Jagears, Melissa
A Bride for Keeps

Jahren, Hope
Lab Girl

James, Henry
Washington Square 

Jana, Laura and Jennifer Shu
Food Fights

Jaswal, Balli Kaur
The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters

Jay, Stacey
Of Beast and Beauty
Princess of Thorns (Re-Read)

Jensen, Emily & Laura Wifler
Risen Motherhood

Jimenez, Abby
The Friend Zone
The Happy Ever After Playlist
- K -
Kamal, Soniah

Kantra, Virginia
Meg & Jo

Kaufman, Amie and Meagan Spooner
These Broken Stars
This Shattered World
Their Fractured Light

Kaufman, Amie and Jay Kristoff
Illuminae and Gemina
Aurora Rising

Kearsley, Susanna
The Winter Sea
The Firebird

Kelk, Lindsey
We Were on a Break

Kelly, Julia
The Light Over London

Kelly, Martha Hall

- L -

LaFevers, Robin

Larkin, Allie 

Larkin, Jillian 

Lawhon, Ariel

Lee, Harper

Lee, Jenny

Lee, Kat

Lee, Min Jin

Lee, Stacey

Lee, Y.S. 

Leto, Lauren 

Lewis, C.S.

Ley, Emily

Liasson, Miranda

Lindner, April

Lippman, Laura

Lloyd, Natalie

Lockhart, E
- M -

Mahoney, Kristin
A Burning

Mahurin, Shelby
Serpent & Dove
Blood & Honey

Majumdar, Megha

Mandel, Emily St. John
Station Eleven
The Glass Hotel

Maniscalco, Kerri

None Shall Sleep

Marsden, Mariah
Anne of Green Gables: The Graphic Novel

Martin, Ann M. and Laura Godwin
The Doll People Series 1-3

Martin, Emily Winfield

McCabe, Erin Lindsay
I Shall Be Near to You (Re-Read)

McCormick, Patricia

McCoy, Sarah
Marilla of Green Gables

McDaniel, Tiffany


McKay, Hilary
The Skylark's War

McKenzie, Catherine

McKinnon, Hannah
The Lake Season
Mystic Summer

McLain, Paula
The Paris Wife
Circling the Sun
Love and Ruin
Make Up Break Up

Meyer, L.A.
Bloody Jack

Meyer, Marissa 

Michele, P.T.
Brightest Kind of Darkness

Millay, Katja
The Sea of Tranquility (Re-Read)

Miller, Chanel

The Blue Castle

Moore, Liz
Long Bright River

Moran, Michelle
Cleopatra's Daughter

Moreno, Nina
Don't Date Rosa Santos

Morgan, HIlarie Burton

- N -

Namey, Laura Taylor

Needleman, Deborah

Nelson, Jandy

Newman, Stella

Niequist, Shauna

Noah, Trevor

- O -

Oakley, Colleen

O'Brien, Caragh M.

O'Connell, Meaghan

O'Farrell, Maggie

O'Hara, Maryanne

O'Leary, Beth

Oliver, Lauren

Oliver, Mary

Ormison, Lara

Osman, Richard

Owens, Delia

- P -

Palmer, Liza

Parker, Lucy

Passarella, Elizabeth

Patel, Sajni

Pearce, AJ

Pearson, Mary E.

Pennell, Julie

Penner, Sarah

Penny, Louise

Petersheim, Jolina

Petty, Kate Reed

Pérez, Ashley Hope

Perkins, Stephanie

Perry, Douglas

Peterfreund, Diana

Philpott, Mary Laura

Piazza, Jo

Pierce, Tamora

Pierson, Elle

Pilcher, Rosamunde

Pitoniak, Anna

Pittard, Hannah

Poehler, Amy

Poeppel, Amy

Pope, Elizabeth Marie

Poston, Ashley

Pratt, Non

Price, Catherine

- Q -

Rai, Alisha

Rains, Annie

Ramsey, Dave

Raybourn, Deanna

Reay, Katherine

Reichl, Ruth

Reid, Taylor Jenkins

Reizin, P.Z.

Renkl, Margaret

Robson, Jennifer

Rock, Phillip

Rogerson, Margaret
Sorcery of Thorns
An Enchantment of Ravens

Rosenberg, Liz
House of Dreams

Rosenstrach, Jenny

Rosenthal, Lorraine Zago
New Money

Rossi, Veronica
Under the Never Sky

Roth, Veronica

Rowell, Rainbow

Rowley, Steven

Rowling, J.K.

Rubio, Mary Henley

Rutkoski, Marie

Ryan, Jennifer

- S -

Saeed, Aisha
Amal Unbound

Salerni, Dianne
The Caged Graves

Sales, Leila
Past Perfect
This Song Will Save Your Life
Tonight the Streets are Ours

Santopolo, Jill
The Light We Lost

Schade, Victoria
Life on the Leash

Schaefer, Kayleen
Text When You Get Home

Schiff, Stacy

Schwab, V.E.
A Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy

Shirvington, Jessica
Disruption and Corruption

Shortridge, Jennie 
Love Water Memory

Shreve, Anita
Stella Bain

Silver, Josie
One Day in December
The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

Simons, Paullina
The Bronze Horseman Trilogy

Simons, Ruth Chou
Beholding and Becoming

Simonson, Helen
The Summer Before the War

Simpson, Jessica
Open Book

Sittenfeld, Curtis

Skloot, Rebecca
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Smartt, Jessica
Memory-Making Mom

Smith, Amy
All Roads Lead to Austen

Smith, Dodie
I Capture the Castle (Re-Read)

Smith, Jennifer E. 
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
This Is What Happy Looks Like
The Geography of You and Me
Field Notes on Love

Smith, Katy Simpson
The Story of Land and Sea

Smith, Myquillyn
The Nesting Place

Solomon, Rachel Lynn

Solomons, Natasha 
The House at Tyneford
The Gallery of Vanished Husbands

Sosa, Mia
The Worst Best Man

Sow, Aminatou and Ann Friedman

Spence, Annie
Dear Fahrenheit 451

Spielman, Lori Nelson

Spooner, Meagan

Stapley, Marissa
Mating for Life 

Stayman-London, Katie

Stead, Rebecca
Goodbye Stranger

Stedman, M.L.
The Light Between Oceans

Steinberg, Janice
The Tin Horse

Stevenson, Bryan
Just Mercy

St. George, Harper

Stiefvater, Maggie
The Scorpio Races (reread)
The Raven Boys & The Dream Thieves
Blue Lily, Lily Blue
The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series & Sinner

Stockett, Kathryn
The Help

Stohl, Margaret and Melissa de la Cruz

Strayed, Cheryl
Tiny Beautiful Things

Strohm, Stephanie Kate
Prince in Disguise
Love á la Mode

Sullivan, J. Courtney
The Engagements
Saints for All Occasions
Friends & Strangers

Sullivan, Margaret
Jane Austen Cover to Cover

Sullivan, Sophie

Sykes, Lucy and Jo Piazza
The Knockoff

- T -

Taylor, Laini

Taylor, Natalie

Teran, Andi

TerKeurst, Lysa

Thayne, RaeAnne

Thorland, Donna

Thomas, Rob and Jennifer Graham

Thomas, Sherry

Thorne, Sally

Towles, Amor

Trelease, Gita

Tremaine, Laura

Trigiani, Adriana

Tripp, Paul David

Tucker, K.A.

Tucker, Neely

Turner, Bethany

Turner, Nancy E.

- U -

Umrigar, Thrity

- V -

Valente, Catherynne

Valentine, Genevieve

Vance, Talia

Vincenzi, Penny

- W -

Walsh, Rosie

Wakefield, Tess

Wakefield, Vikki

Waldherr, Kris

Walker, Jennifer

Wallace, Sara

Waller, Sharon Biggs

Walls, Jeannette

Walton, Leslye

Waters, Martha

Watson, S.J. 

Weaver, Tim

Weiden, David Heska Wanbli

Wein, Elizabeth

Weiner, Jennifer

Weisberger, Lauren

Wen, Abigail Hing

West, Kasie

Westover, Tara

Wetmore, Elizabeth

Whelan, Julia

Whitaker, Chris

White, Karen

White, Kiersten

Whiting, Frances

Wibberley, Emily and Austin Siegmund-Broka

Wilkin, Jen

Williams, Beatriz

Willig, Lauren

Wilson, Kevin

Wilson, Teri

Winspear, Jacqueline

Winters, Cat

Witemeyer, Karen

Wolf, Katherine and Jay

Wood, Fiona

Wood, MaryRose

Woodman, Cathy

Wright, Julie

- X -

- Y -

Yaffe, Deborah

Yip-Williams, Julie

Young, Adrienne

Young, Suzanne

- Z -

Zapata, Mariana

Zentner, Jeff

Zevin, Gabrielle

Zusak, Markus
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